Self-Realization & Clear-Mindedness -

Affirmations & Declarations of Intent
for Healing & Self-Actualization

Formerly titled:
The Complete Guide to Healing & Self-Actualization
- A fast-track 'path to wholeness'

by Philip Goddard


This is an unusual de facto foundation guide, whose core is a set of affirmations and declarations of intent for the most fundamental and comprehensive self-realization / self-actualization, self-empowerment, self-healing and progressive removal of problematical 'forces of darkness' and other non-physical interferences and influences, including those from all types of non-physical 'entities'.

This Guide will challenge you to an extent that almost certainly nothing else has done. This is because ALL self-actualization plans, 'paths' and traditions of which I'm aware contain distortions and serious omissions caused by influences from the garbage (aka 'dark force', 'forces of darkness', 'forces of evil'). The affirmations here, and indeed this whole website, are dedicated to fully optimal, comprehensive self-actualization - for once cutting straight through all such problematical influences by means of applying a fully rational approach instead of the standard belief-based one.

It is not meant as a stand-alone guide, however, for it really comes into its own when used as a foundation for the Author's full self-actualization methodology.

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In order to properly understand the contents of this and many other pages on this site it's necessary to carefully read Exit 'Spirituality' - Enter Clear-Mindedness, which provides essential background information.


This page, which has become a rather peculiar but extremely helpful foundation guide to self-actualization, started off as nothing more than a presentation of the set of self-actualization affirmations that I was developing in September 2007. It's been not only the progressive growth and deepening of the set of affirmations, but also my progressive addition of explanatory notes relating to the affirmations, which has produced a far more powerful, concise and direct guide to self-actualization than anything else I've seen - and it has the distinction of being the only such guide I've ever seen that cuts right through all the garbage- (aka 'dark force', 'forces of darkness', 'forces of evil'-) sourced distortions and fictions that are in virtually all spiritual 'teachings' and spiritual guidance literature.

Does this mean I'm guaranteeing that what follows in this guide is totally free of garbage-sourced distortions or fictions? -- No, of course not! Nobody on Planet Earth could know that they were completely free from all garbage influence when writing such material (or, of course, at any other time) - especially as the garbage does its utmost to 'nobble' anyone such as myself who goes upsetting its apple-cart and both exposing its myriad schemes and tricks upon us, and who is now, after a period of major disruption from the garbage*, showing the real way forward out of the morass of unawareness and confusion that it's got us creating for ourselves. I've been well aware of the garbage continually making attempts to interfere with my writing what is in this Guide, so there are no grounds for complacency, and it's ALWAYS up to you to be vigilant yourself to filter out any garbage-sourced distortions that may come to you from any source, including me. You and only you are responsible for your life and how it develops. Relying upon another person (no matter how 'great' or highly regarded) as some sort of guide / mentor / source of 'Truth' for yourself is a recipe for disaster, not enlightenment! The way forward is for you to use your own deepest, most aware discernment to enable you to use what genuinely takes you forward, and to filter out the rest.

* You can read about that in The 'Forces of Darkness' ('Astral Beings') - My Own Tough Experiences.

Although the affirmations in this Guide are potentially extremely powerful if used regularly as I indicate, it would be unrealistic to rely on them alone, for one also needs to take various positive and indeed healing measures in one's life. I recommend these affirmations, therefore, as the basis or foundation of a multi-prong strategy for self-healing / self-actualization / 'entity' removal / clearance of garbage interferences. For this please see Healing and Self-Actualization - The Safest and Quickest Way and the related pages that that page links to. When used in this way, the affirmations will actually make ALL other self-healing and self-actualization methods that you use considerably more effective, quite apart from any direct healing / self-actualization effect of reading the affirmations.

The original starting point for these affirmations was a set of so-called affirmations by Steve Gamble and a set of 'declarations of intent' for removal of 'external energetic interferences' (EEIs) by Dalibor Zaviska.

I describe Steve Gamble's 'affirmations' as 'so-called' not as a sneer at him, but simply because they were actually mostly not affirmations at all but prayer, and therefore, even though containing many good points, were actually not effective and empowering as they stood, in the way that real affirmations would be. Likewise, a good part of Dalibor Zaviska's 'declarations of intent' was actually prayer again, directed to a range of purported divine beings and presences, also with a lot of grovelly thanking - all again pointing right away from the empowerment of properly-conceived declarations of intent. So I stripped away all the problematical aspects to arrive at a core of totally positive statements, which I then built upon considerably to arrive at the current set of Affirmations and declarations of intent.

Explanatory Notes about the Affirmations

Why I don't refer to 'Light' nor 'The Light' in the Affirmations

I use the term 'consciousness' instead of 'Light', because the garbage seeks to mislead people and lure them with simulations of 'Light'. I write (a lot) about the garbage and its agenda in The True Nature of 'The Forces of Darkness' and its Interference and Attacks and related pages that you can reach through links on that page.

It's ultimately pointless trying to distinguish between the simulated or 'astral' Light (presented to us by the garbage) on the one hand and a postulated 'true' or 'divine' Light on the other as Steve Gamble and various others do. I'm pretty sure that the garbage itself has 'guided' people in general to look to 'the Light' for their 'spiritual advancement' and supposed ultimate homecoming, because that points people away from true enlightenment and the true post-death 'homecoming', which isn't about experiencing a light or indeed Light, but instead about looking inwards and becoming aware of oneself as naked awareness and clarity.

Calling the latter a light (e.g., the Clear Light of Tibetan Buddhism) is straightaway creating confusion by encouraging people to look for the experience of some sort of light and thus point themselves away from the unimaginable clarity and simplicity of naked awareness, and to be targets for the garbage's simulations of a supposedly 'real' Light that's liable to entrap us after our death if we haven't already trained ourselves to ignore it and simply look within to our underlying and all pervading naked awareness, which is, as far as anyone can tell, the 'Ultimate'.

You see, the moment we look for the Light (or indeed supposedly higher beings - even 'God' or 'the Holy Spirit') we're actually looking for something less than true enlightenment or the 'Ultimate'!

Sorry to say, the much vaunted Tibetan Book of the Dead, and other writings that draw from it and from related teachings of Vajrayana Buddhism*, all point people towards becoming ensnared, upon their death, by the illusory realities that the garbage seeks to get them attached to. The only good bit of advice there is simply to 'rest in naked awareness' if one can do so - but the whole context in which that advice is given actually makes it very difficult indeed for any but a few exceptionally clear-minded 'adepts' to do that, everyone else thus being encouraged to concentrate on particular 'visuals' of particular-coloured rays of light or formidable-looking dancing deities in the 'bardo of Dharmata' (actually simply part of what I'd call the hell periphery aspect of the astral non-reality) and to 'merge' with them. While theoretically even that 'merging' could bring about liberation through recognising the illusions as just illusions, again the advice is given in a context that trains people in (a) cultivating such illusions and thus actually generating attachment to them, and (b) perceiving it as a very difficult matter to recognise the visuals as illusions and to merge with them.

* I've come to recognise that actually the whole of Vajrayana, and indeed the whole range of Tantric traditions of which I'm aware, is an absolute hotbed of dark practices served up to make out that they're wholly beneficial and pointing one fast towards enlightenment and supposedly full self-actualization. They actually do nothing of the sort, and open their practitioners very much to the garbage and captivity within illusory realities, including actual astral realms. Generally their teachers and practitioners have no idea that their practices are anything other than 100% beneficial, apart from some of the practices supposedly requiring their practitioners to learn them under the guidance of a 'qualified guru' - which in itself would be suggestive to a sufficiently grounded and clear-minded person that something is amiss there.

It's thus much better to progressively attune yourself all along to your own awareness of yourself as naked awareness and clarity, so that when faced with illusion of any kind you immediately recognise its illusory nature and remain fully aware of the underlying nature of whatever you observe as being non-dual naked awareness and clarity - simply 'What Is', without seeking to change it in any way.

Why I neither ask nor thank anyone in the Affirmations

Each section of Dalibor Zaviska's Declarations of Intent, all of which were strongly supplicational in format and tone, finished with thanks to the supposedly divine beings that were being asked to carry out the various tasks to assist one, and Steve Gamble's 'affirmations' commenced with "I thank the light that animates me and all living things". What you do when you thank any such purported 'presence' is to reinforce the notion that it's an external source and not your own deepest aspect, which latter is inevitably the genuine 'highest' source and therefore what you really need to be getting to help you (more) - and in doing that thanking, and thus denying the true nature of your own deepest aspect as 'the Ultimate', you massively give away your own power.

Because in my healing work and the following Affirmations and declarations of intent I'm working with and through my own deepest aspects I have no cause to ask for anything (which would be a disempowering thing to do), and thanking parts of myself would be meaningless and again disempowering. ("Thank you, my right hand", "Thank you, my deepest level of consciousness", "Thank you, my arse", etc ...!)

An attitude of peacefully joyful acceptance is definitely helpful, but to place upon this the label of 'gratitude', as many people do, is unhelpful because straightaway it's linking what is actually a very positive and helpful attitude and state of mind with the implication of thanking some external source and so linking it to garbage agenda and 'vibes' again and reducing the effectiveness of the affirmations and declarations of intent.

The aim therefore is simply to affirm, not ask - certainly with a loving, joyful acceptance but with no hint of thanking - in order to progressively dissolve all the negative and obstructive beliefs and influences that hinder your being a full manifestation of your innermost nature, which, as far as anyone can tell, is the Ultimate (both part of it and all of it - or, more meaningfully, a micro-aspect of it), and thus to enable your deepest aspects to manifest well through your physical aspect.

