Self-Realization & Clear-Mindedness -

The True Nature of 'The Forces of Darkness' and its Interference and Attacks

Previously entitled
'Astral Entities' - Interference and Attacks from 'The Dark Side'

by Philip Goddard

- The primary underlying cause of mental illness and overall human dysfunction


The contents of this report amount to effectively the basis of the most fundamental and powerfully helpful human dysfunction psychology that there could be, because the Author is examining the primary underlying cause of almost all significant human dysfunction and pointing to effective means to address serious human issues far beyond just those widely labelled as 'mental illness' or 'personality disorder'.

Presented here is information that describes the nature and activities of the extremely troublesome influence, widely but unhelpfully known as 'the forces of darkness' or Satan, or indeed 'evil', and equivalent names, that limits, distorts and often openly disrupts the life experience and behaviour of every single person regardless of whether or not they're aware of that interference or believe in the existence of such an influence.

This influence, which the Author is nowadays generally calling the garbage (aka 'forces of darkness', 'dark force', 'forces of evil'), commonly but by no means always manifests to people as troublesome non-physical entity-like manifestations (often called dark beings, dark entities, astral beings, astral entities, demons, demonic entities and astral lords, astral overlords or archons), and also, much more insidiously, as one's 'higher self' and any and all of the supposedly benign, beneficial and indeed 'divine' non-physical beings and presences such as God / Allah / Jehovah / Shiva (and so on), Jesus, angels, ascended masters, spirits, guides, gods / goddesses, great buddhas, guiding or potentially ruling extra-terrestrials and so on.

Not only can the garbage cause untold misery and suffering for some individuals, but well-nigh universally it has been covertly controlling people, often in apparently small ways, and diverting them away from effective and direct means to enlightenment and self-realization / self-actualization, and towards power/control agendas, in order to gain control and domination over people in a most pernicious and insidious manner.

The understandings given here of the likely nature and origin of the garbage and its troublesome manifestations give us real possibilities for disempowering it and indeed theoretically eventually eliminating it from the whole of 'Existence' as we know it.

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Over the years I've regularly looked in forums where people have posted about the contents of this and certain other pages on this site, and so far every time this has been a pretty frustrating and discouraging experience. Why? Because people are disagreeing with me?

-- No, it's not that (although indeed, predictably, plenty of people do 'disagree' with me). It's because so far I've seen no sign of even one person having read this (or the other respective pages) really carefully and without some sort of preconception that causes them to have a seriously distorted interpretation of at least some part of what I've written - even on the rare occasion when somebody does more or less 'agree' with what they think I've written.

It would be so helpful if people who come here would let go of their preconceived notions and read carefully what I'm actually saying - and then sleep on it and then re-read it to see where their interpretation of what I've written has actually turned it into something else, so that they can at least get a more accurate view of what I've written - whether or not they eventually choose to 'agree' with it.

I'd not mind so much if people at least took issue with what I'm actually saying, but they almost invariably go telling the world that I "believe" or am saying this and that and the other that actually I hadn't said at all*, or they radically change the meaning of something by taking it out of context, and typically a succession of people then go pulling the stuffing out of what I'd actually never said in the first place, then regarding me as some sort of deluded 'nutter' with very confused ideas, who is best steered clear of. The reality is that it's the people who keep misinterpreting and misrepresenting my writings who are the confused ones.

* A related claim that's sometimes made about my writings is the generally completely false one that I've "obviously" based my own insights on the views of a particular specified tradition, 'teacher' or organisation. Let me emphasize here, as is really made clear throughout this site - at least for those who are genuinely prepared actually to look at what's there - that, apart from getting some useful initial prompts from Steve Gamble in April 2007 just to get me ditching the 'received wisdom' from the healing and New-Agey mystical traditions, my insights are NOT to any material or really significant extent based on any person's, tradition's or organisation's views or outlook. I've worked things out for myself, based on my own observations plus the results of my own inner inquiry supported by energy testing. The fact that there are apparent overlaps between my own working model and the scenarios believed in by various teachers, traditions and organisations DOES NOT in itself mean that I've therefore derived any of my ideas from them - though naturally I'd have got initial prompts from various views that I've seen expressed.

It would help so much if those who are about to make forum posts about any of my material checked carefully the accuracy of any supposed quote or interpretation of that material before making their post.

N.B. There's an inherent problem with forums generally, in that these are places where people discuss ideas. Unfortunately doing that is one of the myriad side-tracks that point people away from self-actualization - for the 'forum-heads' forever consider and discuss other people's views and outlooks instead of turning to the one source of the vital information and insight that they actually need - their own deepest aspects.

So, asking another person, for example, "What do you think of this fellow Philip Goddard?" may be a fascinating pastime, but that sort of behaviour is also a well-nigh complete block to any genuine self-actualization direction.

I talk here NOT about right and wrong, nor "should" and "shouldn't", but simply of cause and effect. What do you want in your life - forever fascinating discussions relating to various notions of self-actualization, or genuine self-actualization itself? The two are virtually completely mutually exclusive.

Also, a careful reader would understand from what I've written, that I hold no beliefs, and that what I present below is a set of helpful working hypotheses (at least they've helped me greatly) - NOT a statement of categorical fact, apart from recounting actual observations / experiences of mine. So, anyone who says "Philip Goddard believes that..." is straight-away off the rails, simply spouting opinion, and isn't worth heeding at all.

It's in the light of this pervasive tendency to misunderstand and misrepresent my writings on this site that I indulge in apparent redundancy by frequently repeating certain explanations and clarifications - particularly on substantial pages like this one. I appreciate that some readers may find this tiresome (indeed, I myself do!), but hard experience has shown this repeated-clarification approach of mine to be necessary in order to hammer certain points home to the many less receptive people, so with any luck minimizing the quantity of pointless come-back and misrepresentational forum posts relating to this site's contents!

If you understand, things are as they are.

If you don't understand, things are as they are.

If you believe that things are, or should be, one way or another,
you have not yet understood.



In order to properly understand the contents of this and many other pages on this site it's necessary to carefully read Exit 'Spirituality' - Enter Clear-Mindedness, which provides essential background information.

Introduction - Starting to cut the 'forces of darkness' down to size

'Forces of darkness' >> 'dark force' >> 'the garbage'!

"The 'dark force'" was a term of convenience that I'd been using for some years, to signify an extremely troublesome non-physical influence that interferes with every single person on the planet, whether or not they recognise that interference or even acknowledge its existence. It's widely recognised by people at large in various partial / distorted versions, as 'the forces of darkness', 'dark forces', Satan (and other cultural equivalents) and all manner of manifestations of 'dark' beings / entities and influences. It constantly puts illusory manifestations into people's minds and cultivates actual illusory realities there, so all the time obscuring its true nature while it goes about interfering with those people in very specific ways that are all based on a consistent, purposeful and extremely harmful 'agenda'.

You will read further below just why I broke with convention / tradition and came to use the term 'dark force' in the singular (i.e., instead of the usual 'forces of darkness') - and, as you will see, my reason for doing so was far from some petty little quirk of mine.

With regard to the very notion of there being a 'dark force', this is nothing to do with 'the Force' in the Star Wars TV series - except that the writers of that would have been, awarely or unawarely, presenting a fanciful and thus more or less distorted version of the actual 'dark force'. So, those who dismiss my writings because my talking of the 'dark force' is, according to them, just presenting a "junky Star Wars type of scenario" are making complete fools of themselves. In reality, Star Wars has been presenting simply a junky, trivialized depiction of the garbage, i.e., the actual 'dark force', which latter is what I myself have the dubious 'pleasure' of going on about on this site.

'Dark force' is a great term for what I'm writing about here, except that it's not dark and it's not a force in any helpful sense! It's thus only a figurative expression, which I always used only very reluctantly because it seemed to me that all the better terms I'd come up with would be completely unfamiliar to other people within this particular context, and it would undoubtedly create still more confusion if I switched over to using one of them publicly instead of 'dark force'. My own 'internal' personal term for what I was calling the 'dark force' was actually the 'garbage', and that was the term I was using in my own personal daily journal. However, for quite some time I considered that that would be too confusing for me to use generally in public, except in particular circumstances where it was clear to everyone what I was referring to. Other terms for it that I came up with at that time included 'the universal cack' (probably the best term to use in a formal treatise; very likely capitalized), 'the cack influence', 'the caco-influence' and 'the naff influence' or even just 'the cack' or 'the naff'.

A really suitable term would be at least reasonably free from pre-existing connotations - and therein lies the BIG problem with calling this troublesome influence the 'dark force', because the latter term embodies almost universal misconceptions of what this influence actually is, and triggers a whole lot of extremely unhelpful fear in people almost universally - albeit some people responding in a distorted, inverted manner to that fear by being drawn to what they're calling 'dark' and playing about with it, much to their and many other people's major detriment. At least I sought to emphasize the figurative nature of the term as I used it, by always enclosing it in single quotes.

In February 2013 I decided to take the bull by the horns and actually switch over to using primarily 'garbage' on this site rather than 'dark force' - but with enough uses of the latter term to make it clear what I was referring to, and also to ensure that Internet search queries for 'dark force' and 'forces of darkness' would still find all the relevant pages on this site.

You can read further below how the garbage not only causes people all sorts of personal problems directly, but, as part of all that, distorts every person's perception of the nature of reality and indeed the nature of the garbage itself. Thus, what I've written below will challenge almost everyone's beliefs and preconceived notions about the nature of reality, of ourselves, of any supposedly higher realities, and of course the nature of the garbage itself, and of what appear to be non-physical beings (no matter whether supposedly 'high', 'divine', 'lower' or indeed 'dark'). Inevitably also the true nature of what people refer to as 'spirituality' comes under the magnifying glass here, and I show how it's something that people who really understand would avoid like the plague.

You can now perhaps begin to see why I'm inclined to describe what I'm presenting in this report as being the most fundamental and powerfully helpful human dysfunction psychology that there could be - bearing in mind that when you have an effective working model of human function and dysfunction, which pinpoints an underlying cause of the dysfunction, at last you have a way in to starting to address all that dysfunction, at least on an individual level, and possibly even on a global or universal level.

NOT force / forces / spirits of Nature!

Before moving on from defining what I mean by the garbage, it is as well for me to lay to rest an insidious distortion of 'understanding' about it that's maintained by probably a large majority of those who actively consort with or otherwise muck around with it, getting some perverse 'kick' or thrill out of their 'playing with fire'. Typically, Satanists and others who deal with the garbage seek to justify their 'dark' practices and dealing with the garbage (variously named) by claiming that what they're dealing with is actually the 'forces of Nature' (or a similar term) - then going on to claim that as 'the dark forces' are just forces or spirits of Nature it's better that we work with them rather than against them.

That latter claim can sound horribly convincing until you actually stop and think about it properly. The obvious question that such people are begging is, "Where has this notion come from, that what's widely known as 'the forces of darkness' or similar terms is really the force / forces / spirit(s) of Nature?". Tell me even just one means by which I can verify that this extremely troublesome influence is simply an essential part, or indeed the 'driving force', of 'Nature' (and also, please include your definition of 'Nature')!

In the absence of means for physical verification, there's only one possible source of such notions, and that is, directly or indirectly, the garbage itself! - And the garbage is honest and accurate in telling people what it is, huh? - See if you still believe that after reading through this mammoth report!

So far I've seen no sign that a single one of those people holds that view about the garbage being the 'force(s) of Nature' on the basis of anything other than a belief that they've taken on, effectively to try to cover over the subtle and 'quiet' warnings that they're each getting from their own deepest aspects, that their involvement with the garbage is extremely harmful and for the benefit of the garbage only and not for the benefit in the slightest degree of any person in the whole of 'Existence'.

It's no good, of course, my trying to convince any of those misguided individuals that they're off the rails and in seriously deep trouble, because of the way their beliefs and garbage control operate. However, at least it's worthwhile for me to counsel here to other people to stop and think before they seal their more or less horrendous fate by buying the story that the garbage is something to do with what we loosely call Nature, and using that then as a supposed justification for dealing with what, for good reason, I prefer to call 'the garbage' but could equally call 'the people destroyer' and similar terms.

Please read on here and see for yourself whether there's really a rational basis for thinking or indeed just assuming that the garbage is anything to do with 'Nature' or is otherwise anything that makes sense for anyone to be dealing with...

Scary stuff!? -- Boll*cks, no - just garbage!

The title and indeed subject of this page may initially seem to you very scary indeed. But let me reassure you that the only 'untoward' result of your reading this page would be untoward for the garbage and not you, for you could find yourself understanding sufficient to start becoming to some extent a weakening influence upon the garbage and its manifestations (yes, I do mean you, yourself could!), at the very least through ceasing to keep reinforcing it in ways that you've so far been unawarely (or even in some cases maybe awarely?) doing.

Fear is based in confusion and failure to understand. Thus, what I'm doing on this page, through disseminating knowledge and understanding from the basis and viewpoint of real practical experience and clear-mindedness, is actually to enable readers to weaken and eventually eliminate the hold upon them of the mortal fear, dread and terror that the garbage has cultivated in them in order to keep them away from ever finding out what that troublesome influence really is, and thus from ever doing anything effective about it.

My 'message' is thus NOT one of paranoia, nor of needing to confront and in some way battle against something overpowering and terrifying, but one of simply clear-mindedly looking at what's really there and then getting to understand how that 'ticks', and then using that understanding to do down-to-earth and practical things to enable us at the very least to minimize, and potentially even altogether to resolve, this pressing problem that the existence of the garbage has been presenting to us.

Isn't that really the intelligent way to address ANY problem? So far people have attempted to address the garbage problem by 'throwing beliefs at it', or by going into denial (which is really just another belief) and lamely claiming that the so-called 'forces of darkness' or garbage is just manifestations of particular people's wayward imaginations (or 'sick minds'). In other words virtually universally people have been wasting their time chasing after or battling against the illusory paper tigers (posing as their adversaries) that the garbage presents them with, or simply 'burying their heads in the sand' and thus letting the supposedly nonexistent garbage quietly walk all over them while they hope and assume that it doesn't really exist or at least hasn't noticed them if by any chance it really does exist. However, now, at last, we have a chance to cut through those woolgathering and completely futile types of strategy and go about the task in a way that actually works and brings great benefits!

Illusory identities of the garbage ('dark force')

The different kinds of higher and lower beings - time to debunk!

Virtually universally, the garbage, usually described more diffusely and frighteningly as 'the forces of darkness', 'forces of evil' or similar, has got itself identified in people's minds as various kinds of 'dark' being or 'entity', such as Satan, Lucifer, 'dark' spirits, demons, 'lower astral beings', archons, astral lords, dark angels, dark guides, forces / spirits of Nature, and so on, which are perceived as being pitted against 'positive' or 'higher' beings and presences such as God, the various angels and archangels, and other 'higher' beings such as 'ascended masters' and a whole 'menagerie' of supposedly highly beneficial astral gods / goddesses. Further below I show how wide of the mark the popular notions of the nature / identity of those various beings / entities / presences really are - i.e., according to the working model that I developed in order to usefully explain the masses of observations of mine that were not helpfully explained by the angles on major troublesome influences that are presented by the various traditions and belief systems.

Please note the special use of the term 'entity' that's widely used for any sort of non-physical being or 'spirit'. Generally a more or less 'low' or in some way 'negative' or harmful being is implied by that term. Thus, a supposed angel would technically count as an entity in this special sense, but in practice that term wouldn't be used for any such supposedly 'higher' beings - and for many there's a certain loading of fear / menace in use of that word.

I remind that the notion of 'dark' here is useful ONLY as a figure of speech to indicate something unwholesome for us, for it has nothing to do with actual darkness, whether physical or non-physical - except that it does signify confusion and thus not being able to see what's really there. (Please note the latter carefully, because that's one of the key aspects of this whole issue.) And also, as I came to recognise when I 'uncovered' the postulated cacoprotean network as being the primary aspect of the 'dark forces', really it's totally inaccurate to talk of the 'dark forces' in the plural like that, for it can't help but really be the 'dark force' (singular), although, of course, it has countless ramifications through the astral non-reality in order to give uniquely tailored interference to every single human-type being in the whole of 'Existence'.

Thus the real polarity maintained by the presence of the garbage ('dark force') is NOT dark vs light but confusion plus inner captivity vs clarity plus inner freedom.

What is the 'force' of clarity and inner freedom, then? -- Nothing less than our own deepest nature - fundamental consciousness and all that emanates directly from it. that's why we're so completely off the rails when we look outside ourselves for a 'force of light' as means to counter the supposed 'dark force', and why self-actualization* is the only fully effective means to get clear of all garbage interference from oneself. That's also why the garbage is constantly and strenuously seeking to get every single person, each in their different way, looking either outside themselves or to outright denial for his means to supposedly avoid or clear himself of garbage interference.

