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The main sections

N.B. The following headings are only a rough guide, particularly as most of the writings could really be put under more than one heading.

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The Author's Personal Experiences

Important note

Although I've separated out here the 'personal experiences' pages in order to maintain navigational clarity, please note that these are extremely educational pages, and not simply personal documents, blogs or indulgences that sensible people would give a miss!

I've effectively used myself as a demonstration model, not only recounting my experiences, but also giving extensive annotations and other explanatory commentary with an objectivity and candour that I haven't seen matched anywhere else, so that if you miss these out you will have missed out on a lot of extremely valuable observations and insights, and would have a much lesser picture and understanding of how the garbage (aka 'dark force', 'forces of darkness', 'forces of evil') affects and mucks around with people in everyday life, and thus how to get clear of its interferences and influence.


This site's uniquely challenging methodology
- Insights, Working Model and Methods

Gaining proper (proactive) mindfulness -- The ultimate mental health


Finding out the things we need to know

  • Problems About Channelling & Clairvoyance - The Safe Alternative -- Updated February 2018
    -- An explanation of why, in 2007, I removed all channelled material from this site and, from then on, have been cautioning others not to seek nor accept any channelled information or 'guidance' from apparently external non-physical sources, no matter what the alleged source.

The Origin of Humans, and their future

The Nature of Reality

Clearing out the confusions of 'spirituality'

Healing and Self-Actualization - Clear of astral / 'dark force' influences

Mental Health and Healing / Self-Actualization

Self-actualization beats Psychiatry - hands down! - logo

Improving our lives

Our Creativity

Miscellaneous - FAQs - Glossary

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