I say again, openly and clearly, and I can't emphasize this too strongly: any asking or thanking of non-physical presences or sources is straightaway giving away your own power and complying with the garbage agenda (which seeks to get us regarding ourselves as being 'lower' than (purported) non-physical beings and indeed to varying degrees subservient to them) and thus helping maintain some degree of garbage control and influence in our lives.

Actually, although among people in general at the moment thanking is a matter of normal courtesy because everyone is conditioned to expect it of you, if you're living in real enlightened, self-actualized mode you'd gain greatly by NOT thanking people (in practice here I mean people who are themselves living in that sort of way and understand what you're on about and thus wouldn't get upset at your not thanking them). The point here is that thanking is, at a fundamental level, ALWAYS a self-diminishing and self-negative action or gesture, and directs you every time away from a joyful acceptance of what's come to you, without any sense of obligation to another person. If you're joyfully accepting something from a person, if that person is really aware, (s)he would sense this and share a beautiful feeling of a sort of mutual celebration in life - so that giving and receiving would in that situation actually be a type of lovemaking (albeit without 'raising the snake'!).

Can you honestly say that anything like the latter is what you generally get from somebody thanking you? -- Food for thought...

Why I don't include anything about forgiving

A truly aware outlook knows no such thing as forgiving or forgiveness - because total love and acceptance is part of such an outlook. With total love and acceptance the concept of forgiveness is meaningless, because one sees nothing that needs forgiving. The concept of forgiving implies an initial grudge or negative judgment that's then relinquished - that relinquishment being what's called forgiving. This concept, then, definitely needs to be left behind by ALL of us for full and true self-actualization and clearance of all garbage influence. It is (surprise, surprise!) the garbage that has put such emphasis on forgiveness into religions, instead of total love and acceptance - convincing people that total love and acceptance is possible only in great spiritual teachers (who people then go and worship - the fools!) and not in supposedly ordinary people. That's lies, lies, lies!

Many elements in the affirmations below are for rectifying the imbalances and distortions that the garbage, via religions, 'spiritual' and mystical paths and a myriad other routes, has sought to bring to us to divert us from full, undistorted manifestation of our true nature.

About clearing of karma

Karma is widely misunderstood, and is actually by far the most effectively cleared without focusing on the concept of karma at all but instead through simply getting on diligently with one's self-actualization and opening up as a being of vibrant awareness, love and positivity. When you dwell on 'karma' you're entangling yourself in one of the myriad ramifications of the garbage's agenda.

The set of affirmations and declarations of intent that I present at the end of this page includes elements that deal directly with the issues that could be labelled 'karma'. Nothing more is required there to assist the full clearance of whatever genuine and indeed illusory karmas that you're carrying. The rest of the karma clearing work is simply the use of methods that clear your emotional issues and heal the accumulated weakenings and damage that have been caused by diverse elements of your ongoing life experience.

Presenting personal images, including gender stereotypes

Any attempt to present a personal image rather than simply be yourself is inherently an obstruction to a comprehensive genuine self-actualization process and thus needs to be let go of. Much such self-image presentation by people is done quite unawarely, and so can't be immediately stopped. Rather, through having a clear intent to dissolve / let go of such behaviours through your self-actualization process, your awareness would open up more and more so that you could then increasingly recognise and get interrupting your stereotypical behaviours and so you'd increasingly behave in the much more flexible ways that are intrinsic to your own deeper nature.

On the other hand, some stereotypes are generally quite visible, at least in part, to those carrying them, but the problem is their owners' strong attachment to them, so they're simply unwilling to do anything about them. Gender stereotypes particularly come into this category. This issue appears to be strongest with regard to the 'female' stereotype, at least in the vast majority of the world's cultures, in which women wear make-up and various body ornamentations to hide almost completely their real personality and substitute a synthetic 'ideal' depiction of the stereotype that their peers expect them to conform to (i.e., imprison themselves within). Along with the make-up comes a fixation on 'feminine' clothes, which are chosen not so much for their functionality as for their conforming to a synthetic, artificial notion of what a woman is like, for the purpose of putting out silent messages to men that they're 'fair game' for a f*ck (even though in many cases the f*ck opportunities would be more or less straitjacketed into a married relationship). I'm sure that many people would seek to deny that, but they are the ones with their own gender stereotypes still firmly distorting their own vision and preventing them from being honest with themselves, let alone anyone else.

So, the vast majority of women have a particular challenge if they're serious about self-actualization. As long as they continue to use make-up and wear 'feminine' rather than actually the most practical clothes*, and wear various ornaments (including earrings) to underline their 'feminine' image, they aren't yet embarked on a comprehensive genuine self-actualization process, for they haven't yet got the necessary intent. Until they cut out their actually easily stoppable stereotypical behaviour they're still at best just 'titting around at the edges' of self-actualization. People need to get right out of their mind the notion that "I'm a woman [/ man]" and instead retrain themselves to perceive themselves simply as human beings who happen to be biologically male or female (or, of course, in rare cases, indeterminate in gender - which itself ceases to be a significant issue if people aren't attached to gender stereotypes in the first place).

* Indeed, at least in Western cultures, much women's footwear is seriously injurious, and there's a strong case for the outlawing of such brazenly harmful design. Heels need always to be not raised (at all), and, overall, shoes (indeed for either gender) need to be foot shaped (surprise, surprise!), not made into the extremely harmful pointed shapes that are so typical of fashionable women's footwear.

Another aspect of women's gender stereotyping is the notion that women's hair should be left to grow more or less long. Really, intelligence is screamed out for here! The longer hair is allowed to grow, the more difficult it is to keep clean and free from infestation with parasites, such as fleas and lice, and the more time and effort has to be spent on keeping it in good condition.

There was a time in my own early adulthood when I drifted a little bit in the 'hip' direction and allowed my hair to grow fairly long. I have to say, it was a bloody nuisance. Not only was it quite a performance to wash, but if I was out in a strong wind it tended to get tangled so that then I had to cut out the tangles! Of course I could have tied it up, but then, why in the name of Winnie the Pooh have it so long in the first place, that it needs tying up??! Also, not only did it tiresomely tickle my face very often, but sometimes it trailed in food that I was preparing or eating. I noted that women with longer hair than mine at that time often trailed their hair in food, virtually always without noticing. And if their hair trailed in food, just consider what else it trailed in, and without getting washed before next trailing in food! Not healthy at all! And then also, there's the clogging up of vacuum cleaner brushes by those absurdly long hairs that have dropped on the floor - again, a bloody nuisance, and so unnecessary!

I actually came to my senses quite soon, not only because of the downsides of long hair that I was clearly observing, but also I was aware all along that I was having my hair that way only in a lame attempt to project a particular reactive 'hippie' self-image, and it was all so false that I couldn't stomach it any more.

The same principles apply to men as to women, of course, but the women's easily stoppable image projection behaviours tend to be less noticeable in men and thus for the most part their stereotypical behaviours aren't so easy for them to summarily stop. Men's wearing of ornaments may not necessarily be emphasizing their gender stereotype, but, where it occurs, it's still an attempt to project some sort of image of themselves, and therefore needs to be avoided, at least except perhaps in the event of one's carefully executed energy testing indicating it to be 'strengthening' for one at the present time (very unlikely to be the case!).

Tattooing is particularly to be avoided whether on men or women, as it is very harmful in various respects and generally not possible to remove once the person has come to understand what the tattooing has done to him/her, and is wanting 'out'. Quite apart from projecting an image (inevitably false), tattoos are weakening and distorting to one's non-physical aspects, and thus would be a continuous 'energy drag' and garbage connecting factor for the rest of one's life, even when one has done all one can to dissolve all emotional attachment to the tattoos and 'repudiate' them (still necessary to do, however, to minimize their harm as far as possible). Please note too that much tattoo imagery is actually various 'flavours' of hell imagery! - Is that really what you want??!

Another practical point about being tattooed is that it tends to be associated in people's minds (I understand, correctly to a point) with a certain untrustworthiness and tendency for violence. That can work against you in some personal interactions. For example, during the course of my many hitch-hikes over the years, on quite a number of occasions motorists picking me up have told me that they would never pick up anyone who has tattoos, (and also anyone who is looking slouchy or 'hippie', and also women or male-female couples). Tattooed people are in the top of the list for not being picked up by people who are 'clean' and trustworthy themselves - though of course they may be more likely to get picked up by other people who are themselves tattooed.

Another strongly cherished stereotype is the 'gay' one, with its male and female versions. All too often people who are living out those stereotypes require any 'self-actualization' of theirs to accommodate their 'gay' stereotype (in my experience much more visible and thus potentially summarily stoppable in men rather than women). What they generally don't understand is that the stereotype is NOT their actual sexuality, and may or may not coincide with their underlying sexual orientation. Speaking in a particular affected manner, for example, is NOTHING to do with a man's having a homosexual orientation. Such people can't get all that far with self-actualization unless they become willing to clear out their 'gay' stereotype from their whole being and actually get being their own (authentic) selves for the first time in their lives.

A more subtle stereotype that's generally unawarely carried is the 'sexually straight', i.e., non-gay stereotype. That's what gives rise to people's oppressive and sometimes openly hostile outlooks and behaviours towards people of homosexual orientation. Typically, the people carrying this stereotype perceive all people who have a homosexual orientation as being stereotypical 'gays', and so have a particularly distorted perception of homosexually oriented people who don't manifest the 'gay' stereotype (and there are a fair number of them).