* This is actually the same as the proper meaning of 'self-realization', which is the more popular term in 'spirituality' circles.

Metaphysical dimensions and their contents - illusory from top to bottom!

People with 'psychic' perceptions or who channel 'information' from non-physical sources have very widely come up with variants of a model of 'reality' that splits it into a number of levels or 'dimensions' (there are commonly claimed to be 13), giving the physical level as being the 3rd dimension, with the 4th commonly being called the astral dimension and the 9th being the place where all the angels and archangels hang out. However, as I now only too well understand, ALL such scenarios and stories are bogus - inventions of the garbage, which mediates in ALL channelling done by ANYONE, and similarly mediates in ALL supposedly clairvoyant perceptions.

The actual situation appears to be as follows. We're basically consciousness that's going through the experience of seeming to be in a physical body in a physical 'reality'. The deepest aspects of each of us as consciousness are very subtle and are actually the all-pervading 'universal' consciousness, which I'm calling fundamental consciousness (I don't use the definite or indeed indefinite article with that term, because it's even less a 'thing' than water or air or 'space' is).

When we become enlightened we perceive directly that deepest and most fundamental reality and recognise it as our true nature and identity. That level of consciousness is non-dual and apparently totally devoid of concepts, and thus within it you can't say that anything exists or not; you simply experience. This is the aspect of consciousness out of which all experiences arise but, however, that fundamental consciousness remains pure, unsullied and apparently concept-free no matter what you're experiencing.

Thus, provided that no external influence has somehow inserted particular distortions into us as pure consciousness, each of us would be a continuum of consciousness from fundamental consciousness to our superficial, ordinary 'minds', with NO discrete or identifiable levels of consciousness / reality, and there would be no semblance of non-physical 'dimensions', nor supposed 'higher realities' apart from one's own deepest aspects. - And this is the situation perceived by a truly enlightened person without garbage interference.

So, apparently, from the viewpoint of a person who is sufficiently free of garbage interference, the locations in which all supposedly 'higher' non-physical beings and presences are believed to reside simply don't exist, and thus must be illusory or indeed completely fictional! What are we to make of this?!

Yes, the clear implication is that not only the 'bad', 'lower' or troublesome beings / presences have no objective existence, but also the same is true of any of the supposed 'higher' beings / presences!

So, now we need to look more closely at how it is that all those apparently non-existent non-physical 'realities', and the beings and presences that they supposedly contain actually seem to many people to be 'real'.

Getting clear about the meaning of 'astral'

There appears to be another broad, non-physical aspect of consciousness or reality, which is strongly dualistic and conceptual and thus very different from fundamental consciousness, and yet which isn't that of our worldly or physical awareness. It's this that I was calling the astral sub-reality, but on the basis of the new insights presented below am now calling the astral non-reality, which the troublesome garbage has got people to notionally divide up into 'dimensions' and all manner of supposed 'higher' realities. I myself had 'bought' the story of all these 'dimensions' of supposedly higher reality, but it never matched up with my direct perception of myself as simply a manifestation or micro-facet of fundamental consciousness - in which the perception of specific levels or dimensions of 'higher' reality simply didn't make sense, and neither did the notion of higher beings make sense to me, because I as an Earthly human was already a manifestation of 'the Ultimate', so, where was the room for beings that were 'higher' than me?

Also, I'd point out that in all the time I was channelling, every single communication that was supposedly coming from a 'higher' source, such as an ascended master, angel, archangel, 'higher' guide, the supposed Creator Consciousness, or indeed my own 'higher self', revealed it source as having of a much lower order of awareness and intellect than I myself have, and definitely light-years away from enlightenment - which very much supports my subsequent recognition of those beings / presences not at all being what they were making out to be. At best they all appeared to be shallow cardboard-cut-out copies of very ordinary people who thought they had some sort of superior position.

So, although it could sound more familiar for me to talk of the astral 'level' or 'dimension', really it would be most helpful always to talk of the astral non-reality instead - especially in the light of my December 2015 insights into its true nature - please see the panel below and long note following it.

Other confusing terms for very roughly the same thing, used in various quarters, are the 'astral plane' and the 'astral realm'. Note that the latter is just one (uses the definite article 'the'), whereas my own much more precisely defined use of the term 'astral realm' is countable (uses the indefinite article 'a') and has a different, albeit somewhat related, meaning.

New understanding, December 2015

The de facto situation is that what we perceive as the astral sub-reality is the aspect of subjective 'reality' into which we routinely project all our illusions, beliefs and distorted perceptions - BUT that's NOT its true nature or purpose!

That aspect of consciousness is NOT, and never has been intended (i.e., by consciousness itself) for use by our 'ordinary mind' at all, and thus was never meant to be, nor to function as, any sort of 'reality' at all, no matter whether 'real' or illusory!

Its real purpose is to be a much deeper-level and more expansive parallel of our conscious imagination - a sort of 'scratchpad' and working-out area in which deeper, subconscious aspects of our awareness can try things out as a deep and fundamental part of our creative processs in the physical 'reality'.

Throughout the whole history of 'Existence' human-type beings have been mistaking that 'scratchpad' aspect of consciousness for an alternative reality, and thus deliberately using it for all manner of purposes for which it was neither 'designed' nor intended, so causing all the immense problems that the astral non-reality contains and causes us today.

If you regarded your ordinary imagination as an alternative reality and used it accordingly, you'd quickly run into serious problems and very likely would soon find yourself in your local friendly psychiatric establishment!

Yet people are widely doing just that with the astral non-reality. Far from being a genuine alternative reality, it's simply a particular backwater of the reality of 'What Is' - a reserved area not intended for significant attention from the conscious 'mind', and certainly not active conscious use.

Hence my previously calling it the astral sub-reality to distinguish it from an actual alternative reality that people could sensibly use. Think of it as being analogous to a system-reserved partition on a computer's system drive. You wouldn't seriously use that for your own purposes, would you? - No wonder we're in such a mess!

In the light of the contents of the above panel, perhaps you can begin to get a sense of the enormity that people have been committing by playing about with or indeed purposefully using the astral non-reality - all because nobody was looking into its true nature and purpose, and understanding the inevitable consequences of their actual misuse of what was really meant to be a special reserved area of our awareness, intended for the use of 'system' processes only.

So, now that I've thrown down the gauntlet and indeed in an important sense 'read the Riot Act' regarding people's misuse of the astral non-reality while they still have access to it, let's now return to the matter of what's actually happening for people, thanks to that horrendous mess that the astral is in, and the matter of its nowadays being routinely, automatically, used as a repository of our illusions and distorted notions.

Each belief that a person creates or picks up is the most tangible aspect of a corresponding illusory reality that's usually more or less concealed within the person's mindspace. The garbage (often but not necessarily posing as one of it plethora of illusory identities such as 'astral beings') ruthlessly exploits that fact for its seriously nefarious purposes as I shall explain further below.

You may realize from the above that, to a fair extent, concepts like the Jungian 'common unconscious' and also the 'collective Human consciousness' recognised in various healing and New-Age related traditions, can be equated with at least part of the astral non-reality as I define and describe it. To whatever extent they don't tally with it, they're likely to be confused / false information that has come from the garbage to 'throw people off the scent'.

Now, if we recognise the astral non-reality as being the aspect of reality / consciousness in which resides all major and in any way enduring illusion, perhaps you can see the sense in my otherwise very likely seemingly outrageous assertion that all apparently aware non-physical beings that interact with us are invariably illusory, and there can't be such a phenomenon as actual, 'real', conscious beings in the astral non-reality. As I explain further below, as far as I can tell, ALL the supposed higher realities that people believe in, which supposedly contain actual conscious beings, are simply different 'faces' presented to them of the illusions in the astral non-reality - so, it would appear that there's no such thing as a 'real' non-physical being - at least, that we could ever know of.

While I'm on the subject of illusions, please note something important here - of especial importance to put psychiatric workers in their place and get them thinking awarely about their own situation. A delusion is an illusion that's believed, and which is hung onto in the face of contradicting evidence. Indeed, if you stop and awarely think about it, every held belief of anybody's is a delusion. If something is really true, there's no good cause to hold a belief about it anyway. So, if you are, for example, a psychiatric worker and believe that there's no non-physical reality and that non-physical entities, the garbage and so forth are just 'imagination' or creations of people's sick minds, then you yourself have a delusion right there in holding that belief. A favourite delusion of psychiatric workers is the notion that so-called mental health issues can usefully be addressed by means of medication and ECT rather than finding and addressing the underlying causes of the particular problems. So, when a psychiatric worker talks of another person as 'having delusions', with no reference to any delusions of his/her own, (s)he is actually saying something absurdly funny (that is, it would seem funny if one turned a blind eye to the tremendous harm that that sort of outlook has brought to so many victims of such psychiatric workers)!

A fully open, belief-free mind is the only helpful way forward.

...Now, with fully open and belief-free minds, let's continue...

How do we know that troublesome 'entities' aren't just part of our minds?

Actually, we don't, and can't ever, know for sure that they aren't just part of our minds*. But I say this in the context that when we look at all our life experience with a truly clear mind we realize that we can't absolutely know anything. All we ever can do is work on the basis of how things appear to be - preferably with open and aware minds so that we can respond flexibly according to the new perceptions and insights that arise from time to time. You can't absolutely know that the Sun isn't a hippopotamus or the Moon isn't an enemy aliens' spaceship (or Gruyère cheese, if different!), but in practice you live your life on the basis of your observations on how things appear to be plus your most helpful interpretations of your observations.

* Indeed, from a very deeply based perspective they can all be regarded as 'aspects of self' or aspects of one's overall consciousness, as indeed can every single thing that we observe or experience. People occasionally make that claim to me about 'astral entities', or indeed the garbage altogether - but not from any truly enlightened perspective but to confuse the issue and seek to avoid effectively addressing the immense problem for people generally that the garbage and its illusory manifestations represents. From the relative viewpoint of everyday experience, it's simply unhelpful for most purposes for anyone to regard such manifestations as being 'part of oneself' (which then inevitably gets pointing people towards an extremely unhelpful 'psychiatric' approach), even though a genuinely enlightened person does perceive them in that way from one particular perspective.

On this site my purpose is NOT to theorize about what's supposedly true in any absolute sense about the garbage and its manifestations (which we could never really know), but simply to establish what interpretation and working model actually helps us best actually to resolve that massive problem, both for ourselves individually and for the human race overall.

The point here is that troublesome 'entities' (in many but actually not all ways) behave and interact with us as though they are separate, discrete entities or beings, and in my own very hard experience with them, for most purposes treating them as though they are something separate from myself, and 'not me'*, has been an essential part of my handling and mastering my situation with them and clearing out their interferences and influence - so why go denying what appears to be the case? To do so would be a bit like people still insisting that the Earth is flat and that there must be some other explanation for all the evidence that points to its being roughly spherical. Maybe somebody is yet going to convince us that the sun really is a hippopotamus!** Let's get cracking right now, gathering up all the masses of evidence for that!

* Note, however, that it turned out, as I looked into my experiences more deeply, that the 'entities' were not discrete entities at all, though the manifestation that was appearing in that way was created in my mind by something external to myself - 'not me'. In other words, the 'entities' were illusory, but the illusion of them was being created by the interaction of an external 'something' - what I call the garbage - with aspects of my 'mind'.

** I see that some people who one might have expected to know better have jumped firmly into a belief that the Moon is a spaceship being used as a base for some very unwholesome extra-terrestrials to take control over all humans! Anything other than recognise the garbage-sourced illusions and other interferences in their own awareness for what they are! At least I haven't yet seen any signs that anyone believes or has 'proved' that the Moon is a Gruyère cheese!

Indeed, I see the common tendency of people to claim that 'entity' troubles are just creations of one's own mind as being the result of the garbage interfering with those very people who make such claims, to give them that belief in order to obstruct any move to recognise their own interference from the garbage and to get those people putting pressure on other people to turn away from properly addressing their 'entities' (and in particular, garbage interference) issues.

All the different types of interfering entity and...

That's a joke, that is - me listing here all the alleged types of entity and other non-physical beings / presences! Yes, there may well be a wide range of types of these, but if I knew them and were to list them all, this page would probably be longer than my right arm and the other one and both my legs (and nose and ears and erect willie) too! And really the point is, as far as I can tell, ALL of the alleged types of non-physical entities / beings are inventions - illusions that are created within our minds by the garbage.* The garbage constantly seeks to give us 'story' - illusory realities - and for the extremely pernicious purpose that I shall go into further below.

* Strictly speaking, although that's a convenient way of describing the situation, it's not quite correct. As already noted, as far as I understand so far, what really is going on is that the garbage actually hijacks a part of the person's awareness to cause that person him/herself to unawarely create the illusions. So, if you're going to be very precise about use of the words, you could actually say that the illusions are indeed created by people's own 'minds'. However, the crucial point here is that that's happening only because an external influence - the garbage - is forcing that to happen. So, the real culprit therefore is NOT the person but the interfering influence. The emphasis needs to be clearly kept on this, and not on any idea of the person 'creating their own illusions', for when people hold the latter view, it's generally taken to mean that there's then something wrong or perverse about the affected person, or that the person is 'mentally ill' and therefore fair game for stigmatization and harmful medical 'treatments' that are no 'treat' that any genuinely compos mentis person would accept except under duress.

In my own experience the garbage had been behaving as though several different types of entity had been interacting with me, but nowadays I recognise all that as irrelevant to any constructive purpose. The garbage will give particular people impressions of demons, angels, guides, 'dark overlords', God or whatever suits its agenda in interfering with and misleading the particular people.

As I now understand, there's really bound to be some sort of 'command chain' within the astral non-reality, as some people believe, but that 'command chain' wouldn't be between actual conscious beings, and I've let go of any notion now of there being astral overlords (so-called archons) and even some supreme 'dark' being (perhaps one that you could call Satan!) that runs the 'dark' show. Actually the very notion of a supreme conscious being that runs 'the dark side' always made supreme nonsense to me, because of the very nature of consciousness itself.

As you can read much further below, I've apparently stumbled upon what appears to be really driving the garbage, and could be called its top command level: the postulated cacoprotean network.

It's important, thus, that we do NOT get fixated on any 'story' about non-physical 'entities' and their background as any sort of 'reality' or 'truth'. The healthiest and most problem-free approach is to build the simplest and most basic working model of what's going on, which helps us for healing and self-actualization purposes, and to let go of the picture otherwise, because we can never know what's true in the astral non-reality (nor indeed in any non-physical aspect of reality). Indeed, as already noted, the astral non-reality is the 'level' of illusion anyway, so it's meaningless to go talking of anything being 'true' or 'real' there! For the same reason, it's also meaningless to go talking of real conscious beings there. That is, at most there could be only distorted, even though often superficially convincing, replicas of them.

As to how what's apparently illusory and not conscious at all in itself could behave as though having a certain level of intelligence and even a rudimentary sort of awareness, I appear to have found the answer, as I recount much further below.

I list below a reasonable selection of purported types of manifestation of the garbage as 'entities' (and other non-physical beings) of which I'm aware - not by any means an exhaustive list - for the purpose of setting off some alarm bells.

And I can well imagine that some individuals will find some inner alarm bells start ringing here as they begin to realize something of the predicament of their favourite guru who claims to channel from, consort with, bring healing from, or to be an incarnation of any of the following. ALL the following, and indeed ALL non-physical entities or supposed beings that manifest to us in any way are, as far as I can tell, illusions created by particular aspects of our awareness under hijack control from the garbage, for the purpose of acting as lures for us in one way or many.

I explain further below how it is that the garbage, with a seriously troublesome agenda, can create the impression of being higher beings uttering what appear at first glance to be tremendously 'wise', 'enlightened' and loving things and even give experiences of what people interpret as immensely loving 'energy' apparently coming from those manifestations.

Non-exhaustive list of named entities and non-physical beings

Our little astral 'chamber of horrors'

The following list is little more than 'off the top of my head', and so really is just a selection to give you some idea of the range of purported entity types and personae that may be presented to people. None of them is benign, regardless of how they present themselves.

The well known 'bad' or at least dubious guys
Variously described as good and bad
The supposed good guys - the real can of worms!

Do angels really exist? - The origin of the notion of 'angels' and 'archangels'

I appreciate that many people would be little short of shocked or outraged at any suggestion that angels and archangels are bogus and simply don't exist except as illusions created in and indeed by people's minds (i.e., under the hijack-control of the garbage). However, actually there's a very simple and down-to-earth reason to discard the very notion of angels / archangels as any sort of real non-physical being.