All attempts at personal image projection and other stereotype-driven outlook and behaviour are fear-based, and that fear is underpinned by the existential terror implicit in the proto-archetype. Thus it's all greatly important to clear out, and cherishing or trying to cling onto any of it is a clear indication of a lack of genuine self-actualization intent.

"I don't have significant attachment now to use of make-up, so it's all right for me to still use it, at least at times, to appear to conform in order to get by with other people."

Oh no, you don't! -- Of course you can do that, and it's your own choice if you want to play 'silly fool' in such a way, sabotaging any apparent self-actualization intent or process of yours - and lots of people do behave in such a stupid way! Indeed, it's true that in some circumstances it may be necessary to appear to conform in certain respects in order not to have one's life disrupted by people's irrational and indeed destructive responses to one's perceived non-conformity. However, in at least most cultures there are a fair number of women who don't wear make-up, and, generally speaking, they get no significant adverse response from the 'sheep' (i.e., social conformers) all around them, and are much more inclined to find friends who are similarly sane and relatively genuine for a change. So, in the vast majority of cases a person's wanting still to use make-up in order to appear to conform is still in the grip of attachment and fear despite any protestations to the contrary, and needs to dissolve whatever is making them feel that they need to wear make-up in order to appear to conform!

Also, if you're wanting to use make-up to ease things socially for you, then that implies that it's high time you held up to proper scrutiny your socializing and your various friendships / 'relationships'. Many or indeed all of the people for whom you feel the need to use make-up in order to get by with them are best let go of altogether, as involvement with such unaware people would inevitably be a drag upon and weakener of any self-actualization process of yours.

"Are you seriously implying that my belief in the Holy Spirit [/ my recognition of my level of enlightenment] is to be let go of?"

In a nutshell, yes! -- That is, if you're serious about full and true self-actualization and clearing yourself of all garbage influence. I've listed in the affirmations below a summary range of garbage-sourced ploys and lures that point us away from true, full self-actualization and eventual healthy and peaceful genuine death that awaits us provided that the garbage hasn't lured us into its illusory 'higher' realities or astral realms. Among those deceptions are ALL religious and mystical beliefs and indeed beliefs in discrete levels of enlightenment or of consciousness that spiritual practices are supposed to take us through (towards some supposed 'top' level).

The notion of levels of enlightenment or of consciousness that one attains is given to us by the garbage, particularly through esoteric teachings and channelled information, both to get us comparing our supposed levels of 'attainment' against those of others (and thus to feed all sorts of personal status and power agendas) and as part of creation of the illusory realities (including the 'ascension' myth) that can then ensnare us when we die.

About enlightenment, there's one and only one observable and definable transition or threshold, and that's the point where, through direct perception rather than just intellectual 'knowing', you recognise your innermost, non-dual level of consciousness as being your true identity, so that you then perceive yourself as being the 'space' (better described as a meta-space) within which all experiences, all objects and phenomena arise and appear to exist. That transition is generally known in Tibetan Buddhism as 'recognition of the nature of mind', and is something I've experienced myself, so I do know what I'm talking about. That, and nothing else, is the indicator of what's generally called 'spiritual enlightenment'; the rest, which is actually not enlightenment itself but self-actualization, which is different, is just a matter of progressively deepening your self-actualization through clearing out emotional issues and garbage interferences and influences, and there are no discrete, set levels in that process, no matter what any teachings or 'Masters' may tell you.

Each person's clearance process will have its own particular nodal points of major change or/and insight, interspersed with apparent plateaux in progress, and the garbage will use any means to try and convince a person that such stages in one's own personal 'growth' represent the supposed levels given in esoteric teachings. Beware!

Also (Tibetan Buddhists especially note this!), I caution that viewing any particular point or stage in one's self-actualization process as 'attainment' is straightaway getting into personal status trips, and is another of the myriad ramifications of the garbage's agenda.

"But surely you're trying to get us to become materialists!"

First, let me gently point out that I'm not trying to get anyone doing anything. I'm not operating a control agenda, and all I'm doing is pointing out, through my own observations and insights, ways in which we can bring about true and full healing and self-actualization for ourselves. It's up to each person whether, and to what extent, they choose to use the information and pointers that I give on this and other pages.

I empathize with the feeling and initial impression that I'm pointing people towards a more materialistic outlook, but that's actually not at all what I'm doing. Letting go of beliefs in any specific non-physical realities, and of the garbage-sourced 'astral illusion' of what people misguidedly call 'spirituality', is an important part of the process of getting grounded and healthily balanced and taking your self-actualization process forward. However, that's something very different from disbelief, which is at the heart of the materialist-reductionist belief system and which is - if you stop and think about it - simply a belief in a negative hypothesis. So, a full letting go of all beliefs intrinsically lets go of all disbelief too, leaving you with the open mind through which then more and more of your underlying true nature can manifest.

It has been a tremendous problem for the human race in general throughout History (and no doubt way before in other star / planetary systems and indeed universes) that the garbage has been consistently duping and misleading people into believing and feeling that by getting ungrounded and thus opening to astral perceptions and opening themselves to all the actually deceitful illusions that the garbage brings us, they're embracing 'spirituality' or 'being spiritual'. Actually, the whole concept of 'spirituality' is just a broader definition of what's covered by another familiar word - 'Satanism'. Yes, it's as serious as that - and for the most part people haven't a clue about this! That supposedly beautiful choir of cherubic boys singing exalting music soaring into the high vaults of their great cathedral, their words all about glorifying God and all His wonders, are all working well for the very 'presence' that they call Satan (i.e., just one of the myriad illusory 'faces' of the garbage)!

On the other hand, deeply aware, grounded clear-mindedness opens us up as manifestations of fundamental consciousness or 'the Ultimate'. Which would you prefer?

Letting go of all ungrounded, illusory realities is an essential part of getting in touch with the only 'higher' reality that's true to you - your own deepest aspect and ultimate true nature. As long as you hold onto beliefs you maintain a considerable level of obscuration of that true nature of yours and are thus obstructing your self-actualization.

"Are you telling me I mustn't believe I have a soul?"

As noted further above, I'm not telling anyone that they should, shouldn't, must or mustn't anything. What I'm talking about is simple cause and effect.

It's the garbage that, through various religions and spiritual / mystical / healing traditions, has got people attached to the notion that our true, enduring nature and identity is as the soul. The purpose in its doing this is to divert people from recognising and manifesting their true nature as micro-aspects or micro-facets of the all-pervading, fundamental level of consciousness itself, and so to turn us away from enlightenment and full self-actualization, which is the only way to go in order to be clear of all hold of the garbage upon us.

According to my best understanding so far, the garbage's getting us to believe in our own fundamental nature as being the soul has a particularly sinister function, because that's the beginnings of its programming us to fail to revert to fundamental consciousness at death and instead to go through sequential soul reincarnations that are part of a long-term process of being programmed and degraded by the garbage - the apparent end state of this process being your actually becoming one of the non-incarnating 'parasitic lost souls', which are completely controlled by the garbage and directed to attach to particular people soon after birth, so that then those lost souls can be used by the garbage as weapons and instruments of control upon the person.

So, I'm not exactly saying the soul doesn't exist or must not be recognised, but what I'm saying is that it needs to be recognised as a particular aspect of the vast majority of people's transient, incarnated being. However, what's currently almost universally not recognised is that the soul is a dysfunctional or indeed pathological manifestation created by tampering from the garbage, so actually it's healthier for anyone to refocus their self perception, to cultivate a perception of themselves as being a continuum of consciousness between fundamental consciousness and the ordinary, conscious 'mind', and thus to be encouraging and cultivating a no-soul state, which is actually the genuinely healthy and fullest-functioning state.

To anyone who is truly outside the garbage-sourced deceptions, there's no such thing as that person's soul - or rather, there would be no observations or experiences that point to there being such a thing, so the concept of oneself having a soul would be meaningless. What the soul really is, is a certain aspect of the incarnated being's consciousness that has got messed about with and programmed by the garbage, so causing the person to reincarnate from that 'soul'. In that way the soul does appear to be a real 'thing' and indeed a vehicle for people's incarnations.

On the other hand, to somebody who's incarnated straight from fundamental consciousness (in other words, what I used actually to misleadingly call an incarnation of a new soul but now refer to as a no-soul incarnation - currently a somewhat rare phenomenon), and who remains untampered with so that (s)he reverts to fundamental consciousness upon death, there's just an untampered continuum of consciousness and actually nothing within or about that continuum that's definable as 'soul'.

The soul, then, is one of the currently normal human dysfunctions. No wonder so many of the religions regard the soul as so important!

"I'm a highly accomplished Reiki Master and happen to be married -- Are you seriously telling me...?"

Yes, I am. I put this bluntly for you - do you truly want enlightenment and optimal self-actualization or do you want to adhere to the garbage control agendas that you're currently still espousing? The two are totally incompatible.

I myself have a certificate (gained in 2001, while I myself was still unawarely being 'pixie-led' by the garbage) that bizarrely describes me as a Reiki "Master" - a designation that's not worth the cost of that piece of paper and nowadays gives me cause for some wry hilarity when I look at it, now that I understand what really lies behind that bogus designation, and where it was helping to lead me.

Reiki 'Master' certificate
If you want to keep clear of the garbage,
you don't collect status symbols /
self-deception aids like this one!

Calling people masters or Masters is all about personal status and power / control agenda and is thus of the garbage (as are the Reiki symbols and indeed to varying extents ALL healing or 'sacred' symbols), and it's absolutely nothing to do with true healing.

As for marriage, it's similarly about power and control agendas and also one's social status (and not at all about true love) - control agendas not only between the particular partners but also in taking on the stipulations of a social, cultural or religious convention. It's in effect institutionalized attachment and constraint into seriously harmful social conformity. An open-ended flexible loving partnership based on aware free choice and personal self-determination without attachment is one thing (and for most people could in certain circumstances be part of true, enlightened living), but marriage, or indeed a married-type relationship, is quite another.

If you truly want to use healing methods that are for your and other people's deepest and ultimate good and aren't being used as tools for ensnarement by the garbage, then you can drop Reiki right now, and, for your positive direction, for starters you can go straight to Healing and Self-Actualization - The Safest and Quickest Way, having taken up ongoing use of the full set of Affirmations that I present on this page.

"These affirmations are all very well but I just can't accept item xxxx."

Whether you accept any or all of the Affirmations is completely your choice and no-one else's. I point out, though, that not accepting one or more of them means that you currently have an issue that's standing in the way of your full self-actualization process. The good news is that there's a really cool and smart way in which you could address that issue, and that is to put your judgements, beliefs and stressful thoughts relating to any problem item to inquiry, using The Work. An even better means that you could use to progressively and quite rapidly clear such issues and free your mind is various of the methods that I point to in Healing and Self-Actualization - The Safest and Quickest Way, including the Grounding Point procedure, which, combined with use of a suitable stone sphere, for me has left The Work - good though it is - right out in the cold and apparently completely redundant.

Then, if after working on the obstacle thoroughly by such means, you still have difficulty with that item in the Affirmations, it would be helpful for you to contact me and briefly tell me about it, just in case it relates to something that needs to be clarified on this page.

It must be quite obvious in fact that I'm well aware that many people will initially have considerable difficulty with certain items in these Affirmations. After all, the latters' very purpose is to focus us on clearing out all our attachments and habits that are standing in the way of enlightenment and self-actualization, and so they're intrinsically challenging. For most of us some of that will feel threatening, frightening or plain crazy until we have started opening up our minds and deeper awareness. The good news is that you can go through a daily formal read of the Affirmations even if some parts do initially trouble or grate with you - bearing in mind that by doing so you're beginning to face issues that actually need to be cleared whether you superficially like it or not.

Alternatively, you can actually skip those items that you really choke upon. The Affirmations that you do read will still help you, and indeed regular use of them may make it easier in time for you to start including those items that you were initially skipping.

Nobody is forcing you actually to change everything in your life faster than you can manage. We each need to work at our own pace. A balanced approach to self-actualization involves a measured approach to bringing about positive change in your life - otherwise you'd actually get into a seriously ungrounded 'self-actualization burn-out' state, which is another type of obstacle to self-actualization, and indeed another cause of vulnerability to the garbage.

"I have no issues relating to particular affirmations, so I intend to delete those from my own personal set of affirmations. Is that all right?"

No, it's not at all 'all right', though of course nobody is forbidding you from doing such a foolish thing.

Please note that I myself, when I do a formal reading of the affirmations, always use the whole set and give equal attention and weight to each affirmation regardless of whether or not I happen to be aware of particular issues that I myself still have relating to the content of particular affirmations. You can never genuinely know that you're fully free of an issue anyway, so you've no real basis (i.e., apart from an urge to self-sabotage) upon which to discard or ignore particular affirmations.

"What have you got against vows, then?"

ALL vows, however innocent or righteous they may appear, work effectively as self made CURSES and increase your connections with the garbage. When you make a vow you're being a dictator, seeking to control what you will be doing in the future, when actually situations are bound to arise for which different behaviour would be for the best interests of yourself and all involved people. What you do when you make a vow is to create one or a group of thought forms, which then persist and control you for the rest of your life, so taking away a part of your free choice and often later on causing emotional and indeed eventually physical health problems. When your mind operates in this way, it's in control-agenda mode and thus compliant and resonant with the garbage - and the garbage immediately has more hold on you, and indeed would encourage you to strengthen the vow and even make additional ones.

It's thus extremely important to renounce and dissolve all vows that you've ever made, if you are to clear yourself of garbage interference and influences. In no way would that have a deleterious effect for you; indeed, it would enable you to get responding to situations in more appropriate and beneficial ways than while you were carrying the vow(s).

It's worth remembering that even the most virtuous-seeming vows, made in religious or spiritual traditions, are still all about control and not free choice, and it's the garbage that has caused vows to be so widespread and highly regarded in such traditions - all of these traditions being garbage inspired snares for people who started out really seeking true self-actualization. If you want to be sure that you will behave in only 'good' and not 'bad' ways, the only way to bring this about in a truly meaningful way is through opening up the love and freedom of your true nature, and that means full self-actualization and clearing the hold on you of all control agendas, whatever their sources. A human who is being controlled to do the supposedly 'right' things isn't being good in any worthwhile sense; (s)he is simply being a puppet or automaton. Wouldn't you rather be a manifestation of the intrinsic 'goodness' of a true human, and also have genuine freedom into the bargain?

Old contracts and agreements with 'the dark side' - bogus from top to bottom!

The set of Affirmations and declarations of intent includes a section on disregarding and dismissing of any contracts or agreements that one may ever have supposedly or allegedly made with any apparently external energies or 'entities' (which of course covers all manifestations of the garbage) or supposed extra-terrestrials. However, while it's prudent to include this in the Affirmations, I want to avoid reinforcing a popular garbage-sourced misunderstanding about such agreements.

It's commonly made out by various healers, 'lightworkers' and psychics that any major interferences that you receive at the present time from the garbage or 'astral entities' are occurring because at some time in your (alleged) incarnational history* you in some way agreed to their being with you, whether explicitly or implicitly, and you'd never cancelled that agreement since then and so they regarded you as fair game. For example, this may have been when you were supposedly, in one lifetime or another, involved in magic or dark practices or had wished somebody severe harm.

* Indeed, the very notion of your having a prior incarnational history may well be a fiction from the garbage, as yet another part of its nefarious agenda. The truth is quite likely to be that if you have an overt problem with the garbage you're a no-soul incarnation, who wouldn't have had any soul incarnations, and you're being targeted by the garbage for that very reason.

It appears that this was my own situation, and that all claims of my supposed past involvements / agreements with 'astral beings' (i.e., really the garbage), and indeed of my having had previous soul incarnations, were complete lies - and those same lies came to me independently through a small number of healers, 'lightworkers' and psychics in different parts of the world - showing how the garbage co-ordinates its activities on a global scale, even for a single person if that suits its agenda.

A related scenario that's sometimes put forward to explain your current 'dark entity' problems is that your own (alleged) higher consciousness / higher self made an agreement with supposed entities of 'the dark side' to 'drop you in it' with them in the current lifetime in order for you to receive certain learning / strengthening experiences for positive purposes - and so again supposedly there was an ongoing contract with those 'entities' to 'justify' the garbage interfering with you. That was one of the stories that I myself was given at one point to account for my own troubles.

What these supposed explanations have in common is that they're FICTION, given to the respective healers, 'lightworkers' and psychics by the garbage, to give people the idea that they themselves had at some time invited the 'entities' (garbage manifestations) in, and thus the affected people were stuck with the interference, which they themselves had supposedly agreed to (i.e., until they had taken some appropriate action to formally cancel those contracts) - or, to put it another way, 'entity' troubles are supposedly the affected person's own fault, and therefore the person can like it or lump it. I myself had a gutful of such implications from various people who, considering their apparent general level of awareness, you'd have thought would have known better.

Naturally the garbage will seek any means to get you to believe that its intrusions and interferences upon you have come about through your having made some agreement with it or its 'entity' manifestations in the past - at least implicitly through your supposedly having taken part in some sort of dark-connected practices - and it will ruthlessly press that agenda through misinforming anyone who is the least bit psychic.

One of the problems about such psychic people passing on such misinformation to people who have 'entity' troubles is that any person with those problems will usually more or less believe what (s)he is told about the origin of their troubles and as a result will create thought forms that are actually a simulation of the fictitious contracts, so effectively creating 'contracts' with the garbage that were not there before - not real contracts at all, but nonetheless making it still more difficult to get rid of the garbage interferences, and indeed most likely actually increasing his/her problem.

So, the practical point here is that the item in the Affirmations that's about disregarding and dismissing contracts is not meant to imply that any people at all with garbage / 'entity' problems are really bound by any supposed contracts from the past, and indeed it's intended to get people focusing on the fact that they're not bound by any such contracts that they may be claimed to be carrying, and there are actually NO such contracts to cancel. So, the relevant Affirmation speaks of disregarding and not cancelling. If you talk of cancelling, you're implying the existence of such contracts, and thus actually starting to create thought forms that give the illusion of your having such contracts where they didn't exist before.

Indeed, at every moment throughout the world the garbage is tricking people into agreeing to comply with it in one way or many, and may well seek to claim that the people are then bound by agreements or contracts that they made. But these are NOT valid contracts, any more than it's a valid contract when a rogue salesperson tricks you into signing a contract that supposedly commits you to paying your life savings to him or his rogue firm.