The people who believe in angels and archangels as being 'real' have all sidestepped a crucial bit of information: what 'angels' / 'archangels' originally were. Non-physical or divine beings? -- NO! Not on your nelly! They were PRIESTS - yes, here on Earth! - who were officially detailed to be operating as MEDIUMS ('seers')! They were thus designated (by the religious authorities) as 'messengers of God', but were nonetheless simply ordinary humans, as crooked as any in the religious hierarchy, channelling 'information' from the garbage (which of course was posing as God or some other supposed higher source) - or indeed in some cases they were no doubt simply pretending to channel, telling people what they thought the religious authorities wanted them to hear - all for the purpose of further cultivating the religion's control over people.

Subsequently the religious authorities 'divinized' the concept of angels and archangels, just as they deified Jesus (who was actually no more nor less a physical person than you and me) - then going quiet about what 'angel' and 'archangel' used to mean, and using those terms instead for actually fictional non-physical (and, absurdly, winged) beings surrounding an equally mythical personal God. So, angels / archangels have never been part of any true 'higher' reality, but are simply an invention of certain religions for the purpose of gaining more control over people.

In any case, the whole popular concept of angels / archangels as winged beings simply doesn't make sense (i.e., except as a bit of religious iconography). Non-physical beings (a) would have no cause to have wings, for they'd have no weight nor indeed physical location and thus would have no need nor indeed use for wings except for the purpose of deceiving people, and (b) wouldn't even have a physical appearance - again because of their lack of physical location. It amazes me, the way that even otherwise really intelligent people fail to understand those two so-obvious points and so happily believe in the existence of angels as beings who have a human or quasi-human appearance, with wings.

Thus, when a person gets the impression of seeing an angel or other non-physical being, that person is actually not genuinely seeing one, but is being shown something. Or, to put it another way, that person is having an illusion created in his/her awareness. Now, what's the point of that, except to deceive?

"If guides and higher beings are all illusions given to us by the 'dark force', how come that their words are so wise and loving?"

Simple. As I explain over and over on this site, what the garbage does when a person is channelling is to 'read' the subtle thoughts and data in the channelling person's deeper levels of consciousness, which that person wouldn't be able to 'hear' directly unless more advanced in their self-actualization than just about anyone on the planet currently is. Please read Problems About Channelling & Clairvoyance - The Safe Alternative for more about this.

Making sense of all this

If angels and God aren't real, who or what can we turn to for protection?

Actually you can take heart, because what I'm pointing to is a great simplification of approach, for, despite what you'd have been told from other quarters, it's essential NOT to concern yourself about different types of troublesome entity, because for healing and self-actualization purposes it's necessary NOT to engage with any apparently external entities (i.e., illusory manifestations) at all, and so we actually have no need to know anything about them (not even whether they're supposedly good or bad guys!), except for having overall knowledge of the garbage's seriously troublesome agenda and the sort of tricks and deceptions it puts on, so that we can progressively get ourselves free from its interference and influence.

Indeed, as I found out myself the hard way, the more you get into 'story' about different types of these supposed entities, the more you're making them subjectively 'real' for yourself, and able to cause you trouble, and the more 'story' the garbage (posing as those 'entities') will give you to lead you astray.

Although it may initially look horrifically scary suddenly to realize that there are really no Archangel Michael or other higher beings to protect or assist you in dealing with 'entity' problems, actually this is really part of some truly great news and the beginning of the solution of those problems, for the point is that people have almost universally - again thanks to being led astray by the garbage - been looking in the wrong direction for their protection and truly supportive strength, which is immensely greater and closer at hand than any postulated archangel. That's where we unequivocally turn to our own deepest aspect - fundamental consciousness or 'the Ultimate' itself - to start doing the real clearance work and get functioning as our own real 'protection'*. What better starting point for that process than For People in Crisis, Healing and Self-Actualization - The Safest and Quickest Way, or Affirmations & Declarations of Intent for Healing & Self-Actualization (i.e., choosing according to your personal situation)?

* Actually we need to let go completely of the 'protection' mindset (which is defensive and disempowering), because what we need to think of and point ourselves towards instead is our own intrinsic immunity to the garbage and all other problematical non-physical influences / interferences (which is strengthening and empowering). That's what you start cultivating and opening up when you embark on a genuine self-actualization process.

So, now that I've reduced the supposed whole unwholesome menagerie of astral or 'dark' entities that interfere with us, and indeed all the supposed benign and indeed supposedly 'higher' beings, to simply 'illusory manifestations of the garbage', we can deal with them all as a single issue and can focus much better on the real task at hand, which is to clear ourselves of the garbage's interferences - which, as I explain further below, do include some attached real entities in the form of non-incarnated human consciousnesses or fragments thereof ('soul fragments').

The garbage ('dark force') agenda

Forewarned is forearmed! What you're about to read here isn't pleasant, and may indeed initially frighten you. I don't at all enjoy writing such things, and don't want to frighten anyone, except in that here I'm actually giving out important information that assists us in becoming truly effective in clearing ourselves of garbage interference and influence. You NEVER resolve an issue or problem by running away from it or by whistling in the dark, hoping it's not really like that. Gaining a proper understanding of a situation rapidly takes any fear out of countenancing it, and this is no exception. So, the process here is not one of making one's life more scary, but instead is one of progressively defusing and taking the fear factor out of it all.

Let me say now that I'm NOT putting forward the following scenario as 'fact' or 'truth', because NOBODY on Planet Earth can know anything as objective 'fact' or 'truth' in any postulated non-physical reality - whether or not they're supposedly enlightened. The scenario that I'm putting forward is nothing more than the working model or theory that best explains my own observations of the ways in which the garbage is interfering with people (I have masses of first-hand experience of this), and which points us to the most effective means of healing ourselves and clearing from ourselves all garbage interference and influence.

The following scenario is similar in some respects to that given by Steve Gamble in his Shopping for Spirit, Chapter 9, but there are very significant differences too, and I'm seeking to keep it to essentials and am avoiding as far as possible being sensationalist or evangelist about it as he seems to be in his writings. Gamble appears to have some problems himself with garbage-sourced interference in the information that he presents, which 'information' actually comes down to just an 'alternative spirituality' scenario rather than anything to do with comprehensive genuine self-actualization, so it's important not to get involved with or attached to it as he seems to have done. He presents it all as though it is reality, and by doing that he's helping to create yet another harmful illusory reality that would be bound cause him and many others great trouble, long term.

As I say, the healthy way forward is to see this here as just a working model to use for healing and self-actualization purposes, and which is best let go of as any categorical description of reality (but not actually disbelieved, for that would be a belief in its own right and cause its own serious problems). As I've said before, a fully open, belief (and disbelief) free mind is the basis of any truly helpful way forward.

The bits we'd rather not know about...

In various places on this site I've mentioned the garbage's blind fixation on power / control agendas, and that it unremittingly seeks control and domination over humans and to divert them from true 'enlightenment' (what I prefer to call the gaining of fundamental clarity) and self-actualization / self-realization. Just why the garbage is like this, nobody knows. Many traditions and individuals have their beliefs, generally based on channelled information (often via esoteric teachings), which, as I repeatedly point out, has actually come at least in part from the garbage itself and so needs to be steered well clear of. Some say that the formation of the whole 'dark side' was an essential part of the differentiation of the Cosmos at the supposed event of Creation - while others claim that this apparent 'dark side' was not intended by the alleged Creator Consciousness but formed as a result of a small 'accident' at the very beginning of differentiation at the time of the supposed Creation.

But, as I say, whatever any ultimate truth, all such stories need to be discarded as not only unverifiable but also because they've been given to us with an agenda to seriously mislead, and so it's best for us to keep a completely open mind on such matters - even though much further below I outline what appears to be a much more helpful, belief-free and very different understanding of the origin and true nature of the garbage (i.e., as a speculative but at least extremely helpful working model).

To understand what the garbage is up to, as far as I can establish it at the moment, we need to understand a few very basic principles / issues.

The true nature of the soul, and how it relates to reincarnation

Contrary to almost universally held belief among healers, mystics, psychics and 'New Age' movements, the people with the most deep awareness, 'inner' knowledge and inner freedom, who are theoretically all strong healers and have potential to quickly reach enlightenment, are NOT old souls who've evolved over very many soul incarnations, but are direct incarnations of fundamental consciousness itself, WITHOUT souls! It is they who are the pure ones, who've not (yet) got tampered with, distorted and loaded by obfuscational programming by the garbage to reduce the depth of their awareness and increase their level of confusion and misunderstanding of themselves and all other people around them.

I've now come to understand that, contrary to almost universal belief on the subject, the soul is nothing more than a dysfunctional or pathological manifestation. A truly well-functioning person has, instead of a soul, a pure continuum of consciousness extending between the non-duality of fundamental consciousness and the thoroughly dualistic, conceptual, conscious 'mind' - the soul being defined actually by an obstructive 'level' of programming and fixed or rigid preconceptions lying somewhere between the person's 'mind' and the non-duality of fundamental consciousness, and thus distorting and indeed disrupting the continuum of consciousness. Note therefore that in this scenario the very widespread notion that a person is fundamentally a soul is seriously and harmfully incorrect.

Furthermore, if pure, 'no-soul' people manage to keep sufficiently clear of garbage interferences, at death they'd NOT go to any supposed 'Light', nor go anywhere, but would undergo a transition that's almost universally but highly misleadingly called 'recombination with Source'. This term is misleading, because it implies that they'd become separate from a supposed source in the first place - a garbage-sourced distortion of the real state of affairs. What really happens for such a person upon death is that their Earthly and physical experiences would simply cease. However, the fundamental identity - in other words the core essence or fundamental 'I'- of the person would remain intact as a micro-aspect of fundamental consciousness, in a state of peaceful harmony and clarity as naked awareness. Nothing in this transition is about light nor Light. It's about fundamental clarity.

Reincarnation the healthy way - 'as Nature intended'!

When a person has reverted to fundamental consciousness, that micro-aspect of fundamental consciousness that the person represented can then at some point incarnate again - but with no soul. Yes, when we incarnate and die 'as Nature intended', there's no such thing as a soul. And, what's more, each of these incarnations is non-karmic*. That is, it carries absolutely no burden of repercussions from whatever went on in any of its other such incarnations. It is liable to accumulate karmas during the present lifetime, but carries nothing from previous lifetimes. The person arrives, then, 'with a clean slate', initially with no emotional issues, no karmas, and is potentially a radiantly powerful and positive being. Even with a certain accumulation of emotional issues caused by unaware parents and other adults and peers, such people could quickly become enlightened and indeed optimally self-actualized - yet in the 'real world' this isn't happening, at least as far as I can tell.

* This is because it's in the soul that karmas accumulate. Your 'core essence' - your true nature and identity - never gains any sort of trauma or karma.

So, what, then, is preventing these no-soul people from manifesting in this way?

The primary answer is that at birth the garbage sends to each no-soul human a number of degraded, 'lost' human souls*, which had become stuck with part of their awareness trapped in the astral non-reality and are no longer incarnating. These 'lost' souls attach to the new human and are programmed and controlled by the garbage.

* Although I'm using the term 'soul' here, in line with normal usage, this is, strictly speaking, bad use of the term, and can perpetuate very troublesome confusions. However, if I spoke of those as 'lost' human consciousnesses, although that would be sort-of correct, it wouldn't sufficiently identify the particular consciousnesses that I'm actually referring to here, and also it's simply too much of a mouthful in practical terms.

The point is, people generally regard a 'soul' as equivalent to that aspect of a person that continues to exist after the death of the person's body. But that in itself is a greatly flawed understanding of the real situation, because it's not recognising that each of us is, first and foremost, consciousness or awareness. From that perspective, the concept of the soul, as almost invariably meant, is meaningless.

So, when I refer to specific consciousnesses as 'souls', I don't mean just any human consciousness, but specifically consciousnesses that contain the programming and distortions that cause them to function somewhat in the manner of the popular notion of the soul. They're thus consciousnesses that have gained certain very specific types of distortion, which cause them to be chronically dysfunctional and limited in their awareness.

Without such attached lost souls, a no-soul person or indeed to a fair extent a first or second-time soul-incarnated human would be almost invulnerable to overt, gross interferences from the garbage. This is because the latter controls people by the use of a sort of psychic attack, skilfully manipulating emotional stress / trauma material that the person is carrying, and such no-soul or little soul-reincarnated people have little or no such material that the garbage can use. The latter can still interfere by putting little messages (pseudo-thoughts) into their minds, but as long as they keep really well grounded they'd most often recognise such 'thoughts' as 'not mine' or indeed as just mental 'noise', and filter them out.

Such people, then, would be almost or fully invulnerable to garbage or 'entity' attacks (unless they were carrying some major trauma from earlier in their life - but that would still be relatively limited 'ammunition' for the purposes of the garbage), but wouldn't be fully invulnerable to interference through having pseudo-thoughts intruded into their minds. However, if they become enlightened and continue their self-actualization well beyond that, then, to the best of my current understanding, they could become virtually immune even to that sort of interference.

The parasitic 'lost souls' and their bleak existence

It's necessary to explain here that nowadays I'm wanting to find a different term for 'parasitic lost souls', because the latter term is really not correct, and I got using it because Steve Gamble was using that or a very similar term for the same thing - but so far I haven't come up with a suitable term that would give the right impression to people who don't already know what I'm on about. The point is, (a) the problematical use of the term 'soul', which I've already commented on further above, and (b) 'parasitic' can be only a figurative description, because, strictly speaking, these 'lost souls' aren't being parasitic, because they aren't gaining anything from their 'hosts'. I guess, though, that the term 'lost souls' isn't going to be bettered, but these still need to be distinguished from other categories of lost soul, such as those that give rise to 'spirit attachments' and again those that become partial walk-ins.

What enables the garbage to break through the relative invulnerability of no-soul people, and others who haven't yet had more than one or two previous soul incarnations, is the presence of the already mentioned parasitic 'lost' souls attached to the person at 'soul level'. For no-soul incarnations, 'soul level' would be the aspect or 'level' of consciousness where the soul-defining distortions and programming would be inserted if those individuals got ensnared by the garbage.

These lost souls are ones that an extremely long time ago had incarnated as no-soul people themselves but had been ensnared or lured into the garbage's agenda for them - often, though not necessarily, through religions and so-called spiritual paths, which all lead to one's creating illusory realities, which the garbage had presented as supposed higher realities or indeed bogus versions of 'enlightenment'. These illusory realities manifested as astral realms to the people when they died, diverting them from the peaceful reversion into fundamental consciousness, and causing the consciousness thus to be trapped with part of its awareness stuck in an astral realm in the astral non-reality, while the garbage then by various means creates distortions and inserts programming into a particular aspect or 'level' of the consciousness to create or strengthen the 'soul'.

At that stage the consciousness might subjectively experience the bogus 'higher reality' in which the once-alive person believed, such as 'ascension' into a non-physical 'heaven' (exactly what's most likely to happen for all the people currently believing in 'ascension' into the so-called - and indeed fictional - 5th dimension), or undergo hellish experiences, because within the astral non-reality the delusion of a severe, punitive externally administered karma is alive and kicking (so to speak!). Even if they're apparently in some sort of beautiful 'heaven', they will become gradually conditioned to accept power / control hierarchies - seeing power hierarchies of, say, angelic beings, as being the Highest Order (i.e., instead of fundamental consciousness).

This achieves two main things: the beginning of the programming of these trapped no-soul consciousnesses to accept control within and from the astral non-reality, and to progressively close down their awareness of their true nature as manifestations of fundamental consciousness - 'the Ultimate' - so that increasingly they perceive themselves as separate from 'source', and they perceive the astral non-reality of illusion as the highest reality, together with all its control agendas, and its replacement of love with fear. This process - the creation and then cultivation and strengthening of the soul - is, generally speaking, slow and progressive, occurring over many reincarnations of the unfortunate hijacked consciousness. Each incarnation of its soul will contain a further increment in its accumulation of emotional stresses / traumas and other karmas, and these together with new increments of programming from the garbage result in each successive incarnation being less aware and more shut-down than the previous one.

So, as noted, all this programming and accumulation of karmas (including traumas) is what goes into that aspect of consciousness that defines the soul. Thus, over the sequence of reincarnations, the soul becomes progressively stronger and more constraining to the person's awareness, so that the person is increasingly defined by the soul and decreasingly defined by his/her true qualities as a manifestation of fundamental consciousness.

It's helpful to understand that soul incarnations are still incarnations of fundamental consciousness, but, you could say, indirectly so. Indeed, they'd best be regarded as pathological sub-incarnations of the original no-soul incarnation, because, from the viewpoint of fundamental consciousness, that's exactly what they are.

So, contrary to widespread belief, the most unaware individuals are generally NOT incarnations of new, unevolved souls, but are of OLD souls who are actually advanced on a downward 'spiral' of degradation and being changed progressively into automatons who will be at the beck and call of the garbage.