This has even more point when you remember what the true nature of the garbage and its manifestations is. Imagine that a virus on your computer tricked you into supposedly agreeing something with it. Once you realized it was just a virus (i.e., just a bit of malicious computer programming with no aware consciousness), would you really believe that you'd made a real, binding contract with that virus or whoever it was representing? If so, just think of the fun you could have, making binding contracts with your washing machine, front doorknob (/handle), kitchen sink, dustbin, ...!

If you regard such 'contracts' as valid, then you're being your own most proficient enemy and saboteur! It makes sense, therefore, simply to completely disregard any claims that you've agreed to anything, because if indeed you'd agreed to anything, it was through your being tricked or put under duress, and that doesn't make valid contracts.

You free yourself from any notional or postulated contracts simply by being clear with yourself that you completely disregard ALL claimed contracts (other than bona-fide ones with other humans, of course) as being invalid and not worth a second thought. Easy!
You regain your power not by bargaining or working hard to cancel and annul something that's not valid in the first place, but by standing your full height and laughingly declaring "BULLSHIT!" and joyfully getting on with life and your self-actualization process without further consideration of any such contracts.

N.B. If you're aware of any notion of yours to the effect that you have or might have a contract with any non-physical 'entities' or 'energies', then, as well as using the Affirmations I strongly recommend use of the Grounding Point procedure to dissolve any thought forms and illusory realities that you may be carrying that are maintaining the illusion of your being bound by such a contract. Also extremely valuable for dissolving such beliefs is the clear regarding of 'astral entities' as not being conscious entities at all but just rogue programming in the form of thought forms. Once you no longer regard them as actual conscious beings, any sense of having any sort of contractual ties with them would dissipate much more readily.

"How can you possibly know that Jesus / Maitreya isn't soon to come?"

I don't. You've missed my point in the affirmations. They're NOT for getting us to believe anything, nor about whether any prophecy is true or not, but about letting go of beliefs and 'story' so that we can get fully into harmony with 'What Is' rather than 'What Might Be" or "What The Holy Book Says Will Be" or "What the celebrated seer NostraDoom Says Will Be" or indeed "What Melchizedek or Archangel MichelMaus Says Will Be".

Despite all the ungrounded, garbage-sourced predictions and prophecies (replete with 'dark agenda' involving illusory realities) that come two-a-penny through all manner of psychics, mediums and 'seers', NOBODY has any means of knowing for sure whether or not a guy called Jesus or Maitreya is going to make some grand entry on our stage, just as neither I nor anyone else can absolutely know that in a few years' time Winnie the Pooh or Uncle Tom Cobley or Gilgamesh or you or I or any other specific person wouldn't be ruling the world. In a nutshell, our reality is simply 'What Is', and nobody has any means of knowing what the future holds for any of us or for the human race in general. We can only speculate, and if we're misguided enough to allow those speculations to be fuelled by garbage-sourced stories, then we're brewing major and serious problems for ourselves in the future.

The garbage uses all manner of ploys and deceits to get us believing stories that are for conditioning us into accepting its power / control agenda, and belief in a forthcoming arrival of some great leader is part of that agenda. Self-actualization is stopped in its tracks by adherence to any notion of having some great leader or ruler, for that handsomely gives away your own power and any acknowledgement of your own self determination. Do you want to become a puppet or 'sheep' led by some revered and supposedly 'great' leader, or an enlightened, free, happy, fulfilled and deeply self-realized human? The two are not compatible. The choice is yours, and I can't make it for you.

"You don't think very much of extra-terrestrials, then!"

...To which I'd reply "And you've very nicely missed my point!".

As far as I've been able to ascertain so far, what at least the vast majority of people experience as contacts from extra-terrestrials, or channelled / 'telepathized' information about them, actually comes from the garbage. One of the garbage ploys to get people starting to condition themselves to the notion of being ruled by powerful (actually illusory, astral) 'lords' is to create stories (illusory realities) involving supposed ETs (e.g., Pleiadeans, Reptilians, Greys and Sirians). In some of the stories they're presented as our forthcoming rulers, while in other, more sneaky, stories, they (particularly alleged Pleiadeans) are seeking to help us.

In fact, the only way that genuine, bona-fide ETs could really help us would be by passing on to us some practical technology that would assist us in coming quickly to live in greater harmony with our environment, and then, to put it bluntly, b*ggering off and minding their own business so that we could live our more environmentally harmonious lives still with self determination and responsible free choice, without outside interference.

You see, just suppose that some ETs did arrive on the scene genuinely believing that they had come to help us. Unless it were just a matter of passing on some vital bit of technology and at once returning home, they would be acting just as unhealthily as the person here on Earth who is always seeking to help others while not putting her own needs first. That sort of behaviour has a negative and disempowering effect for those who are supposedly being 'helped', quite apart from harming the would-be helpers' own physical and mental/emotional well-being.

In the case of any ETs coming all the way to Earth, it's hardly going to be because of a little personal concern or quirk like that, and there's almost certain to be a highly problematical agenda involved, whether or not the particular ETs are aware of it. We need to remember that the garbage interferes with not only what we regard as humans here on Earth but with ALL beings that have underlying human-like qualities, anywhere in the Universe (or presumably any other universes). So, almost certainly any actual, physical ETs that ever arrived here on Earth would be, awarely or unawarely, 'garbage helpers' who are furthering the aims of the garbage - indeed, just as we would be, in one way or another, if we were to travel to some far-removed inhabited planet. Of course few people at the moment would be willing to admit such a thing.

As far as concerns the many experiences that people have reported of having been abducted by ETs, my understanding is that in at least the vast majority of cases the supposedly abducted individuals were particularly poorly grounded people, an important part of whose awareness the garbage was able to inveigle into astral realms in which the apparent abductions occurred. These encounters would have been with astral simulations of ETs, and would have increased the garbage connections of those particular people - those situations virtually always having been used to put implants of some kind in the person's energy system to bring the person more under the control of the garbage. I write more about this in The True Nature of 'The Forces of Darkness' and its Interference and Attacks, and in Beliefs and Illusory Realities - Their Role in Human Irrationality, in which latter I also describe some experiences of mine with astral realms.

However, in a sense, what I've written above in this section is irrelevant because the particular affirmation is NOT trying to get you believing or disbelieving anything, but is actually for the purpose of helping you let go of beliefs (and disbeliefs, which are also beliefs) so that you get more in touch with what actually is, without prejudging as to what the actual state of affairs is. In other words, if there really are ETs coming to Earth, then they will come, regardless of what you believe or don't believe about them. And similarly, if there are really no ETs coming to Earth, then isn't it better that we be fully open to that reality, rather than entangle our awareness in some illusory reality in which ETs appear to make an appearance, which actually goes on to cause very serious problems in the future because of one's attachment to illusion and unwillingness to open in a comprehensive way to 'What Is'?

"It looks like you're saying we have to let go of all sense of right and wrong - that's amoral and EVIL!!"

Nothing is intrinsically right nor wrong nor good nor bad - the reality is that things are simply as they are. 'Good', 'bad' and 'evil' are just labels that people stick on things or people's actions or outlooks when they feel that they should or should not be that way. What the use of such labels actually tells us is that the people who are using them are fighting against the reality of 'What Is' and are thus causing stress for themselves and others, for, as I say, the reality is simply that things are as they are, or to put it another way, 'What Is is' - and there's no intrinsic "should" or "shouldn't" about anything.

Sure, on the face of it, to many people this would appear to be a troublesomely 'amoral' outlook. And in fact in an important sense it is amoral - because our whole concept of morality is itself based on those judgmental, fighting-against-reality labels that we stick upon things or people's actions, and therefore it needs letting go of.

Is a puppet 'good' because it does only what it's made to do? Is a human good in any worthwhile sense because he follows a plethora of rules and obligations and proscriptions without thinking for himself, and so never producing the uniquely tailored, optimal responses to situations that he could otherwise do? That's actually how the garbage seeks to get you living - as a puppet, an automaton, ultimately of the garbage.

What the protesters against the more enlightened view haven't yet taken on board is that when we let go of all those "shoulds" and "shouldn'ts" and come into harmony with 'What Is', our own fundamental love and awareness, which spring from our deepest aspect (the all-pervading fundamental consciousness itself) becomes free to operate, and then we can respond to each life situation flexibly on the basis of love, consideration and fully responsible free choice. That can't be achieved by means of the rigid rules, prohibitions and obligations of so-called moral codes, which are actually ALL sourced from the garbage (i.e., the force of delusion, 'ego'-power and control), and which exclude the possibility of the love that is our true nature operating in a pure, undistorted way and directing our thoughts and actions.

An enlightened, truly loving outlook, free from rules and 'moral' judgements, therefore, actually leads to the best and most effective actions to improve one's life and the lives of others. Would you really want less than that?

"But I myself have nature spirits communicate with me, and I know they're real!"

Yes, and that's a serious problem for you. Like the so much loved and revered Archangel Michael, who also countless people 'know is real'*, those 'nature spirits' are illusory presentations that are being given to you by the garbage in order to lure you into one or another facet of its convoluted agenda for ensnaring you and me and every single human and diverting us into illusory realities that prevent us from reverting to fundamental consciousness when we die.

* Even I for a while sort-of thought 'he' was real, though stopped short of believing that I 'knew' it or indeed 'knew' anything. When you really are convinced that you 'know' something you're in real trouble because you're then unwilling to examine your belief to see if it's really as true as it's claiming to be. The fact that you 'see' what appears to be a radiant non-physical being who claims to be Archangel Michael most certainly doesn't prove anything about that apparition's true nature and identity.

I've never 'seen' supposed nature spirits myself (although there was a time when I tried a little), but I did have an illuminating experience relating to them in June 2005 when I stayed at the Findhorn community in north-east Scotland for one of their Experience Weeks. During that week, one of our evening events was a talk by a local artist by the name of Brian Nobbs - a lovely and highly accomplished, 'open' and deeply aware man - who had completely disbelieved in such things as nature spirits but had been introduced to them by one or more friends (I can't remember exact details now) and then he had started 'seeing' them himself, and so reluctantly had come to 'know' that they were real, despite his scepticism. He showed us some of the beautiful drawings he had made of some of them, and among those drawings was an extremely beautiful picture in sketch style that he had produced, which showed an old man being led by the nature spirits to their king.

This king of the nature spirits was surrounded by many of them who all looked, despite superficial differences, remarkably like angels rejoicing around a throned 'God'*, but in a nature setting. What was very apparent in that view was the complete lack of any sense of free choice. It was all a matter of each of those spirits (yes, including Pan himself) having its own place in some degree of subservience to, and in some manner worshipping, their king - and, to me, it looked to be an extremely tiresome and boring existence for that poor old 'king'!

* This itself is very much from the garbage, as are all beliefs in and images of angels and a supposed 'God' as a human-like (or super-human-like!) being.

Although that picture was an artistic work, it did reflect in essence an experience that Brian Nobbs had related to us in that talk at Findhorn. I can't remember now whether he'd had the experience directly or was recounting what one of his friends recounted to him, and I don't remember all details, but the gist of it was that the particular man was doing something in a wild area of woodland not far from Findhorn when he became aware of a group of nature spirits that were threatening him with bows and arrows, telling him to stop what he was doing and to go away and stay out of those woods.

The man gently asked them why this was, and they came out with a list of manifestly justified woes and grievances about how humans (actually not referring specifically to him at all) were destroying and desecrating our natural environment. The man then told them about all the 'spiritually advancing' and environmentally friendly projects that he and people at the Findhorn community were doing, and the nature spirits steadily relented as he told them about this and eventually told him that now they knew of all this he personally was welcome there, and they would pass on to their leader(s) (or maybe king - I can't remember now) what he had told them.

Now, things don't add up here and straightaway point to an illusory display from the garbage. If nature spirits are of truly 'high' (allegedly angelic) source, as they're generally alleged to be, then why do they have grievances at all and, like 'savages', threaten a man with symbols of power, violence and indeed death like that? Also, how could it be that such non-physical, supposedly very high-sourced beings didn't know from direct observations of theirs about the sterling environmental projects being carried out, promoted and facilitated at and from the Findhorn community?

At the present time my 'reading' of the situation together with what I've heard or read of other people's experiences with nature spirits (as people perceive them*) all point to their being fundamentally of exactly the same nature as the so-called ascended masters, archangels and other higher beings - pure invention from the garbage. There are so many different kinds of these bogus higher beings simply because (a) that helps to lure people because it gets them fascinated, and (b) different people have different 'tastes' and resonances, and so while some people would readily connect with apparent ascended masters, others would most readily connect with, say, goddess figures or archangels - or, of course nature spirits.

* This qualification is important, because in no way am I claiming that there aren't true nature spirits (because nobody could actually know that), but my point about them as with all supposed higher beings is that what actually present themselves to us are bogus. Because of this problem, we can never actually know of any true higher dimensions containing non-physical, beneficial beings, because any genuine communications from any true higher beings would at once get obfuscated and distorted by interference from the garbage.

So, that's why it's been essential for me to add nature spirits to the list of non-physical and supposedly higher beings that we need to completely disregard and ignore. You don't need 'prods' from nature spirits to get you paying more attention to environmentally friendly living. Indeed, if you use the following affirmations diligently you will become MUCH more considerate for Nature and your environment in general without requiring admonishing or supposedly guiding contacts from non-physical entities that are ALL in their different ways seeking to lead you astray.

Nature spirits seemed to be quite a 'thing' for a proportion of the Findhorn community and various connected local people, in addition to the community's well-nigh universal 'thing' about supposed angels. What this shows me is once yet again how the garbage is insinuated into even those organisations and movements and communities that are apparently aspiring to the highest ideals and doing tremendous work for promoting 'spiritual growth'. People then take on some version of the illusory realities that have been given them, and, lo and behold, they're already at least starting to become ensnared by the garbage, and have, to say the least, a very shaky long-term future. That's the BIG problem about the whole concept of 'spirituality', which lures people away from true self-actualization, which latter would free people completely from the clutches of the garbage.

"I've been chanting the OM [/Vajra Guru mantra] all my life and I'm not going to stop that now, as it's the key to enlightenment."

Well, yes, such mantras can be regarded as keys if you like, but if they're keys to anything at all it's to a garbage-sourced simulation of enlightenment - i.e., an illusory reality or astral realm in which you'd be ensnared after your death - and NOT the real thing. This is one of the great pernicious things in religions such as Buddhism. In Buddhist teachings there's actually all the information you need to reach not only enlightenment but optimal self-actualization, but it's all confused, convoluted and obfuscated with masses of garbage-sourced distortion and plain fiction, and nearly all the supposed means toward enlightenment that you're given are actually garbage-sourced snares that divert you into illusory realities and not the true state of 'enlightenment' (what I now prefer to call fundamental awareness or fundamental clarity).

What the ongoing regular chanting of a mantra does is to increase the hold upon you of the garbage - even though usually in a covert way - through a process of ungrounding your awareness. As I say, it leads you into illusory realities, not fundamental awareness / clarity ('enlightenment'), for that can be obtained only by opening fully to your own deepest aspect. For that you need to use methods and lifestyle that increase your grounding.

I should point out here that formal meditation sessions, even when done under the direction of your local friendly 'qualified' guru, are themselves ungrounding and therefore lead you to illusory realities rather than true enlightenment and self-actualization. That's another way in which Buddhism and various other Eastern religions / traditions are seriously harmful.

If you still think that your mantra chanting or indeed meditation is your key to 'enlightenment', I suggest that you consider carefully how it is that of the countless people who do regular daily meditation or / and mantra recitation / chanting, such a vanishingly small proportion actually reach true enlightenment and particularly genuine self-actualization (in fact at the moment I'm not aware for sure of anyone who's actually achieved the latter to an optimal extent and in a healthy and balanced manner in the whole of human history).

Actually, I'm not claiming that there are no beneficial effects from particular mantras when used in certain specific ways, BUT when these are set against the problematical effects, even with the least harmful modes of using the mantras the balance tips towards overall disadvantage. The point here is that there are non-mantra means to achieve the same beneficial effects without the particular disadvantages.

"Are you seriously suggesting that I should regard God as 'just a bit of rogue programming?'"

There's no 'should' about it, for, as already noted, I'm not in the business of telling people what they supposedly should or should not do! You're fully free to believe that God is 'Up There on His throne', that God is Father, Son and Holy Spirit, or indeed that the Earth is flat or there's a hippopotamus in your bath. However, whether you'd actually benefit in any really meaningful way from doing so is altogether another matter!

In The True Nature of 'The Forces of Darkness' and its Interference and Attacks I explain how, as far as I can tell, all supposedly higher presences (including what people regard as God) are illusory manifestations created in our minds by the garbage, which latter indeed does appear to be rogue programming in 'thought energy', and I also go further and explain how it appears that all 'astral entities', including what are popularly called demons, are themselves not actual beings at all but just more of the same - i.e., illusions created in one's mind by the garbage. Please read that page for more on this subject.

My own working experience suggests that to fully and deeply let go of the notion that any of those apparent entities are actual conscious beings, and to regard them instead just as illusions or remnant power / control oriented rogue programming with no consciousness is colossally disempowering to those 'forces' or influences and greatly reduces their ability to intrude upon oneself - very much underlining the probability that the 'illusion' or 'rogue programming' view is bang-on as to their true nature (as far as it could ever be known), though I do explain on that page how there looks to be a bit more to the garbage than just that. Still, "sort-of rogue programming" is still a very helpful view of the garbage for most people's everyday purposes.

"Hey, that's downright nihilism - trying to deny or abolish ley lines and Earth energies!"

that's right, it looks just like that, doesn't it - except that I'm not trying to deny or abolish anything, and that ill-considered remark comes from a person who's read some preconceived notion into his scanty reading through the relevant affirmation! Once you get to understand what the supposed Earth energy system, beloved of paganistic, mystical and New Age cults and traditions, really is, you'd realize that, in 'reality', there's nothing for one to deny or abolish in the first place! To the best of my own understanding, that whole manifestation, of 'Earth energies', ley lines and so on, is an ILLUSION given to many people and indeed whole traditions by the garbage, for extremely harmful purposes.

As to just why it seems so real to so many people, it's a very special type of illusion - an illusory reality that's actually programmed into their souls by the garbage. The only people who are clear of it are no-soul incarnations and people who've dissolved their soul programming*, or at least that aspect of it. It also doesn't manifest for people who are well advanced in their soul degradation process (i.e., have soul-reincarnated many times), for although they have the programming, their general lack of awareness prevents that illusory reality from affecting them significantly.

* There are methods for bringing this about on this site.