At a certain advanced point in that process the trapped soul ceases to incarnate and remains trapped by its attachment to its illusions within the astral non-reality. It's then further degraded and programmed to transform it into a sort of parasitic 'husk' of a consciousness, which is ruthlessly controlled by the garbage in order to get it to attach to an incarnated human soul and be used as a weapon and instrument of control upon that person.

For people using narrow screens

If you don't find the shrunk version of the diagrams below clear enough, please click / tap on them to see a full-size version (573px wide), which you can then hopefully scroll around to read properly, or download or print out.

Diagram explaining the difference between soul and no-soul reincarnation
* For the vast majority of no-soul people that potential is relatively little realized, because the garbage, via various means including the parasitic lost souls, screws these people up like no-one's business, so that the majority of them are, in their different ways, quite a mess. For example, my observations point to the ranks of homeless people, alcoholics and 'druggies' out on the streets in cities containing a remarkably high proportion of no-soul people. Similarly, there's a relatively high proportion of them in the ranks of psychiatric patients being progressively destroyed by the medication and ECT that the psychiatric and 'mental health' services and practitioners dish out to them (in lieu of getting them sorting themselves out!).

The parasitic 'lost' souls as weapons and instruments of control

Once a no-soul person has such parasitic 'lost' souls attached to him, he experiences any emotional issues / traumas and karmas of those 'lost' souls as if they were his own. These cause health issues, various misfortunes, all manner of obstacles towards enlightenment and self-actualization, and restimulated painful emotions (triggered by particular situations or people) that are actually not his own, and so lives a life that's very much as though he's accumulated all these issues over reincarnations of his own. He will have all manner of impressions, 'resonances' and even actual memories from earlier lifetimes (which may be experienced directly or revealed in so-called past-life regression), which belong to particular attached parasitic human 'lost souls' and not genuinely to him at all.

My understanding nowadays is that there's a complicating factor, in that only part of such effects would be coming directly from the parasitic lost souls, and the rest (and indeed very likely often the major part) would be coming from primary archetypes, of which I say more further below. However, as far as I've been able to ascertain so far, one's 'active' connections to the primary archetypes have been established through the parasitic lost souls anyway, so the latter are still indirectly implicated with regard to that troublesome source of interference.

For no-soul people in particular all this commonly causes a great deal of confusion and bewilderment, because as they haven't yet had their awareness shut down, they're very open to their feelings and inner impressions, and may be plagued with exaggerated emotional feelings in response to everyday life situations. This can readily lead to their being diagnosed as mentally ill - all the more so because no-soul people tend to be the most poorly grounded, and many feel acutely the sense of isolation and separation from 'source' that's embedded within the attached 'lost' souls' trauma feelings.

This inner confusion and even torment tends to be greatly accentuated by the responses to them from the majority of people, who've had many soul reincarnations and whose awareness is well shut down. These latter people regard no-soul or little reincarnated people as a bit weird, flaky, 'not quite all there', and so on, because these many-times-incarnated people have no awareness of their deeper aspects and can't understand anyone who has such awareness and has much more vivid life experience (including suffering) than they do.

There's a remarkable literary parallel to this situation in H. G. Wells' classic short story The Country of the Blind.

This all puts pressure upon especially the no-soul people, as they're so much more 'open' and vulnerable, to feel that there's something wrong with them and to try by various means to shut their awareness down. Alcohol, smoking, use of so-called recreational drugs such as cannabis (or indeed any of the other drugs available out there on the street), and getting put onto psychiatric medication, are among the means that such people commonly try to shut off their awareness in order to dull their sense of confusion and suffering. They're also strongly 'nudged' or manipulated by the garbage into following such routes.

...Used as instruments of control

However, the attachment of the parasitic 'lost' souls isn't just a matter of a passive 'parasitism', for the garbage actually manipulates the stored emotional traumas of the parasitic souls, usually in covert ways, in order to indirectly manipulate and control the affected person. Normally this is done together with putting into the person's mind certain pseudo-thoughts, and this is indeed often part of a process of building up illusory realities, typically in more or less hidden parts of the person's mindspace.

For example, while I was originally writing this section, I broke off to register the new domain name to use for this website. The garbage had been interfering with me and attacking me a lot while I was putting information on this site such as is on this page - for clearly it's just the sort of thing that it would be trying to stop me doing. On this occasion, when I checked the domain name for availability and was about to order it from my hosting company, I suddenly had an urge to do an Internet search for "clarity of being" to see if there might be confusions caused by my using that name.

When I got the listing and saw various references to "clarity of being", I was assaulted with nightmarishly strong feelings of self doubt, and strong messages were coming supposedly from within my mind that I was doing the wrong thing and going to make a complete mess of everything, and that I'd got to get this right but could not, and it was all falling apart, and that the garbage had now 'got' me - a nightmarish sort of feeling. I did actually defer ordering the domain name (by about an hour) just so that I could re-check within my deeper aspects when the attack had subsided sufficiently for me to be sure that I was acting out of clarity and was not being led into that particular choice by the garbage.

But as far as I can see, few other people would so clearly recognise, or indeed recognise at all, the garbage interference - nearly everybody just assuming that their thoughts and feelings are their own and 'are me', and thus being a puppet of the garbage.

It's in this way that people - even no-soul ones - can be driven to rape and all manner of depraved, violent or otherwise antisocial behaviour. I myself had the garbage in 2003 try to get me to rape a particular man. That was not a typical situation because I actually had a voice (of a supposed ascended master) instructing me to do it (whereas for most people I think such messages would occur at a more or less subliminal level), but what I assume was typical was that these instructions were accompanied by immensely strong feelings of a mixture of sexual arousal, sexual ecstasy and craving.

Fortunately I had the clarity to realize that those feelings were 'not mine' and were being used to try to manipulate me, even though I didn't know about the parasitic 'lost' souls phenomenon then. Those sexual feelings were actually resultant upon the garbage attacking one or more of the attached parasitic souls with particular emotional trauma feelings which tend to get interpreted as sexual feelings or lust, and then I'd felt those feelings as though they were my own, although, as I say, I had the clarity to know that attempts were being made to manipulate me and so I resisted the alarmingly strong sexual and lustful feelings.

...Used as weapons

I've already mentioned attacks being used for control purposes. Those are usually the 'gentle' ones. For most people these remain covert and just serve various discreet control and manipulation purposes (such as ensuring that the person gets into a religion or 'spiritual path' or materialism rather than going for true self-actualization / self-realization). However, for others the attacks are often used with brutal force, to 'bring the person down' in some way. This happened to me massively, as I recount in The 'Forces of Darkness' ('Astral Beings') - My Own Tough Experiences, but, exceptionally, in my case, despite a period of disruption to my life, I managed to use all that happened to me then as 'handles' to enable me to progressively gain an understanding of what was going on and thus progressively to weaken and eventually clear out the garbage's interferences and indeed the parasitic lost souls attached to me.

Normally such attacks are regarded as mental illness, and get diagnosed medically as 'attacks' (sic) of anxiety, panic, depression etc. - the doctors having absolutely no idea of the non-physical cause of these and that they're indeed the result of attacks, in the sense of harmful / disruptive actions from an 'external' agent with hostile intent.

Some of the parasitic 'lost' souls are extremely heavily traumatized, having died horrendous deaths in their final incarnation, quite apart from having accumulated massive trauma loads from nasty deaths in previous lifetimes. These are used for the really strong attacks. As far as I can establish at the moment, I was 'kindly given' at birth an exceptional load of these parasitic 'lost' souls, carrying in total a really delectable amount of emotional trauma material.

It looks as though the garbage most likely could 'sense' that I had a type of energy that potentially posed an unusually strong threat to its agenda and indeed theoretically even to its very existence, so it reacted in self defence by trying to stop me by setting me up in such a way that it could deliver particularly severe attacks upon me - hence the large number of these parasitic 'lost' souls that were attached to me (i.e., according to my own inner inquiry; I have no means to verify that).

However, just clearing out the parasitic 'lost' souls doesn't immediately mean freedom from severe attacks, because, so it appears, when they're cleared out, quite apart from any 'energy debris' left behind upon their departure, any 'active' connections that had been established to primary archetypes via the parasitic lost souls would generally remain more or less intact and require a different method to progressively dissolve them.

A clarification - what these parasitic lost souls can't do

Some people, upon reading through all the above, have assumed that parasitic lost souls were what was causing them all sorts of untoward experiences that seemed to be of some sort of invisible quasi-physical being(s) interfering with them, often physically. Actually, whatever is the real cause of manifestations of that sort, parasitic lost souls are not doing it. They can't get your attention in any way, nor actively interfere with you. They're attached to a particular already distorted part of your awareness, and it's simply their presence in your system that causes you problems through your experiencing feelings and memories that aren't genuinely yours even though they seem convincingly to be so, and through being one of the sources of emotional stress / trauma 'energy' that the garbage uses in attacks on you. So, if you get impressions that point to some sort of tangible 'being' moving around against or within your body or moving parts of it, or speaking to you, most likely it would be some sort of elemental or possibly a 'spirit attachment', though quite often, in its less extreme manifestations, it may be nothing more than direct garbage interference seeking to convince you that actual malevolent beings are messing around with you.

I myself have had plenty of little bits of the latter, so I'm all too familiar with it!

'Night terrors', nightmares and the issue of grounding

The hell (including 'night terrors') phenomenon is operated directly by the garbage, but also incorporates the parasitic 'lost' souls being used as weapons. It's much more common than generally supposed. In fact, although the term 'night terrors' is generally used just for childhood night terrors, the phenomenon occurs in various forms for many adults too, not necessarily at night, and also the phenomenon embraces more than what people would generally call 'terrors'. The key to this is having a particular part of the person's awareness sufficiently ungrounded for this to work. Typically, young children's awareness isn't well grounded, for they're still in the late stages of the incarnation process, and so they're particularly susceptible - but anyone of any age can be affected if something happens, or they live in a particular way or with a particular outlook, that sufficiently undermines the grounding of their awareness; that is, their balance of awareness between physical and non-physical reality.

I explain at some length about hells in Night Terrors and Hell Experiences - Understanding and Clearing Them, but the main point here is that if a particular part of a person's awareness is sufficiently ungrounded, the garbage can temporarily insinuate it into an astral realm in which (s)he is presented with a maelstrom of distorted and grotesque visual images and is simultaneously severely attacked (via the attached 'lost' souls and the person's connections to various primary archetypes) with fear and related emotions such as anxiety, panic and apprehension, or indeed revulsion, often in combinations that have a particular unbearableness about them.

As I understand it, it's these experiences that form the basis of ALL the stories and beliefs in hells (or Hell), and there's no such thing as Hell or a hell otherwise. So, I and everyone else who's experienced true hells (which include 'night terrors'), or the same phenomenon by day (probably labelled as schizophrenic or psychotic hallucinations) really has experienced a genuine hell, as far as hell can be said to exist at all.

N.B. When people see demons and other entities or beings in night hell visuals, they're NOT seeing actual entities or beings at all, however realistic they may look. The garbage and indeed any attached lost souls have no physical form and aren't visible. The night hell displays are just that - displays or 'horror movies' that the garbage has ever-so-kindly laid on for their 'lucky' audience to get them well and truly screwed up.

Childhood night hells are characteristically a 'softening up' tactic of the garbage for people who are no-soul incarnations or who've soul reincarnated only once or twice, for the purpose of traumatizing them and making them easier for the garbage to interfere with and manipulate / control later in life, in particular to ensure that they don't get into a genuine and comprehensive self-actualization process and thus potentially become immune to the garbage's interferences and indeed control.

Nightmares - a different type of garbage ('dark force') interference

Nightmares are a particular distorted type of dream in which attack from the garbage occurs - night hells / 'night terrors' not being dreams at all. In dreaming, your own system is going through a sort of sifting and re-evaluation process below the conscious level, comparing recent experiences with previous ones and relating them also to any thoughts or ideas or insights that may come up. This is for the purpose of fully learning from one's life experiences. You can't deeply learn from any life experience without that deep, 'subconscious' sifting and re-evaluation process, so an unhindered dreaming process is crucially important. When you've learnt from those experiences you're in a better position to respond in a rational and flexible way to any similar situations that may arise in the future.

Certain superficial aspects of this process periodically impinge on the conscious level of awareness and are then experienced as dreaming. These experiences tend to go unnoticed or get quickly forgotten except when they form into some sort of 'story' sequence, and it's these sequences that are generally thought of as actual dreams.

The garbage would presumably interfere with dreams and make them into more true hell experiences if it could - but it simply can't do that, for it doesn't have direct access to the aspects of our consciousness in which the dreaming process occurs. However, what it does in order to try to work round that is covertly to put various distorted ideas and images into the aspect of the person's awareness where memories are held, awaiting review and evaluation and 'sifting'. The effect of this is that the dreaming process can pick up these intruded 'foreign' elements and incorporate them into dreams, making them into disturbing dreams or full-blown nightmares.

The garbage does this to just about everyone, all the time, so clearly there has to be another factor required to precipitate disturbing dreams and actual nightmares. What happens is that during the dreaming process anyone with reasonably well grounded awareness automatically recognises thoughts, images or apparent memories that are 'not mine' and simply discards them. With an important exception noted further below, at that point they're not just ignored but actually dissolved because they aren't useful data worth retaining. That means that the garbage, in order to maintain a cache of such material in your 'unprocessed memories' store, has to add new material on a daily basis. It also means that your dreaming process can't be transformed into a virulent maelstrom of disturbing images like true hells.

The problems come for a person when a particular part of their awareness is poorly grounded. Then their dreaming process doesn't always immediately succeed in distinguishing between 'mine' and 'not mine', and so the 'foreign' material gets incorporated into the dreaming process up to an eventual point at which it's recognised as 'not mine' and discarded. It's in such situations that nightmares and also dreams incorporating particularly weird, distorted images, can occur. The garbage is able to detect when such dreams are occurring and usually attack then with fear or related emotions to make the dream a harrowing experience - hence the 'nightmare'.

Physical illness - particularly infections - can also make it more difficult to immediately recognise and discard 'not mine' during the dreaming process. Hence the tendency for weird and often disturbing dreams with distorted images when one is going down with a cold, 'flu or other infections.

Overall, thus, people who are having a rough time from the garbage (their awareness being sufficiently weakly grounded for this to be occurring) are particularly prone to disturbing dreams and nightmares. However, that's not invariably the case, and indeed I myself am a very clear exception. Despite my early severe night hells of two very different types, and my more recent tremendous ordeals and attacks from the garbage with intense trauma feelings of fear, terror, panic, anxiety et al, and indeed further attempts to assault me with hell displays, I'm aware of only one true nightmare that I've had in my whole life (and that was when I was about three), and indeed dreams of any degree of disturbing character have always been a rarity for me, usually linked to the onset of an infection such as a cold, 'flu or various gut infections including the infamous norovirus.

The reason for there being such exceptions appears to be that it's a specific part of a person's awareness that needs to be poorly grounded if nightmares are to occur, and in my case that particular part of my awareness has remained consistently relatively well grounded, even when, as in my 2003 to 2007 major troubles with the garbage, other parts of my awareness became very poorly grounded, really opening me to large-scale trickery and attacks from the garbage. That good groundedness of the particular part of my awareness has also been my great protection against the garbage's apparent attempts to impose upon me a partial walk-in or other disastrous problem.

Recurrent disturbing dreams or nightmares

When, during the dreaming process, you discard useless and 'not mine' material, as I've already remarked, at that point that material is generally dissolved, so that it doesn't present itself again and so can't turn up in more than one dream. However, there's one big exception to that general rule - and that's where a particular memory, thought or image comes up, which is linked to a significant stress or trauma that you're carrying. That stress / trauma may be one that you've undergone yourself (in this or a previous lifetime) or it may belong to one of the parasitic lost souls attached to you, which are affecting you to a fair extent as though they were your own traumas incorporating your own memories.

When such material comes up for sifting in the dreaming process, everything proceeds just the same as related above, but with one important difference. The material can't be properly sifted, and indeed any attempt to discard it is likely to fail, because the distorted stress / 'trauma' energy attached to that material acts like a sort of sticky 'glue', which keeps memories and thoughts relating to that stress / trauma all stuck together. Until release of that stress / trauma has occurred, the same material will periodically come up again for sifting during dreaming - particularly if anything in everyday life has reminded you (normally subconsciously) of anything relating to that stress / trauma again. The sifting process is then bound to run into the same sort of problem that it did before, and it's thus that recurrence of disturbing dreams and nightmares occurs.

A recurring true nightmare thus always points to a major emotional stress or trauma that the person is carrying - and this may well belong not to her at all but to one of the parasitic lost souls attached to her.

The healing answer for ALL issues of recurring disturbing dreams and nightmares, therefore, is the clearance of all one's stored emotional stress / traumas and the removal of the attached parasitic 'lost' souls. This is thus a pressing requirement for healing 'post traumatic stress disorder' - which medics generally have little useful clue as to how to resolve (medication being no real answer at all and just helping to compound the real problem). Please see Healing and Self-Actualization - The Safest and Quickest Way.

Lucid dreams - a snare for avoiding! -- Warning!

'Lucid dreams' are generally regarded as a really smart thing to get into, but the truth is that the moment you've got into what people call a lucid dream, you've actually stopped dreaming and have entered part of your awareness into an astral realm. Yes, you may be able (more or less) to direct the course of events within it, but you're actually on more or less as harmful and indeed dangerous a 'trip' as if you were astral-travelling. So, the really smart thing to do if you find yourself in a supposed 'lucid dream' is to promptly drop it and completely ignore it, and allow yourself to fall asleep again, or to wake up if necessary in order to get rid of it and ground your awareness.

Otherwise, if you do make a practice of getting into those experiences, you're getting yourself progressively more ungrounded and in the control of the garbage. Is that truly what you'd want?

In Night Terrors and Hell Experiences - Understanding and Clearing Them I explain how actually lucid dreams appear to be technically virtually the same phenomenon as sleep paralysis experiences, with just a very small detail difference in the process making such an apparently big difference in how a person experiences the phenomenon.

The content of dreams and 'visions' - an important caution

As already implied, what you consciously experience as 'dreams' is actually of no consequence to our conscious 'minds', and indeed dwelling on it would tend to interfere with the underlying re-evaluation process. Inevitably therefore the garbage seeks to cultivate in many people an interest in or fascination with dream content, in order to lead them wildly astray and unground their awareness in addition to hampering their re-evaluation process. I write more fully about this in FAQ Corner - Part 1 (Do dreams have any purpose or meaning?).

Archetypes - their true nature and significance

My belated discovery that answered some burning questions

In February 2012 I quite suddenly uncovered a whole very major means by which the garbage is interfering with and attacking people generally - the use of archetypes. I'd been aware of archetypes as being among the garbage in the astral non-reality, but didn't 'twig' as to their real significance until I'd become sufficiently strongly bugged by certain puzzling aspects of my own self-actualization and garbage clearance process, that I succeeded in using my inner inquiry more effectively than previously on that issue. Because this report is already over-long, I've put my account of my findings on a separate page:
Understanding Archetypes - and Clearing Ourselves of Them.

Although I've had to put that account on a different page, it's important to regard that report as really a part of this one. Indeed, really archetypes are the most basic and fundamental means of the garbage's interference and attacks upon us, and so from a healing and self-actualization perspective they're of crucial importance if one is serious about wanting self-actualization and to clear out garbage interference from one's life experience anything like completely.

Alien abductions - Real? -- Good or bad?

I've listed alleged extra-terrestrials that people see or receive communications from as actually being at least nearly all inventions of the garbage in the same way that purported angels or ascended masters are. Indeed, I've done that in the clear knowledge that many people have had apparently real visitations or abductions by seemingly physical extra-terrestrials, and indeed supposedly the odd visiting ETs have even been photographed (though I've no direct experience of that, and so can't vouch for it). So, how do I reconcile those people's experiences with my listing of such ETs as non-physical, garbage-sourced inventions?

Let me say now that in no way am I rubbishing the accounts of people who claim to have had such experiences, even though there are bound to be the odd individuals who've been manipulated by the garbage into telling stories that are more or less entirely fictional. I'm satisfied that in the vast majority of cases 'alien-abducted' people have had genuine experiences of encounters or indeed abductions, largely as they describe them.

Yet my current understanding is still that almost all - if not all - such encounters were NOT with physical nor indeed real beings at all, even though the affected individuals are almost invariably convinced that they'd had real physical encounters. So, what's going on here?

The answer yet again comes down to the issue of poor grounding, and the fact that when a particular part of a person's awareness is sufficiently ungrounded, his awareness spontaneously opens more into the astral non-reality of illusion and delusion. This gives the interfering garbage great freedom then to deceive the person and present illusory material in a way that seems 'real'. This is most effectively and indeed often dramatically achieved by taking part of the person's awareness into an astral realm (a particular type of illusory reality), where everything seems 'real' and physical. My understanding is that in more or less all cases of encounters with and abductions by ETs, the person had very poor grounding of a particular part of his/her awareness and it got inveigled by the garbage into an astral realm where the apparently physical encounter occurred.

The purpose of this would in just about every case have been for the garbage, posing as the particular ETs, to put some 'implants' or even a partial walk-in into the person's non-physical aspects, and indeed possibly incorporate the person into the cacoprotean network, to increase and facilitate the garbage's control over that person. Usually the person would be unaware of that taking place - though some individuals have actually reported their receiving implants - not realizing that the implants were not the positive things that the supposed ETs would have claimed them to be.

The sighting of UFOs is, to my understanding, a similar phenomenon. It's significant that various astronauts are claimed to have seen UFOs while away from Earth - because then not only their awareness but their whole being becomes poorly grounded - which indeed is responsible for much of the adverse health effects of going into space.

I can now hear various ET and UFO enthusiasts piping up, asking in accusing tones how the hell I could know that the visiting and abduction ETs and indeed UFOs are really astral realm phenomena and aren't in the physical 'reality'. Surely, this is just a belief of this clearly very opinionated Philip Goddard guy!

As it happens, I don't operate on the basis of belief nor held opinion, and in this particular case I have personal experience to back up my postulation about astral realms. You see, I've actually experienced astral realms and know that they are, in a sense, part of 'reality' or 'What Is', even though what they contain is illusion. True, I haven't experienced alien encounters or abductions, but the astral realm experiences I've had were very revealing. Please read on....

Illusory realities, astral realms and human irrationality

I've moved my further explanation of astral realms from here to a separate page, Beliefs and Illusory Realities - Their Role in Human Irrationality, where I've expanded it. As you will read there, astral realms are a particular, up-front, 'action' type of illusory reality, and illusory realities (especially the covert, more or less permanent variety) are the basic means by which the garbage distorts the life experience of every single person on the planet to make them all in some degree, and in the vast majority of cases considerably so, unaware, irrational and relatively unintelligent (and so very much causing the big troubles that we see in the world). Illusory realities are very much worthwhile getting to understand and do something about - and, as I show on that page, it truly is possible for people to clear all illusory realities that they're carrying - that is, if they have the will to do so.

As I've come to understand more recently, archetypes are a very special type of illusory reality that is a particularly major tool of the garbage in its ongoing strategy of interference with and attacking people generally. Unlike other types of illusory reality, each primary archetype appears to be more or less common to people in general, rather than something that's carried individually by a greater or lesser number of people. Please see Understanding Archetypes - and Clearing Ourselves of Them.

Is soul reincarnation really a pathway to hell?

In The Five Human Character Structures - Their True Significance, which I refer you to at this point, I explain how each of the five generally recognised so-called character structures can typically be linked to a specific - albeit not clearly demarcated - stage in the soul degradation process through successive reincarnations of the soul. Although in some ways that looks a quite chilling picture, actually it does give us much more of an understanding of the actual type of issues and healing requirements of people who are either no-soul incarnations or are already on the 'downward' path of reincarnational degradation - for everyone has at least some degree of healing and self-actualization potential and motivation, never mind how much it is hidden / distorted.

But now, let's take the bull by the horns and see that actually the situation isn't quite as scary as it's been looking - though, speaking for myself, I'd choose self-actualization and full freedom from the garbage agenda any day rather than to go the way of that bull...

So, where's the hell, then?

I've already indicated what's apparently the end product of this degradational process for human consciousnesses. Once their awareness becomes sufficiently shut down by the increasing stranglehold of the soul, they cease incarnating and become the parasitic 'lost' souls that are controlled by the garbage, and which are directed to attach to the 'soul level' of human consciousnesses (i.e., that aspect of consciousness that defines the soul when garbage hijacking occurs) as they incarnate - no-soul incarnations being the primary target.

One thing I should say here to put this whole issue into proper perspective is that, as far as I understand it at the moment, these 'lost' souls actually do not suffer the unspeakable hellish torments through all this that you might imagine. The reason for this is that their own deepest aspects have been so thickly covered up by their programming and accumulated traumas that they have insufficient depth of self awareness to experience suffering as we understand it - and, in any case, contrary to widespread belief, they can't have 'experiences' as we do, because they aren't incarnated. They'd be well past the point in their degradational cyclic reincarnation process where they cease to be able to experience astral realms as such after they've died, and thus from their own 'experience' perspective, they'd most likely be in something akin to a coma.

As an illustration of what I'm talking about, imagine the countless caterpillars throughout the world that get progressively eaten from the inside by the maggots of ichneumon wasps. The process looks horrific to most of us, and it's easy to believe that unimaginable suffering is involved - but insects simply don't have the sort of self awareness that can experience suffering as we know it (please note, however, that I'm NOT saying that they experience no suffering at all). I say this even though I'd still not wilfully cause harm to even one insect if it could reasonably be avoided.

So, to my understanding, the vast majority of humans, who are currently on the 'downward' process towards being parasitic lost souls, are NOT heading into what we would recognise as a hellish existence of tremendous suffering and torment. The subjective experience of a soul going through this degradational process would actually be primarily one of becoming less and less aware, having progressively less abundance and vividness of life experience, and eventually entering a sort of 'twilight' of oblivion, in which it's simply unaware of what's going on or what it's being used for. This end-state has been reached by the time the soul has become a non-incarnating parasitic entity.

Indeed, it looks as though in a sense parasitic lost souls could eventually transform into reinforcements of the garbage's monstrous complex of astral thought forms. It could well be that, as I explain further below, the transition from a parasitic lost soul to garbage thought forms marks a point at which the true 'being' - the true consciousness imprisoned in the soul - finally manages to revert to fundamental consciousness, leaving an empty 'husk' of 'mind' and garbage programming in the astral non-reality, no longer with an aware consciousness at all, so that all that tangibly remains of the soul is what is effectively an elaborate mass of garbage-programmed thought forms that then operate rather like viruses or computer malware once they've been assimilated by the garbage. I'm not suggesting that this is necessarily what happens, so this is to be taken just as a bit of speculation.

Paradoxically it's no-soul people and those who've soul-reincarnated no more than a few times who can really experience hells.* It's the most deeply aware individuals who experience such things most vividly, and are sufficiently poorly grounded for the garbage to present them with the powerful maelstroms of grotesque visuals coupled with intense attacks with emotional trauma feelings largely or wholly drawn from the attached parasitic 'lost' souls. It's such people who are able to suffer most deeply and intensely, so they are the ones who experience 'hell' if anyone does.

* I say this with regard to non-physical experiences. Actually, the nearest physical approach to many of the religious depictions of hell is what goes on in various torture chambers, massacres and atrocities right here on Earth.

People who've picked up a belief in hell or hells, say in Christianity or Tibetan Buddhism, can actually be given experiences in night hell sequences that match the hells they've been taught about - yet another good reason for people to let go of all beliefs and all religious connections if they want to become free from that sort of interference from the garbage. In the astral non-reality, as far as I can ascertain, people actually never feel physical pain - but they can be attacked with particular intense trauma emotions and 'pseudo-thoughts' that make them believe that they're undergoing the ultimate physical torments, even while it's all actually physically painless apart from the possibly extreme discomforts of the intense emotional trauma feelings themselves.

I myself have been, on one occasion (my 'all-night spectacular' ordeal of 3rd-4th February 2007), attacked so strongly with terror-related trauma energies while being shown certain night hell visuals, that it felt as though my whole body would break up if the attack got any stronger.

As already noted, the garbage's purpose in subjecting people to hell experiences appears to be to start 'softening them up' by traumatizing them and making it more difficult for them to spontaneously move to full self-actualization and freedom from garbage interference, and to increase the likelihood of their getting ensnared in an astral realm when they die.

A healing perspective on this

The above scenario may look horrific and to be one of unspeakable despair for almost the whole of the human race. However, what I've written above isn't the end of the story. First, we need to remember that we and everything that we experience are, first and foremost, consciousness*. We have no way of knowing of any 'external' enduring reality. Therein lies our key to coming to terms with the situation (or indeed any apparently difficult situation!) in a really constructive way.

* Please see On the Nature of Reality and Truth.

There are various possible approaches to this, based on either of two alternative, both apparently correct viewpoints upon the nature of 'the astral' - (a) the de-facto one and (b) the 'fundamental' or 'real purpose' one.

The 'de-facto' viewpoint:

The astral non-reality is the aspect of our experience (and thus of 'reality') into which all our beliefs and illusions are projected. All apparent entities within it are illusory, no matter whether they appear to be 'dark', Satanic, holy, angelic or divine.

The 'fundamental' or 'real purpose' viewpoint:

The astral non-reality is NOT an alternative reality at all, but actually a system-reserved area of consciousness for use as a scratchpad and working-out area by deeper, subconscious levels of our awareness, analogous to a system-reserved partition on a computer's system drive - so that any conscious or deliberate use of it is actually misuse, immediately snarling up its proper functioning and thus the functioning of ALL human-type beings. According to my own inner inquiry, the need, then, is for the astral to be made fully inaccessible to the 'ordinary mind' of everyone, so that the mess within can actually dissolve and not be re-created ever again, and eventually our creativity could really flourish in unprecedented ways.

In 'The Astral' About to be Closed?' I've described a bold piece of exploration of mine to see if there might be some means for that inaccessibility to human minds to be brought about, whether on an individual or universal level. After a very educational false start on that I came out with no clear-cut answer (yet), but at least an important serendipitous finding did come out of my exploration, as you can read on that page.

The negative impacts of the garbage ('dark force') on humans

The garbage, whether or not manifesting as apparent entities, ruthlessly pursues an agenda of controlling and increasing its domination over humans. It often operates covertly, seeking to manipulate people into outlooks or behaviour that keep them away from speedy paths to enlightenment and an optimal degree of self-actualization (which would free one totally from garbage control or interference of any type).

So, the garbage diverts many people into religions or other power / control hierarchies or systems, and in many other cases into beliefs about imminent 'ascension' or 'full consciousness' for Humanity, so that the people get fixated on 'ascension' or various sorts of global-change-for-humanity scenario, which distract from or distort their whole process of developing towards optimal self-actualization and living fully in the present. The whole notion of 'ascension' is an illusory reality that's almost bound to take you captive into an astral realm when you die, so that the garbage can continue its work on you towards taking you over completely, many soul reincarnations further down the line.

One very sneaky way the garbage uses to take people away from their true life purpose of self-actualization is to get them infatuated with each other, even though it may be inappropriate for one or even both to be 'tied' to another person like that at that time, and, in the case of male-female relationships, to covertly manipulate the couple to ensure that the man makes the woman pregnant - thus putting an implicit 'seal' on the relationship.

I've seen this happen again and again, where people whose real needs were clearly for going their own ways and developing in the self-actualization direction, severely stunted their development by tying themselves to each other by having a child - all because they really knew that they were not truly compatible at that time and so chose to force themselves into staying in the relationship because they had (garbage induced) fears of actually being on their own and free for genuine self-actualization. Such 'family' relationships are, generally speaking, a great block to serious self-actualization work - and all the more so when marriage (a case of institutionalized attachment) comes into it.

Ironically, the human race and Planet Earth tremendously need HUGE numbers of people turning away from procreation, because at the moment there are far too many people on the planet and in a remarkably short time the human race is very likely to become more or less extinct on Earth. Please see The Future of Humanity - Countenancing the Unthinkable.

The garbage not only attacks according to its agenda (see appendix for more about its types of attack) but also often manifests as troublesome inner voices, 'pseudo-thoughts' and other forms of communication. They're the cause of the supposedly medical phenomenon of 'hearing voices' - no matter whether the voices appear to be troublesome, benign or indeed divine; the garbage is always the real source.

I've already remarked on the garbage as being an intrinsic part of the channelling process and nearly all dowsing - this troublesome influence posing to countless people as guides or supposedly higher beings such as archangels, all in order to lure people away from tuning into their own deepest aspects, and to get people taking on board, even if in greatly disguised form, the control agendas of the garbage.

The partial walk-in - How to produce a puppet 'teacher' in one easy stage...

How is it that various supposed spiritual teachers, who on the face of it have genuinely beneficial intentions to assist people in becoming 'whole' and enlightened, are actually working in tandem with the garbage, and, while apparently greatly and deeply aware in many ways, seem to have a complete block on looking in a questioning manner at what they're doing and recognising their own garbage connections / involvements and eliminating them?