Although Earth energies (i.e., of that sort) are illusory, they can be harnessed by anyone who is carrying any illusory reality in which Earth energies are 'real', and is open to it. Those 'energies' aren't being harnessed in the actual physical reality of 'What Is', but within such people's illusory reality in which those energies appear to be 'real'. To such people it generally appears that the 'energies' and their effects are in the 'real' world, and in some cases, when individuals are actually in very deep trouble indeed with garbage interference and control, some of those effects can actually 'break through' into the real 'real world', with the potential to cause hideous problems.

By the same token, anyone who is carrying that illusory reality and has enough awareness to open to it if they wished can be affected by those actually illusory Earth energies, whether or not they're consciously aware of them. This means that potentially a large proportion of the human race is at risk of being harmed or manipulated by people who are harnessing those 'energies', even though they're illusory. And there are plenty of people out there who are harnessing those energies - both so-called 'lightworkers' (who are one of the more covert faces of the garbage's organised activities on the planet) and people who are openly into 'dark' practices.

So, in a nutshell, it's very much worthwhile to dissolve any such illusory realities that you're carrying.

"that's preposterous, denying the existence of auras and chakras! Healers and psychics can see them for themselves!"

As I keep emphasizing, the affirmations are not about denying or indeed proclaiming the existence of anything. They're only about clearing oneself from beliefs and illusory realities.

In this particular case, I've given auras and aura structures an 'honourable mention' in the Affirmations because, as far as I've been able to establish, they aren't objectively 'real' structures at all. They're what the garbage shows to people who have psychic perceptions - such people not really seeing at all what's really there (i.e., non-physically), but simply seeing what the garbage shows them with its agenda to mislead for seriously troublesome purposes.

That may not sound particularly serious, but this is really just another example of the type of problem that belief in Earth energies brings to us. If you believe that you have a structured 'energy system' complete with 'chakras', you're at least to some extent carrying an illusory reality in which those structures are 'real' and can be worked upon. Just as with vulnerability to attack from Earth energies, which are similarly illusory, a person who is carrying a 'chakras are real' illusory reality can not only work with (and indeed tamper with or downright attack) other people's perceived chakras but is also himself vulnerable to tampering or downright attack from somebody else who also carries the same basic illusory reality, in which chakras are 'real'.

So, if you clear yourself of all illusory realities in which chakras and other aura structures are real (including the 'aura' itself in toto), then you've closed one major means by which people (and to varying extents the garbage directly) can harm you non-physically - whether unawarely, say, through 'healing' applied to supposed chakras, or awarely through unhelpful 'tampering' or outright psychic attack.

Yes indeed, a high proportion of healers and psychics can 'see' or otherwise sense what they believe to be chakras and other 'aura' structures - but that underlines what serious trouble they're really in. They're all carrying that extremely harmful illusory reality, which makes them sitting ducks for all manner of interference and psychic / garbage attack, and they can unwittingly or indeed quite deliberately do harm to clients of theirs by doing things to their chakras or other 'energy' structures - and it doesn't at all need to be like that.

It's typical garbage strategy, to get people doing what are in effect 'dark' practices, believing that those are 'healing' methods. If you want to be giving healing to yourself, there are safe and effective means to go about that without mucking around with illusory structures like chakras, and thus without all the garbage interference and psychic attack potential that there is when working with supposed chakras or other 'energy' structures.

...And if you really want to give 'healing' to other people, please carefully read "Am I a Healer?" and think again.

"That's crazy and contradictory, claiming that one is free of all entities / 'dark force' interferences now, and then claiming that it's achievable within this year!"

Yes, you can take it as 'read' that, if I myself have come out with it, it will be crazy - at least in the eyes of those who don't understand what I'm on about! The affirmations and declarations of intent are NOT intended as actual statements of fact. They're a potentially extremely powerful means to get your mind and your intent clarified and focused on the changes that you need in your life, so that you actually facilitate the eventual manifestation of those changes.

Yes, it does seem a bit funny and contradictory, that within one affirmation I'm effectively giving both 'now' and 'within this year'. The point is this. The affirmations and declarations of intent ALL work by far the most powerfully if they refer to your state NOW. However, in the particular case of being free from all entity / garbage interferences and all your obstructing issues, I found it to be still more powerful to add the extra bit, because, when reading to oneself that particular affirmation, it's a natural tendency of part of the mind to shrug shoulders and quietly think "You'll be lucky! I'm stuck with these!" - particularly as the garbage itself would feed in little pseudo-thoughts to that effect. Therefore, just as your mind is beginning to think "Okay, I've read this and it isn't true", and is beginning to ease up, it's also affirming that that intent of full clearance is achievable within 'this' year - and that has a strong challenging effect for your sense of motivation.

One thing that's not being claimed is that you yourself are going to bring about that clearance within this year - and that's significant, because the actual intent that's being framed there is that the rapid clearance will be brought about as much as necessary by 'external' factors as well as any means that you personally are using.

The more people who use the affirmation including the 'achievable within this year' bit, the more garbage weakening effect would there be, because of the powerful effects of people's clear positive intent. That's what it's really about. Do you really want to wait beyond this year for yourself and indeed all other people to be totally free?

On the other hand, I don't literally mean that we're supposed to be struggling to achieve full liberation specifically this year and will have failed if it doesn't happen that quickly. Setting the particular intent isn't about a belief in or prediction of a specific outcome by a specific time, but is simply aimed at facilitating and speeding the process as much as possible, helping to bypass our normal habit of imposing limits on the speed of such a process owing to our preconceived notions of what's impossible.

Indeed, the notion of dissolving the entire garbage may appear to be a crazy notion to start with, but the point here is that by setting such an intent you're at least in a small degree being a weakening influence on it, for it's being kept in existence by people's state of illusion about it, and their believing that it's what it's making itself out to be.

"I know that ETs exist on Earth because I've seen ETs with my own eyes, so I've altered the affirmations a little to fit my particular circumstances and experience..."

Yes, and you're being your own most proficient saboteur! You might as well wipe your bottom with the affirmations and at least get a little practical use out of them! Sure, it's theoretically possible that the odd person might be able actually to improve the effectiveness of a particular affirmation by modifying it, BUT that's almost invariably NOT what happens when somebody makes such an amendment. If a person thinks up something that, it appears, would make an affirmation more effective, surely the sensible course of action would be to contact me about it, because it wants to be here in my set of affirmations, so that everyone can benefit from it - right?

So, people who just assume that a particular modification "would be more right for me" and actually make such an amendment 'on the quiet' are actually not being honest with themselves and are trying to avoid the challenge of the particular piece that they've just changed. This is particularly liable to happen over the affirmation that includes belief in the existence of extra-terrestrials (ETs) on Earth or attempts by ETs to communicate with people here - because all my indications so far are that at least almost invariably, ET experiences are associated with individuals who are very weakly grounded, and (a) they can have astral realm experiences in which ETs seem compellingly real, and (b), in particular cases the garbage can hijack a very poorly grounded individual's energy system in a particular way that causes it to create elementals that are life-like representations of actual ETs, which, in particular circumstances, some other people can see and even photograph.

Please note that I'm not actually saying that ETs never visit Earth, because I can't know such a thing, but I'm saying that there are overwhelmingly convincing pointers to at least the vast majority of such experiences not being of real ETs in the physical 'reality', and also, when I've used inner inquiry on the hypothesis that ETs actually visit Earth, I've so far always got a 'weakening' response - which indicates that for me it would be unhelpful and not beneficial for me to accept that hypothesis as a working assumption at the present time (it does not, however, indicate whether the hypothesis is objectively true or false).

When you use an affirmation to let go of all belief in ETs (or indeed anything else), you're NOT in any way trying or being forced to go into denial of experiences that you've had, nor indeed into denial that ETs visit Earth. The affirmation is about clearing out belief and illusory realities - NOT abolishing or denying your experience or indeed actual fact. No harm comes from clearing out any belief that the Moon is a very roughly spherical lump of rock! If you do so you're saved from any sort of insanity or self annihilation by the extremely reassuring reality of 'What Is', which can't be dissolved (i.e., as far as I can tell!). In other words, if you clear out any belief that the Moon is of that nature, the moon neither disappears nor metamorphoses into a Gruyère cheese nor a tufted duck (unless you're dreaming or maybe in an astral realm, of course!). It remains as (apparently) a roughly spherical lump of rock (though I might amend that statement once I've sought to clear out any belief of my own on the matter!).

So, if you seem to have seen or even had dealings with 'real' ETs, you'd be doing yourself a tremendous disservice through not using the relevant affirmation completely as it is. Ongoing use of that affirmation would help to ensure that you progressively get clear of any possible misinterpretation of that experience. The experience was indeed real, but the notion "Those were real, physical ETs" isn't itself reality but only an interpretation of the reality of your experience. If you're attached to that interpretation, that's a belief, and keeps you out of truth as surely as a religious belief.

Okay, to many people the above would appear blindingly obvious, but the problem for most if not all people who have ET experiences is broadly two-fold. They have weak grounding (except possibly for spectators when visible elementals were involved), and a high proportion of them also are more driven than most people by some degree of very deep seated existential terror - particularly people who are no-soul incarnations (and of the latter, especially those manifesting any degree of the 'ungrounded', 'scared to be here' or 'schizoid' character structure).

What that combination makes for is an intense clinging to their particular (actually distorted) interpretations of particular of their experiences and aspects of their perception of reality generally, so that they feel that to let go of those interpretations would be abandoning their reality, resulting in their annihilation. Also, the weak grounding causes one to be absurdly gullible because one can't distinguish properly between reality and astral illusion, and one is extremely easily convinced by 'pseudo-thoughts' and 'story' given to one by the garbage via any of its illusions or manifestations in one's mind. I've a great deal of first-hand experience of this, so I know well what I'm talking about!