How come that you get individuals like Sai Baba, a particularly famous recent 'spiritual teacher' in India who was on the one hand widely revered and claimed to be 'pure as the driven snow' and on the other hand was showing massive signs of serious garbage involvement, such as regularly performing supposed miracles (I'm not concerning myself whether the 'miracles' were real or faked), putting severe psychic attacks on people who don't see eye to eye with him, and deliberately having around him a huge assemblage of followers who he was brazenly manipulating emotionally?

Is such a man fundamentally evil or flawed?

My current take on this, strongly supported by the masses of experience that I've had of garbage agenda relating to myself, is that that particular teacher, as is the case with most other prominent teachers for that matter, was fundamentally not at all flawed or evil, but had been a victim of an extremely serious and indeed sinister garbage-sourced type of interference, which is best described as a partial walk-in. I know four healers / teachers in the UK who are very likely manifestations of this type of scenario, and that's no doubt the tip of an iceberg - though how big, I have no idea. The late terrorist leader Osama Bin Laden was another prominent individual whose troublesome behaviour, according to my 'reading' from photographs of him, looked like having been caused by a partial walk-in (plus a fair collection of parasitic lost souls), and who, without them, would apparently be a strong promoter of peace, reconciliation and indeed self-actualization.

Another notorious individual also apparently with a partial walk-in causing his troublesome behaviour is the Norwegian mass murderer Anders Breivik. In his case the attached consciousness is affecting his facial features in a way that I personally find extremely disturbing, and, for me, looking through an image search gallery of portraits of him in order to determine his true situation was quite a gut-churning experience. It's unsurprising, therefore, that I've also established that Adolf Hitler's notorious behaviour and charisma were most likely caused by a particular partial walk-in, which again distorted his facial features in a way that I and presumably many other people find very disturbing.

How the garbage ('dark force') takes a person over to actively serve its agenda

This is what happens for a person to be 'taken over' as a powerful / charismatic leader or teacher. When each human consciousness is in the process of incarnation (i.e., a little while before birth), the garbage can to a fair extent tell from its 'energy signature' whether it's a potential threat to the garbage agenda of control and domination of all humans, such as through becoming some sort of prominent teacher promoting true self-actualization and assisting people in becoming fully clear of garbage interference and influence. It then directs a particular set of appropriately programmed 'lost' souls to attach to that person soon after birth, to be means of garbage control for that person to make him effectively a teacher of some sort of basic 'wisdom' containing garbage-sourced distortions, and to be fully believing in and unquestioning about the 'story' that they've channelled or have picked up indirectly from the garbage through other individual people or particular traditions.

However, there are particular (usually no-soul) consciousnesses who at incarnation time are recognised as being a more formidable threat to the garbage agenda because they're expected to have particularly sharp and questioning minds, so that they're liable to recognise and repudiate the garbage agenda they're being given, and even - horror of horrors! - find out about their attached lost souls and use effective means to get rid of them. It's such individuals who the garbage particularly seeks to stop, and a partial walk-in is one of its options for turning such people into garbage puppets or at least for disabling them thoroughly as any sort of hindrance or threat to the garbage and its agenda (i.e., wrecking them in some way).

What the garbage does for such individuals is to set up situations for them where they get much of their awareness ungrounded - seriously ungrounded. If such a person can be in some way contrived to get his awareness out of body sufficiently (getting the person doing astral projection or astral travel is a favourite), the garbage then quickly sneaks in a very powerful 'lost' soul that has been specially programmed to effectively take the person over, under direction of the garbage. This 'lost' soul isn't nearly so degraded or unaware as the 'lost' souls parasitically attaching to people on a routine basis, and so is much more powerful, and in healing terms is a much more formidable proposition to get rid of - especially as it's so strongly controlling and in almost all cases that control would force the affected person to be very resistant against recognising his true situation and doing anything about it.

Ideally (i.e., from the perspective of the dark force), the original consciousness of the 'person' would be completely ejected, but I understand that this is something that the garbage can't do - so instead of a full 'walk-in' (replacing one consciousness with another 'in' a particular body), the unfortunate original consciousness and personality is kept in a 'straitjacketed' state, with apparently no option but to assume the 'persona' of the garbage programmed captive soul and do its bidding.

In 2011 my inner inquiry process added a pointer to a further detail in the scenario that I've been describing above. As I have no way of verifying this, at least at the moment, this needs to be seen as speculative, but the suggestion is that the partial walk-in is a major element of the mechanism of the cacoprotean network's control over its (unwitting) 'members'. In other words, if a person has no partial walk-in, (s)he couldn't have more than a very partial cacoprotean network connection at that time.

The failed partial walk-in - a spirit attachment

My observations of various prominent people who appear to have partial walk-ins and powerful spirit attachments* suggests to me that if the garbage fails to get a prospective partial walk-in to 'take' on a person (no doubt because it couldn't get the person sufficiently out of body at the time), then it often gets a similar lost soul (the same or a different one - I don't know if the same one would work for this) to attach to the person as a very strongly controlling spirit attachment.

* See further below for more about spirit attachments.

The theoretical difference for the affected person would be that the person with a spirit attachment rather than a partial walk-in would be more likely to be aware that something is amiss for him, and would be more likely to recognise, at least with a bit of prompting from somebody else, that he had a spirit attachment. However, in the case of spirit attachments sent to people in the event of failed partial walk-ins there appears in practice to be little difference from the effects of a partial walk-in, because in such cases the person has been targeted with an unusually strongly controlling lost soul, which has been specially programmed to force the person to live in complete denial of his/her having any spirit attachment or indeed any problem relating thereto. The person is thus to a considerable extent a puppet of the garbage, being controlled through the intermediary spirit attachment, much as occurs with partial walk-ins.

Beware the near-death experience!

Among the many types of situation that give the garbage a clear opportunity to stage a partial walk-in upon somebody is the near-death experience (NDE). THAT is why it's something of a norm that people 'return' from such experiences with a personality change. True, on the surface the personality change usually appears to be positive - but it's in the direction of 'spirituality' and ungrounded, astral perceptions - NOT true self-actualization. With this in mind, for example we can now have a new clarity upon cases like the celebrated one of Mellen-Thomas Benedict, where the functioning of such people as 'spiritual teachers' can be seen to be very much 'of the dark side'. You only have to visit Benedict's website and look for signs of his (no doubt completely unaware) garbage connections and involvement, using the check-list that I give in the appendix much further below, to realize that he and the likes of him are in serious trouble and leading countless others into problems way beyond their worst imaginings.

Indeed, the near-death experience that Benedict recounts has all the hallmarks of an astral realm experience and having nothing to do with genuine enlightenment. He even experienced what he was given to assume was 'the Ultimate' - 'God' or the 'Creator Consciousness' actually 'speaking' to him, albeit in a fairly subtle manner. Now, the real 'Ultimate' - fundamental consciousness - is nothing like that, and is completely unspectacular. What Benedict, and indeed the many people who've written accounts of their own NDEs, describe is all dualistic experience, with not a hint of genuine non-duality. He may well have been getting some communications from his own deepest aspects during his big experience, but they would still have been relayed to him by the garbage, and thus in adulterated and distorted form.

How I very nearly became one of them...

Yes, it appears that the garbage was doing its damnedest to 'get' me too, as you can read in Partial Walk-Ins - How the 'Forces of Darkness' Nearly Nobbled Me. As I explain there, it's not clear whether it was really trying to make me, in the event of one of its attempts on me succeeding, into an effective puppet teacher, or it was simply trying to make me into a really hardcore 'psychiatric case' so that I'd be disabled as an effective teacher or promoter of self-actualization and clearance of garbage influences. Indeed, because of the true nature of the garbage, all talk of it having any specific 'intent' is really off course, in just the same way that you don't talk of a computer virus "intending" to wreck your computer or indeed do any harm, for it simply blindly executes its own programming - any 'cleverness' simply being in the programming.

Spirit attachments - a different issue

I must dispel one widespread confusion here and distinguish between so-called 'astral entities', which aren't true entities at all (never mind in what form they may present themselves), and what are generally called spirit attachments. The latter are sometimes just soul fragments, which, however, would often not be recognised as 'spirit attachments'.

On the other hand, nearly all healers and 'lightworkers' believe that virtually all so-called spirit attachments are 'earthbound spirits' - that is, consciousnesses of people who've died but who were unable to 'pass on' for some reason. However, that's not my own 'reading' now that I'm getting relatively clear of garbage interferences and deceptions.

My own inner inquiry results are suggestive that the only types of genuine 'spirit attachments' are the aforementioned 'failed walk-in' type and the lesser issue of the odd attached 'peripheral' soul fragments. Contrary to widespread belief, true spirit attachments - i.e., attached human consciousnesses - are, generally speaking, unable to communicate or otherwise interact with their 'host'.

What I'm leading up to saying here is that the apparent 'spirit attachments' that appear to be ill-willed (albeit sometimes in devious ways), and actually communicate and interact with their 'victims', are, as far as I can tell, NOT spirit attachments at all, but elementals. These virtually always cause massive problems for their 'victims' - indeed giving them a particularly rough time if they seek to use any effective 'entity' clearance measures. Such elementals are typically created by a seriously ungrounded part of the person's non-physical aspects ('energy system') that the garbage has been able to hijack for that purpose. They are therefore thought form programming that's sourced from the garbage but actually created by the affected person, and, unlike the completely illusory entities created in one's mind by the garbage, these elementals can use the person's energy in major ways, including throwing the person about physically (enough to cause injuries, even fatal), tormenting a person by openly progressively bringing about a failure of the person's body to the point of death, and causing all manner of paranormal phenomena around the person, such as poltergeist phenomena and malfunctioning of electrical equipment.

Because they use the person's own energy so much, these elementals are very weakening for the person's non-physical aspects and thus ongoing tiredness. Exhaustion and poor and declining health is normal for affected people.

Generally speaking, soul fragments, like the aforementioned elementals, drain the energy of whoever they attach to, so feelings of tiredness and exhaustion are very normal for people with that sort of spirit attachment. This can lead to physical health problems, and also there's some suggestion (quite widely believed in healing circles, though probably without genuine evidence to justify that belief) that spirit attachments can cause in their host the same ailment(s) that caused the death of their last incarnation - a particularly good reason for seeking to get them removed at the earliest opportunity, if it were true. The garbage (i.e., directly) and parasitic 'lost' souls, in contrast, don't drain one's energy to the same extent, although they do have other negative effects in one's non-physical aspects, which can give rise to serious health problems - even cancers.

'Partial walk-in substitute' spirit attachments from garbage-programmed 'lost' souls are not the same phenomenon as the previously described 'parasitic lost souls', because, like the candidates for partial walk-ins, they haven't been so far-degraded and still have a fair amount of self awareness. They drain their host's energy considerably more than the fully degraded parasitic 'lost' souls.

Curiously, throughout even my roughest times with the garbage, my immune system appeared to be little or not at all compromised, and colds and other infections still came to me only rarely and flu not at all - and, apart from major sleep deprivation sometimes, I was never feeling drained or exhausted (apart from during a few brief encounters with human 'energy vampires'). I understand that this was exceptional, and it's all the more remarkable in the light of the allegedly very large load of parasitic lost souls that I was apparently carrying. My 'take' on this in April 2008 is that I got away so lightly primarily because I was enlightened and so had exceptional emotional detachment from what I was going through, and I was also distinctly helped by the great amount of self-healing work that I was doing throughout that period. Although that self-healing work was nothing like as powerful, balanced and healthy as what I've been doing more recently, it was helping me a lot to keep my energy level remarkably high and stable, despite all the extremely harmful effects of the crystals and especially sacred geometry healing wands that I was using on myself at that time. Also, my regular major strenuous day hikes in wild places would have been an important factor.

The key here was my being a no-soul person, so that, especially with my being enlightened too, all healings that I gave myself or others contained a strong component that was from my deepest aspects, regardless of the superficial unbalanced and even downright harmful methods I was tending to use then.

Ghosts and elementals - how they fit into the picture

It's almost universally believed among healers, mystics, 'lightworkers' and psychics that ghosts are earthbound 'spirits' (the consciousnesses of people who've died). On that basis one could say, therefore, that technically earthbound spirits are ghosts. However, my current understanding is that 'earthbound spirits' are a mythical phenomenon. At least almost all of what people actually experience as 'ghosts' are NOT human (or any other) consciousnesses at all, but are another phenomenon, which I've already mentioned, known as elementals. An elemental is a complex of thought forms attached to a specific geographical location or person and has a quasi-autonomous existence.

People unwittingly leave behind them one or more elementals if they die while bearing an extremely strong emotional attachment to a particular location or even a person. These then get perceived by people with poorly grounded awareness. The sorts of impressions received vary widely - not only visual apparitions but voices, creaking floorboards, the sound of footsteps, knocking on a door, a particular smell, a particular emotional feeling, and so on. Any apparition is liable to be of a person other than the person whose death resulted in the respective elemental, because typically the elemental contains particular memories that are loaded with the particular person's strongest emotional attachments. So, for example, an apparition of a particular king walking about with his severed head under one of his arms would be very unlikely to be produced by any 'ghost' elemental created by that king upon his death. Much more likely, it could be from the person who had actually beheaded that king, or indeed from anyone else who had had a very strong emotional attachment to that king being beheaded, or indeed somebody else who had witnessed and been shocked and traumatized by that event. For this reason also, one such 'ghost' elemental can give rise to apparitions of more than one person and even a group of people, or even a limited view of a whole army.

I myself have knowingly experienced one particular 'ghost' phenomenon, and there was nothing scary about it; it was just a bit puzzling at the time, because I was not thinking of ghosts at all then, and the voices were just too normal and 'matter of fact' to be scary even if I'd known that they were a ghost phenomenon. I recount that experience in Favourite Great Hikes.

There's a whole sub-category of elementals, however, that are not so innocently produced. People who are into dark practices may leave behind extremely troublesome elementals when they die, but also they actually deliberately create troublesome and often extremely frightening elementals and leave them in particular places or send them to particular people to cause immense problems. Generally it's one of these that is the culprit in a troublesomely haunted house (e.g., where pictures fall off walls, things spontaneously burst into flame, electrical appliances keep failing, and so on), though the worst elementals go far beyond that and are hellish in their awfulness. Human consciousnesses would never behave in the crass way that these elementals tend to. The point here is that the elementals aren't driven or guided by any sort of conscious awareness; they're simply programming, and so can't behave like a true conscious being. However, it's garbage interference and control that causes people to create such elementals in the first place - so elementals can be regarded as one of the 'indirect' tools of the garbage.

If you've ever got the feeling of there being a presence of the utmost evil in a particular location and felt that you had to get away from there as fast as your legs would take you, that would have been one of those 'dark' elementals. On the other hand, masses of relatively weak elementals remaining from past dark practices in a particular area can, while not necessarily producing dramatically frightening or menacing effects, still give a somewhat disturbing impression of the particular area to 'sensitive' people.

Destruction elementals

Some people hit a mystifying physical downturn in their lives, when all manner of troublesome and debilitating physical symptoms quite rapidly accumulate. The person may become more or less unable to walk, suffer muscle wasting and all sorts of pains, which can be severe. The person may indeed have some sense that (s)he is being systematically attacked by something that doesn't identify itself directly, but which may be interpreted as some sort of entity or group of them.

While there are sometimes specific physical ('medical') causes for such happenings, I'm aware of cases where this sort of thing has been happening without any obvious physical cause, even though various environmental stresses appear to be part of the equation. Indeed, in at least some such cases one of the apparently mystifying aspects has been that the person's symptoms appear to be largely products of a huge increase in the person's susceptibility to environmental stress generally, so that all sorts of very minor environmental stress effects, which would pass unnoticed for people generally, cause increasingly severe physical and often mental symptoms too. The person becomes increasingly intolerant to more and more kinds of food, which in itself adds another severe turn of the screw towards their early death.

Although it's necessary for me still to treat this as rather speculative, my own inner inquiry points to such unfortunate happenings as being caused by a particular maliciously produced type of elemental, which would be reasonable to call a destruction elemental. As I understand it, although one of these elementals can be sent directly to a specific target person by a malicious person who is into 'dark' practices, such malicious people often produce such elementals just to leave in particular places to latch onto any susceptible person who happens to be passing by. Such elementals would be able to attach only to individuals who were quite weakly grounded. A common sort of place for leaving them would be graveyards, which are favourite places for 'dark' practitioners to carry out various nocturnal practices.

Particular small clearings in woods and copses may also be used similarly and thus present an especial hazard to weakly grounded people. The hazard is greatly increased for a person if (s)he lingers at all rather than passing quickly by. Unfortunately a susceptible person may well be manipulated by the garbage into lingering there long enough to get 'hitched' with their destruction elemental. A very easy way for the garbage to achieve that is to cause the person's bladder to constrict, so that the person feels some degree of urgency to pee, and at the same time the garbage would intrude pseudo-thoughts to the effect that this is a good place to have that pee - and the disastrous consequences would then follow on.

'Combo entities' - the most openly troublesome type of 'attachment'

Elementals themselves at least have the limitation that they're just programming (in thought 'energy'), and to some extent this constrains the extent to which they can make hell of a person's life. However, my inner inquiry relating to experiences of mine with particular individuals points to some people having particular weaknesses / distortions of their non-physical aspects that enable the garbage to hijack part of their system to cause it to not only create elementals but to combine them with actual soul fragments that have been drawn to the person. Such people typically attract new soul fragments to themselves all the time as they lose ones that have got combined with nasty elementals and then 'cut loose' to then go on to attach to particular people and cause them immense problems.

When you have an elemental integrated with a soul fragment you have effectively a partially aware malevolent 'semi-entity' or 'combo-entity', which can cause immense suffering and disruption for whoever it becomes attached to. Some of the 'destruction' elementals mentioned further above are most likely in this category, though combo entities are relatively likely to make themselves known to their victims as part of their ongoing campaign of tormenting their victims to eventual more or less total destruction, whereas a 'destruction' elemental may not necessarily manifest as anything more than just a mystifying catalogue of increasingly serious health problems.

One young man who came to me regularly for healing exchanges appeared to be one of these unfortunate and actually very dangerous individuals who are, as far as I can ascertain, completely unawarely periodically 'dropping' 'combo-entities' here and there, which would then cause massive problems for whoever they attached to. I give an account of my experiences with him in Am I a Healer?. I was very fortunate that the relevant part of my non-physical aspects remained at that time resolutely too grounded for any of those 'combo-entities' to take a hold on me (at least, anything other than very transiently).

"I'm really worried that I may have a combo entity..."

It's in the nature of things that, once a person has read about this phenomenon, the garbage may seek to convince the person that (s)he has one of these. It's important to let go of all 'story' about what's going on for you, regardless of what you actually have or haven't got, and to use the simple methods that I give for clearing garbage interferences. I refer such people initially to For People in Crisis, which gives a helpful basic strategy and also points to the further pages that they need to work through in order to pick up the necessary insights and methods. Even if you have a combo entity or indeed a supposed partial walk-in, if you let go of all 'story' about your situation and awarely and diligently use the methods that I give, in an ongoing fashion, it should not be long before you're without whatever 'nasty' you thought you had!

What do entities look like?

Actually NO non-physical entity or presence has a physical appearance, so when a person sees some sort of physical appearance for anything non-physical, this is nothing more than a completely made-up or fabricated visual representation, which, generally speaking, is given to the person / people by the garbage in order to mislead, confuse or disturb the person in some way.

I'm well aware that some people have apparently photographed various types of entity. In David Ashworth's book Dancing with the Devil, for example (NOT recommended, despite the author's really good intentions, because he himself is being very strongly garbage-led and can only cause still more harmful confusions), there are photos of two apparitions that he naturally assumes are entities. One is an unprepossessing thing with quite a stereotypical 'demon' appearance, which was photographed in the roof of a cave*, and the other is a menacing-looking rather amoeboid-shaped translucent dark thing without any obvious features, above a door in a house, allegedly waiting to "attack" somebody's crown chakra as they pass through the doorway.

* A careful look at the picture suggested that its legs had biologically / physically impossible construction for a viable being - i.e., they simply couldn't have actually functioned in a proper manner. That in itself points to whatever is portrayed in the picture being only a figurative representation and not a photo of something that objectively had that appearance.

My own inner inquiry, supported by energy testing, points to such physically visible and even photographable manifestations NOT being true (i.e., conscious) beings at all, but being elementals. Elementals, being non-physical, are generally not visible at all - though again, the garbage often presents people with visual representations of them, and this is the pretty well universal cause of people 'seeing' a ghost. As I've already indicated further above, what people normally regard as ghosts are NOT discarnate consciousnesses but elementals.

In the case of an elemental being visible to more or less non-'sensitive' people and being photographable, my understanding is that this can come about only in the presence of a person whose whole being is particularly poorly grounded. In such a case the garbage can use that person's non-physical aspects ('energy system') to create a range of physical effects, such as moving of objects, causing electrical equipment to behave abnormally or fail, and the materialization (and indeed dematerialization) of apparently physical objects or apparitions, including making particular elementals seem to be actual physical manifestations and thus be photographable.

Strictly speaking, an elemental itself could NEVER be visible, but what does get seen and maybe even photographed is a particular image that would be created through an interaction between the elemental's programming and the non-physical aspects of one or more sufficiently ungrounded people who are in the immediate vicinity, under hijack-control from the garbage.

The 'departed relatives' phenomenon

What people take to be 'departed' relatives or other figures such as famous people are really just a special case of 'guides', which are garbage-sourced simulations (using data from the person's memory in order to construct a likeness). Nobody would genuinely see consciousnesses of recently deceased people, that were still 'hanging around', and my current understanding is that they couldn't communicate with us if indeed they were 'hanging around'*, so when you get an impression of your late Aunt Ada coming to you and giving you a bit of advice about how you should live your life, or telling you about what it's like on the supposed 'other side' (including do doubt an account of the nasty things in her woodshed there), it's basically just another of the illusions that are created by people's minds under a certain degree of hijack control from the garbage, with a clear 'intent' to mislead.

* Actually notions of 'departing' or 'hanging around' of the consciousnesses of people who've died are meaningless and harmfully misleading. When they die, people do NOT 'pass on' or 'depart' or indeed 'hang around', because their consciousnesses, being non-physical, have no physical location in the first place! Therefore they wouldn't 'come to' you, nor remain around you. To my best understanding, when we die we thus don't go anywhere, but our life experience simply stops - except in the case of having been trapped in garbage-sourced astral realms that give us the illusion of going somewhere.

If the supposed departed relatives (or indeed dead famous people or any other individuals) seem compellingly lifelike, that implies straightaway an astral realm experience, and does NOT signify that they're genuine. Again, it's the garbage that's giving those experiences, and the latter always signify seriously weak grounding of the affected person, who needs to take ongoing measures to strengthen their grounding.

Thus people who have what appear to be one or more departed relatives or other figures around or communicating with them would actually do best to have nothing whatsoever to do with those illusions, and to get on with their own self-actualization process, opening to their own deepest aspects as their uniquely aware, 'savvy' and appropriate source of the 'hidden' information they actually need to improve their lives.

'Self-made demons' too! --?

Some healers or therapists with their own unawarely garbage-distorted outlooks and agendas put a lot of store in the notion of some people having just 'self made demons' or 'self-created entity' problems and no 'real' entities at all* - as though their troubles were somehow their own fault, resulting from some personal flaw or perversity. This sort of thing is a serious misreading of the particular people's situations.

* Such therapists can, and I'd expect quite widely do, use a claim of one having 'self made demons' as a means of letting themselves off the hook when they've made out to remove 'entity' manifestations from a person and then the person reports still having their particular 'entity' problem. We thus get the situation of "I've already removed all the demons that were attached to you, so, what you're experiencing now are just 'self-made demons', and so aren't my concern" - and the practitioner chalks up his actually bogus and 100% unsuccessful work on that person as another of his successes.

That may sound far-fetched, but that's nonetheless exactly what happened for me when the 'lightworker' DZ made out to have removed all my 'entities', back in early 2007.

Indeed, as is explained much further below, the garbage itself isn't true entities in the first place, so it's quite possible for anyone to claim, correctly in a way, that any interference that a person has from the garbage isn't from real entities, and thus to misleadingly conclude that the apparent 'entities' must be self created by the affected person as a symptom of some perversity or flaw in that person.

In short, then, it's best to completely let go of such prejudicial terms as 'self-made' or 'self created' when referring to what appear to be entity manifestations or entity problems that people are having, and to allow oneself to gain a deeper understanding of what's really going on.

'Phantom' entity phenomena of which I'm aware fall into the following main categories:

The thorny question of personal responsibility

An amazing number of people seek to discount any notion that interference and programming from the garbage might be the primary cause of most serious human malfunction, on the grounds that, allegedly, that would imply that people aren't responsible for their negative and harmful actions, and therefore supposedly couldn't be called to account for their actions and could continue doing whatever they like with impunity.

In other words, "I don't want to face the implications of that, so I'll dismiss it as outrageous rubbish"!

That shows a hopelessly confused outlook, which itself has all the hallmarks of garbage control or programming. In such situations people aren't being honest with themselves, because when they talk of 'responsibility', what they're really meaning is 'blamability' or 'condemnability', which is nothing to do with true personal responsibility, which latter is a positive thing. They're fixated on the notion that if a person does something 'bad', the most important thing is that that person must be blamed and condemned and seen as 'bad', and the particular person has to suffer some sort of retribution or revenge for what (s)he has done. 'Justice' is widely being taken to mean 'revenge' (or 'punishment', which is nothing more than legitimized revenge) rather than anything positive or constructive. Because people are so attached to that judgmental, condemnatory, vengeful attitude toward individuals who do seriously troublesome things, they reject any scenario, such as given on this page, that at least implicitly challenges their own highly problematical, garbage-sourced beliefs.

Let me spell it out here in order to be completely clear. When a person goes deliberately doing seriously troublesome things, that person isn't fully in control of him/herself, and thus is NOT (at least fully) responsible for his/her harmful actions.

The irrational argument that's then put to me is that that's a preposterous claim, because it would imply that wrongdoers should "get off scot-free". Again, the lust for revenge upon a person is given high priority over ever contemplating the reality of a situation and seeking to understand what's really going on and how it would best be addressed.

Take for instance a man who habitually molests children - something that (quite irrationally) raises people's hackles like virtually nothing else. Is repeatedly telling that man that he's bad or evil going to change anything for the better? Seriously, would such condemnations cause a cessation of that man's fixations? Of course not! Can you tell me of even one case where a child molester, upon being told that he was bad or evil and the lowest of the low, or in some other way being given a hard time as retribution / revenge for his actions, stopped his troublesome behaviour of his own volition?

The question that I'd throw back to the stupid people who just want to punish and not understand the reality of a situation is, "What are you really seeking? Revenge upon the wrongdoer? Or resolution of the issue that makes the person behave troublesomely, so that the person can then behave healthily and positively?" Those two alternatives are totally incompatible.

If a person is effectively a puppet, are you going to get more positive results from condemning that puppet for its harmful actions, or from assisting the person in getting clear of his controller(s) and thus stopping being a puppet?

One thing I'm NOT claiming is that (e.g.) the child molester should be left to carry on with his troublesome behaviour. For his own good as much as anyone else's, he'd need to be stopped in his troublesome behaviour, even if it means restrictions on his freedom and even (hopefully temporary) incarceration. But that incarceration serves little useful purpose if it's being used to punish the man rather than as part of a programme to assist him in clearing the issue that has been causing him to molest children. The whole concept of punishment is about judgment and power / control agendas, and is sourced from and aligns us with the garbage.

Similarly, almost everyone loves to have a murderer condemned and severely punished, without regard to why that person committed the murder in the first place. Yes, in the UK at least a person can be acquitted of actual murder on the basis of not having been responsible for his actions, but actually even an apparently cold-blooded and calculated murder would still be the result of garbage interference in some form, whether by direct control or through programming of the person. Presumably apart from very rare instances of individuals with particular physical brain abnormalities, people without garbage interference or programming simply wouldn't behave in seriously negative and harmful ways.

If you choose to ignore the above fact for the purpose of concentrating on the punishment (revenge) angle, what you're doing is refusing to sanction or support measures actually to enable murderers to cease to be motivated or driven to kill further people.

Am I saying, therefore, that we don't have personal responsibility? -- No, not at all. I'm simply making a clear distinction between true personal responsibility (which is totally positive, and which vanishingly few people are yet anything like fully attuned to) and the purely negative and almost universal lust for blame and retribution, which gets confused with the notion of personal responsibility. Ironically, it is the latter, negative, blaming outlook that is one of the main obstacles to people getting fully in touch with their own intrinsic sense of personal responsibility.

The true nature and origin of the garbage ('dark force')

What the 'forces of darkness' really is, and how it was created

Originally this section fitted in relatively well in this position in this long report, as part of a process of unfolding a sort of narrative of discovery, but nowadays this whole tract has something of a structural dilemma, because, for clarity's sake, it's been necessary for me to 'spill the beans' repeatedly right from the beginning, so that a good bit of what comes below is already in various respects pre-empted in many places further above. However, it's still important here to present a more detailed consideration of the true nature of the garbage, together also with a surely laughably impossible task - an attempt at a clear-minded, religion-free, rational-as-one-can-get, speculation as to how the garbage ever came into existence!

Having some idea about the latter isn't just a matter of idle curiosity, but something that would very likely add to our understanding of the garbage in ways that would assist us in weakening it and making ourselves less vulnerable to it - so, if it's gone about in the right way it would be a particularly important exercise.

Nobody really knows, nor could they ever know, why the garbage has its ruthless agenda of power and control. Parts of the scenario can apparently be explained, at least with plausible hypotheses that fit the observations, but we don't know, and can't know, the ultimate origin or cause of the agenda of the garbage to gain power over people, nor indeed how or why it ever came to exist in the first place. However, that doesn't mean that there aren't some very useful pointers for those who have "eyes to see and ears to hear", and with minds sufficiently clear to think properly about what they observe...

The CIA - a big red herring!

Before I go any further, let me here knock on the head (fatally, I hope!) a moderately commonly held notion, that the troublesome manifestations that people are regarding as interference and attacks from supposed entities (astral or otherwise) are usually or even always not from non-physical entities at all but are psychic attacks from various human individuals, especially ones who are or have been employed or at least trained in certain Government agencies (particularly in the USA) - or, according to some other people, they're psychic attacks from actual extra-terrestrial beings (ETs).

Let me say, loud and clear, that that sort of notion holds no water at all, regardless of whether or not there are ETs or people in government agencies putting psychic attacks on people. The point is this. Actual observations consistently show that the garbage is monitoring every thought of its 'victims' and interfering with them every second of every day of every year until and unless its interferences are cleared out. How could an individual human or indeed any ET, however malevolent in intent, possibly be doing such a thing? What about their own time requirements for eating, sleeping, pissing and shitting and other basic life requirements? That just doesn't make sense! Being actually a cussedly practical sort of chappie, I keep to hypotheses that at least make sense (perhaps just a touch of that Occam's Razor guideline - see much further below!)!

Also, if it were just humans carrying out all that interference, how come that there's a level of interference worldwide that would require a group of interfering people for every person on the planet? I didn't know that (e.g.) the CIA was that huge (i.e., at least several times the size of the Earthly human population)!

Also, what's the source of such postulated interfering people's motivation to interfere with and seek to control / attack other people like that, in such an unremitting way, if there's no garbage or 'dark force' of some sort interfering with those troublesome people to get them to behave in that bizarre and negative manner in the first place?

Basically, as I say, that whole scenario doesn't make sense, and is clearly a paranoid sort of story that has come to some clearly very weakly grounded and thus gullible people, and no doubt originating from the garbage, to divert them from coming to recognise what's really going on, and also to get them creating yet further troublesome illusory realities for their own ensnarement (and cultivating them in other people).

However, having said that much, I can now add that there does appear to be a real basis for such stories, but of course it's something a bit different. As already noted, it would appear that the stories have come to people's minds (directly or indirectly) from the garbage, which, generally speaking, appears not to create any scenarios, but only to distort existing or past ones. Further below I explain about a postulated sinister reality that I've unearthed, and it does involve humans, and indeed quite a lot of them, but in a significantly different way from what's claimed in those 'CIA' stories.

...And now for what DOES make sense - echoes of The Sorcerer's Apprentice!

I'm starting off here by considering what you could call the executive aspect of the garbage. Until late October 2008 it didn't occur to me that there could actually be more to the garbage than that, so what I'm doing here is presenting the understanding that I'd gained up to that time - which in itself is actually extremely useful, even though incomplete by the look of things now, and then moving on to describe the more recently discovered* primary aspect of the garbage, so that we can then understand the executive aspect in its real life context.

* I want to be clear about my meaning here, because I'm not categorically claiming that what I 'discovered' is fact. As you will see, what I discovered was more a matter of noticing the likely significance of a particular set of observations, and the pattern that became evident in them, and my making a particular postulation upon that basis. This isn't a field in which anyone can categorically know something as 'fact' or 'concrete truth'.

There are various beliefs as to the origin of the whole range of types of supposed astral entity and their power agenda, but beliefs are not just a poor guide but a complete obstacle to ever coming to know the true situation. Indeed, generally speaking, the beliefs themselves would have originated from the garbage, which placed them in particular people's minds, so we can be pretty sure that they were given to us to mislead us.