People who experience or believe in ET visitations, thus, are virtually always people with very deep seated insecurity issues with a distinct existential terror element, and, most understandably, when they're faced with a set of affirmations that's aimed at clearing out all beliefs, they're inclined immediately to back off OR make alterations to ensure that the affirmations don't significantly challenge their holding those particular beliefs.

If all this sounds very unsympathetic, let me say here that actually I've very great empathy with such people, because I myself have elements of that sort of issue myself, though it's all largely cleared out now, and I know first hand the seemingly absolutely unbearable feeling of that existential terror when one does contemplate in any way being challenged over distortions in one's perceptions or behaviour that are caused by that terror in order to try to avoid feeling it.

Fortunately there are completely painless and non-threatening healing methods that such people can use to assist them to clear the existential terror - particularly a combination of Grounding Point procedure and Self-Power Walking.

"I just have this wonderful, tremendous friend who I'm 95 percent certain will be my life partner, and it isn't about attachment but just the way things have worked out. So, there's no way that I could use the affirmation about not having long-term relationships without modifying it!"

The affirmation about what? Whose affirmation are you talking about? Try reading it with the right glasses! My set of affirmations doesn't include anything about not having long-term relationships! This is just the sort of misreading that's so readily made by people who, no matter what their protestations to the contrary, are terrified of the possibility of change in certain aspects of their life - so, if a certain "this might cause my prospective relationship to be held up to scrutiny" button is pushed, the relevant affirmation is immediately misread as something that really does appear to be a threat to that relationship. Then, naturally, that affirmation has to be skipped or altered, because "it's not right for me". Well, actually the perceived (but nonexistent) one really wouldn't have been right for anyone!

The particular person clearly has an attachment and emotional 'neediness' that he's presenting to us but sort-of denying to himself that he has! Actually anyone with 'eyes to see' would recognise that fellow's statement as really a cry for help, as really is anybody's statements about their having found a 'tremendous' or even 'perfect' partner, current or prospective. For more about the matter of what would constitute a really healthy way of relating with each other closely, please see Love Is Not What Nearly All People BelieveExploring Close Relationships - Exit the Soul Mate, and now in particular Understanding Loneliness - The Real Practical Solution.

As for the matter of carrying notions that one is virtually bound to have a lifelong relationship with a particular person, or wants or 'needs' to do so, that's all effectively dictating one's future, even to some extent if one's view is speculative rather than openly one of desire or attachment. Even holding a view that you'll most likely have a lifelong 'relationship' with a particular person (or indeed at all) indicates a significantly limiting preoccupation. What I've said further above about vows applies in all these cases, whether or not there's anything that would actually be recognised as a vow. It's all to at least some extent trying to fix your future and make yourself a captive of your own past wishes, which themselves are at least to some extent based in painful emotions.

However, all that said, for the purpose of using the affirmations it makes no difference who is in your life, and in what manner, for the affirmations aren't about dictating to you how you should live your life. The affirmation relating to close relationships is simply pointing the reader towards letting go of all beliefs (including disbeliefs) relating to any close relationships of theirs, now or in the future, so actually there's no issue except for anyone's misunderstanding the purpose and meaning of the particular affirmation (as, unfortunately, can all too readily happen).

"You used the word 'not' in this particular affirmation - please consider changing it to make it all positive."

Goodness me, have I? -- Well, sure, I'll change it since you asked!

- Except actually, no, at least in the case being referred to, I won't. (Beg pardon, I mean, I'll do something else instead!)

Somebody wrote in as follows (a few minor edits for clarity):

I read your story and was checking on the affirmations and this is my reason to contact you. Please, read my comment with open mind.

Our brain doesn't read "no" i.e:

" looking to my own deepest aspects for the basis of all the answers that I need, which are not obtainable solely through direct physical observations of my own and those of other people..."

Consider to "re-think" the structure of the words, affirming what is what you want to affirm, getting rid of the "no, not, don't...".

Words have vibrations when we say the no, the don't want etc your are vibrating them anyway therefore creating or entangling more of it.

I hope my message is received by your self-actualized self as just a comment instead of judgment.

What we have here is an example of what I call 'spiritual correctness', which is the spirituality version of what people widely call 'political correctness'. People latch onto a notion that's actually a good and helpful thing when applied with awareness and flexibility, but they lack the requisite awareness / flexibility and so they apply such notions rigidly, as rules or conventions that should not be transgressed, or at least which people supposedly need not to transgress.

Indeed, that particular individual gave her game away nicely by asking me to read her comment with open mind (for which read, "Please don't notice my little interfering 'spiritual correctness' agenda, and accept my advice, for I actually have superior understanding about this"). And then she did so again with that twisted final sentence, which again is laden with implied criticism because she has her particular 'spiritual' beliefs and finds my flexibility a bit difficult to take, as it appears to her to transgress the 'you must always express yourself positively' rule that she's embracing. That last sentence of hers is actually just a more quiet and sneaky version of "I hope you won't get angry with me about this, but..." that various people come to me with. Such people are all for ignoring. Actually what you say can be very negative in effect through rigidly trying to word everything without any 'nots' or other grammatical negatives or indeed actual negative statements! Note indeed the use of the expression "your self-actualized self" by the commenter, which in this context would imply a sneering sarcasm about me and my writings, regardless of any overt conscious intention of hers.

The wording of the affirmation that she's wanting me to re-phrase is actually fine as it stands, at least with regard to use of the word 'not' in that context - there's nothing negative about it in any unhelpful sense. I assume for the moment, until I have evidence otherwise, that she's one of the very many armchair critics who don't use my methods, at least to any useful extent, nor significantly let go of their 'spirituality', with all the harm that it does, and choose instead to come writing in to me after a very cursory reading of some pages on this site, picking nits, seeking to spread around in the world the rigidity (and indeed fundamental negativity!) of their own 'spiritual' outlooks and beliefs.

Generally speaking, the only people whose suggestions about things like my affirmations and methods would possibly have any worth are those people who've actually been using them, following my general directions for doing so, and over quite some time, and benefiting from them. Most of those people would have at least some proper understanding of what I'm on about on this site.

The Affirmations

For reasonable effectiveness the set of affirmations and declarations of intent that's linked to further below needs to be read carefully, with deliberation and meaning (whether silently or aloud), and this would be most effective if done before one starts going about one's daily business.

I used to say that the affirmations are best read to oneself daily at first for fullest effect. However, as the full set of them has grown, a formal reading of the full set has become a more time-consuming operation, and generally reading that every day would now be counter-productive in most situations. Possibly if you've just had a reading of the affirmations for the first time, another formal reading the next day might make sense, but generally doing it daily would be too unbalancing and not give you enough 'settling time' between readings. Therefore I suggest a weekly reading as being the initial norm for the affirmations, for the first month or two, and then that being changed according to your energy testing indications - very likely then to more like monthly. However, just an occasional reading would be much more beneficial than no reading at all.

The problem about not having a scheduled regular interval between readings (whatever that may be) would be that you could well soon forget or neglect to read the Affirmations at all - because your garbage interferences would tend to direct you away from anything that would clear those negative tendencies.

I particularly don't recommend a reading of the affirmations more than once per day. If you try doing that, almost certainly you'd not be giving them 'space' to be effective. Your attention then would be too much on the superficial, physical aspects of the process. You could indeed in that way be making something of a ritual of it, and also very likely operating within an obstructive anxiety pattern. The point here is that what really matters is your deeper intent, and that needs 'space' in which to operate effectively. You give it that 'space' simply by trusting it to do its job.

To make the affirmations really powerfully effective, carry out your formal readings using the powerful method given in Some Potent Self-Actualization / Healing Practices, also in conjunction with regular use of the Regular Core Practices, including Consciousness Integrator.

I recommend the use of Consciousness Integrator as a weekly 'proxy refresher' of your previous formal reading of the Affirmations - so, if you read the Affirmations weekly, then use Consciousness Integrator about midway between the weekly Affirmations readings. If you read the Affirmations less frequently, then best to keep the Consciousness Integrator executions to weekly (not more frequently, owing to its potentially significantly ungrounding tendency).

The Affirmations (zipped PDF format):



Having trouble opening zip files? -- Please see relevant note in Site Notes page.

The shortest - 'Lightning Bolt' - version

I know nothing.

I am fundamental clarity.

I am All There Is.

I am What Is.

The above shortest ('Lightning Bolt') version is NOT a replacement for the full set of affirmation but is intended to be gently held in the mind (NOT intently focused upon) throughout everyday life till it becomes part of your intrinsic self perception. Provided you pay prime attention to the meaning of each statement rather than just mechanically repeating the words, this can greatly aid your reaching the point of enlightenment. This is in addition to the use of the detailed set of Affirmations

Caution! If you do use this version, it is particularly important that you keep your awareness well grounded. If you don't, it can be very harmful! There are many people who would use it in an ungrounding way or at least without its being balanced with suitable grounding activities. Ungrounding of your awareness always results in increased opening to and connection with the astral non-reality of illusion and delusion - and thus opening yourself more to the garbage.

I particularly warn against formally meditating on this version, as that's one of the most ungrounding things that you could do to your awareness - harmful if not downright dangerous! Formal meditation is problematical enough at the best of times in that respect, even without such an ungrounding focus.

N.B. This page is subject to periodic revisions / improvements.


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