To me the most convincing general hypothesis starts on the basis that our whole life experience, which includes everything we experience, whether supposedly external and 'physical' or supposedly internal and 'of the mind', is a result of a particular experimental or exploratory differentiation of an aspect of fundamental consciousness, in which distortion and confusion differentiated from what you might call 'purity' and non-distortion. This, then, gave us the dualistic experience of the Universe as we know it, and all the complex interactions of what appears to us to be positive and negative.

However, that need not necessarily have been anything like the troubled existence, so full of pain, suffering and destruction, that the human race experiences here on Earth now. I'm not sure that even what I could figuratively call Mother Nature need have been so mindlessly ruthless in the competitiveness of its living components (especially the animals) as we actually observe.

My experience-based speculation is that the big problems arose as humans and humanoid beings (probably in other universes long before this one came into existence), without understanding the likely consequences of their actions, got using the astral non-reality (where we project all our illusions) by their ordinary or 'ego'- minds for performing 'magic' to increase their experience of personal power, and very likely some degree of probably covert telepathic communication in order to get their own way in certain situations. They became inexorably more and more attached to that sort of existence (operating as some sort of magician, though they may not have been regarded as magicians as we know them, or simply as people - 'power freaks' - who felt that they had special status through using 'mind power'), which would have included much astral projection and astral travel, not realizing that they were creating for themselves astral realms in which a vital part of their awareness was becoming trapped because of their attachment to their activities and the astral realms or illusions they were creating.

I speculate that such people were not into anything that would appear to most of us as 'dark' or overtly negative, so we aren't at all talking of what most people of today would regard as black magic or real nastiness here - i.e., at that stage - but simply a matter of cultivating a sense of personal power of the problematical, 'ego' type, without an understanding at that stage of what problems that could lead on to. The problem would have been that, once people had created illusory realities (i.e., in the astral non-reality) and trapped part of their awareness there together with their attachment to 'magical' practices (all somewhat distorted 'energies' in the first place as otherwise they wouldn't have gone into the astral non-reality like that), the distortions proliferated and increased in their divergence from the natural state of consciousness. Because the distortions included an illusion of ego-self (including separation from 'source') and seeking of a sense of ego-power, there was an increasing trend for these tendencies to become like self-replicating computer viruses, which actually became more virulent through the successive replications as the control-seeking became more and more dominant and aggressive.

Actually, if you think about it, it's probably inevitable that any sort of mind remnant thought form complexes that are persisting in the astral non-reality would be intransigently control based and fixated. The point is that positive and non-controlling aspects of people's minds that have been projected there wouldn't seek to interfere with anyone or control them, and thus, left to their own devices, would steadily dissolve. So, through a simple process of natural selection all the time, the ONLY mind remnants that persist in the astral non-reality would be those that maintain themselves by interfering with people in such ways as to cause those people to reinforce and indeed re-create them, thus giving them an apparent ongoing existence (as enduring entities). Thus, by the interfering thought form complexes giving people the illusion of the supposed entities' being 'real', those people inevitably themselves project their own images of such illusions into the astral non-reality and thus perpetuate the illusion and thus perpetuate those particular thought form complexes - albeit with their exact nature being thus in a state of flux and freely evolving according to how people actually go reinforcing them.

Similarly, through a process of natural selection, those mind remnants, posing as enduring entities, have built up over time their massive arsenal of means to ensnare more human minds in the astral non-reality - not because of any actual desire to hold captives there (thought form programming without an aware consciousness couldn't have desires) but simply because they're using the most effective means at their disposal to continue to perpetuate themselves through the illusions that they get people taking on board and the illusory realities that they get people projecting their awareness into.

Because the astral non-reality is open to all deeply aware consciousnesses, what some people had put in there and not 'cleaned up after use' thus proliferated and strengthened enough to start trying to control and take over all other people who were sufficiently open to the astral non-reality, and thus to cause them to add to the accumulation of problems in the astral non-reality by creating their own illusory realities and astral realms.

I'm not going to speculate to any greater level of detail, for that would most likely get leading us astray. All that could be of use here would be to get an idea of the overall sort of process that very likely gave rise to the problems in the astral non-reality.

The situation is quaintly reminiscent of the little story that's illustrated in Paul Dukas' well known and quite beautiful orchestral work, L'Apprenti Sorcier (The Sorcerer's Apprentice) - except that there the sorcerer returns and promptly uses magic to stop the rapidly escalating mayhem (caused by his apprentice) in its tracks, whereas in the astral non-reality there has been no returning magician to put a stop to what's going on there and clean it all up.

I don't know whether the original human consciousnesses, part of whose awareness got trapped in illusory realities, remained (and even still remain) in some sort of hidden or dormant state as the programming of their illusions took over, or whether at some point those human consciousnesses did succeed in reverting to fundamental consciousness, but in any event what remained and has steadily been accumulating in the astral non-reality (which could otherwise have been a useful aspect of our life experience) has been extremely complex and powerful masses of programming, which looks like being nothing more than thought form complexes, embodying the original magicians' or mind-power-freaks' power agendas, but having progressively accumulated further distortions and amplifications through the already mentioned natural selection process.

On the face of it these thought form complexes appear to behave as though they're actual beings, but lack the awareness and 'heart' of what you might call 'true' (i.e., human-like) beings. They could well represent all the cold and calculating programming of the power agendas of the humans who trapped themselves (initially) or were inveigled into astral realms to likewise eventually become just empty husks which may be nothing more than programming that in turn seeks to inveigle further humans into its clutches. With no true controlling or guiding awareness or consciousness there comes total unscrupulousness - which is just what we observe about astral and 'dark' 'entities', and what has hitherto been a subject of great bewilderment to many people.

Because the underlying nature of these actually illusory 'entities' is just programming, there's no sense of achievement and satisfaction anywhere along the line in what they or their underlying programming do - just an unremitting unscrupulousness towards the one objective, of, by whatever means, entrapping every human and to seek to destroy whatever stands in the way of that process of gaining control and entrapping humans and indeed human-like beings wherever they are in 'all Existence'. Hence, for example, the massive and grotesque attempts by the garbage (programming) to wreck me from 2003 and even up to the present - though at least now in most respects I'm relatively immune to its attempts upon me, so, that's one of its personal wrecking campaigns that it's truly lost.

So, if my speculation here is correct (and at least it very nicely fits my abundant observations of the garbage in operation), the garbage and all its entity-like manifestations don't at all warrant the term 'beings', because, apparently, they have no core consciousness nor conscious awareness in the way that we have, and are nothing better than a gigantically monstrous mass of 'computer malware' programming in thought energy that has become self perpetuating through controlling humans into perpetuating it. This rogue programming can mimic human emotions - particularly anger, and even including what people almost universally misinterpret as love - but it's all acting, done with 100% cold and calculating purpose to intimidate or manipulate people and is nothing to do with true emotions of an aware being. Indeed, any emotions that are displayed would be only replays (generally more or less distorted) of particular emotions that the affected person or any of his attached lost souls are carrying.

As I've already remarked, by the very nature of the astral non-reality, it can't contain 'real' beings at all, so when I loosely talk of people or souls getting 'trapped' in there, what I really mean is simply a particular part of their awareness getting apparently stuck in there as a result of their attachment to their illusions. When you look at it like that, it looks more possible that humans beyond the bottom end of their degradational series of garbage directed soul reincarnations at some point simply dissolve back into fundamental consciousness as they need to - the problem then being the thought form complexes left by their by then extremely garbage programmed minds - which thought forms presumably would be left in the astral non-reality, so adding to the tremendous mass of rogue programming already in there.

In fact very likely the nature of the garbage as 'empty' thought form complexes is an extremely strong parallel to viruses (which on their own are non-living but hijack the 'machinery' of living cells in order to replicate, and so are in many - but not quite all - ways operating like living organisms), in that they can't exist as any sort of meaningful or thriving presence except through their manifestation in human minds. Indeed, it appears clear to me that in order to manifest to a person as any sort of entity or entities, the garbage has to hijack a part of that person's awareness and read from that person's own databases (memories, including also much data not available to the ordinary, conscious mind) in order to create impressions of particular entities or indeed supposed higher beings. So, just like viruses, the garbage gets the person to unawarely do its dirty work, and it controls the person into creating his own tormentors / nemesis.

However, it's important to understand that this does NOT mean that the garbage and its illusory manifestations are nothing more than a creation of the minds of the particular people who are having trouble from them. I don't want to find that people are misinterpreting what I've written and are using it in support of notions that people with severe 'entity' problems are 'ill' or have otherwise brought their troubles on themselves (and thus are supposedly flawed or 'bad' in some way). As I've already emphasized, ALL people have some degree of openness to the astral non-reality, and ALL people have at least some degree of garbage interference (which comes solely through the astral non-reality), even though that's most usually covert or/and indirect (i.e., through programming of the less aware people).

For the majority of healing purposes it's still most effective to work as though the garbage, and the illusory entities that it controls a person into unwittingly creating, are not part of the people who they're affecting, but that doesn't mean that either of those are necessarily real conscious beings - and it looks to me increasingly as though to regard the various 'entity' manifestations just as illusory manifestations of rogue programming and not true beings at all is greatly helpful to just about any truly effective methods for minimizing or clearing out their interference altogether.

I'm not referring here, of course to lost souls that are attached to a person, for lost souls are real conscious 'entities'. However, from a healing perspective - at least when using my own healing and self-actualization methodology - it matters little how one regards them, for the clearance methods are just the same.

So, now let's momentarily consider a question that came to me sometimes from people when I talked about my 'astral entity' tribulations before I'd twigged that they were not genuine entities at all:

"Why on earth would there be beings who seek to do people harm like that?"

Now, in the light of my little speculation above, can you see what is so many people's stumbling block about understanding this?

Humans themselves of course are widely to varying degrees seeking to do such harm to others, even if in small and usually unaware ways. But, seeing that they're being interfered with by bits of rogue programming that, as a label of convenience, we call the garbage or 'the dark side' or 'astral entities' (you could call it astral malware), no wonder they themselves so often get into negative and harmful behaviour and some of those people even (on the surface) consciously mean to cause harm - an intent that the garbage itself is incapable of carrying!

Some people experience attached 'real' entities that are apparently extremely ill-willed and cause them massive problems that go beyond what the standard illusory entities created in one's mind by garbage hijack-control could do. As already remarked much further above, despite appearances these aren't genuine intact consciousnesses (i.e.,'lost souls') at all, but are at least primarily elementals, which, under garbage control, can behave as though they're particularly nasty, ill-willed and destructive conscious beings. The very worst of these are actually what I describe as combo entities, for they consist of an elemental combined with a human soul fragment. Thus in such cases there is a partial awareness involved, but it's too incomplete to exert any sort of balancing or even positive influence in that most unfortunate combination, and its 'awareness energy' is harnessed by the programming to give it a truly exceptional malevolent 'edge'.

In a nutshell, then, I think it extremely likely that, aside from the effects of interference from that astral malware that I call the garbage, there's no such thing as a (true) being who means to do people harm per se.

As I understand it, the astral non-reality encompasses what various healing and psychological traditions have called the common unconscious or the collective human consciousness or similar terms. The various so-called archetypes contained therein are simply particular 'master categories' of human illusion that have gained especial strength there as the garbage used them over and over for the purpose of manipulating and controlling people, incidentally causing those people themselves to create their own illusory realities incorporating those archetypes and so still further strengthening the 'master copies'.

My own considerable experience with hell visuals points very much to the work of something more akin to complexes of 'empty' programming rather than real conscious beings working all that. As I understand it, a true consciousness would always be bringing at least some core of order and positive force into any chaos, but the garbage brings these mindless assaults upon the senses - maelstroms of distorted images that are immediately suggestive of an immense computer in which the main software has crashed in some way, to allow all its modules to run in their own uncontrolled, purposeless ways. I can't imagine a true, conscious being without garbage interference creating anything like true hell visuals - yet masses of rogue programming (thought forms) could do it 'as easy as pie'. That of course doesn't prove anything one way or another, but is just one of the many pointers towards some degree of validity of my speculations about the nature and origin of what we so often have been calling astral entities, demons or indeed Satan.

Another, much more immediate pointer is the quite dramatic effect for me of having directed my own outlook to regard astral 'entities' as just illusory manifestations of rogue programming and not conscious beings or indeed discrete entities at all. That quite abruptly greatly reduced the garbage's ability to intrude in my mindspace and engage my attention - particularly as at that point I also took the measure of using the Grounding Point procedure to dissolve all thought forms / illusory realities I was still carrying that had been causing me to regard the astral 'entities' as real beings.

Having thus observed the direct effects upon me of taking on board the above speculations as my current working model of the nature of my interfering 'entities', I feel now much more secure about those speculations, even though still acknowledging that neither I nor anyone in the whole of 'Existence' can know what's true in any objective sense.

However, that's by no means the end of the story...

The cacoprotean network - taking over human minds and wrecking or murdering those who might stand in the way...

Attention! Important note! Attention!

Retrospective detective work of mine in 2008, doing detailed examination of my own personal experiences with garbage interferences and the strange behaviours of certain individuals who came to me as healers / 'lightworkers' but were clearly (in retrospect) themselves very much interfered with and being manipulated by the garbage, gave me a great variety of pointers to a particular quite sinister-looking scenario, which I summarize here. In order not to labour every sentence with provisos and caveats, I write it as though it's an actual situation that I've discovered, but it is important to understand that the following is really all just a postulation - a working model. With regard to such matters relating to non-physical aspects of reality, there's no way that anyone could verify categorically that such things are true (or untrue).

My reason for publicly presenting this speculative working model is that:

  • For me it's explained all manner of things going on for people and in the world at large much better than any other explanation or any of the plethora of beliefs on the subject;
  • It explains a large number of observations of mine in my everyday life during the period of my major garbage shenanigans, which don't even begin to be meaningfully explained without this particular working model;
  • It has been extremely helpful for me as a basis to enable me to progressively get myself really clear of the serious garbage interferences and attacks that I was getting, and to get a much more effective and comprehensive self-actualization process occurring, both for myself and for others who've taken up this particular outlook and the healing and self-actualization methodology that have grown from that.

I've already mentioned the 'Galactic Brotherhood of Light' as being a bogus, illusory manifestation of the garbage, which is created in certain individuals' minds.

It now appears to me that the Galactic Brotherhood of Light is just one of a multitude of 'front' organisations and groups that are all part of one global or indeed supra-global* network, and it's something that we need even less than we need a great big hole in the head. These 'organisations' are controlled and apparently run by supposed higher beings (i.e., non-physical ones) or extra-terrestrials, but the given identities of such beings are all bogus - just the same as with supposed ascended masters, angels, 'Jesus' and so forth. They're all just images created in people's minds by the garbage.

* By this I mean that the network, because it operates through the astral non-reality, isn't limited to this planet, and indeed very likely has members in virtually every human-type population anywhere else in the Universe, or indeed in any other universes. Although nothing could ever be proved about that, at least this hypothesis does fit well with the propensity of 'higher' members of the various 'front' organisations to present themselves as supposed extra-terrestrials. However, as I say, what present themselves to people are NOT actual beings at all, for any extra-terrestrials are presumably still on their own planets.

What that global or supra-global network is, is what looks at first glance to be a botnet (aka bot net or bot-net), not of computers but of the minds of real people, which appeared to me initially to be controlled by the astral thought form complex(es) that I'd been assuming represent the sum total of 'the dark side'. Its members are, but not exclusively so, 'lightworkers' (very likely a high proportion of them) and a very high proportion of those who are psychics or prominent healers. Some who are 'lightworkers' in particular are each additionally consciously and actively doing work for the particular 'front' organisation that they've joined, each in almost all cases being completely unaware that (s)he is working for anything other than the 'highest' possible cause.

The actual nature of the network, however, isn't exactly that of a true botnet, for a true botnet is fully controlled by a discrete awarely conscious being (e.g., a computer hacker), whereas the astral-based thought forms are in a sort of symbiotic relationship with the network of human minds, much as a lichen is primarily a fungus but is able to grow more like a plant because of its included symbiotic alga or cyanobacteria ('blue-green alga') cells. So, actually it's not really possible to say that one is fully the controller and the other is fully the controlled. Thus almost certainly the network of human minds and the astral thought forms interacting with it need to be seen as a symbiotic and mutually controlling and mutually dependent association that has created a single 'energy organism' (or 'malignancy', however you'd regard it!). This whole symbiotic association, however, is an extremely harmful parasite upon its physical members and indeed also upon all non-member human-type beings throughout all of 'Existence'.

We appear not to have a fully appropriate and easy to use term to use for this unique 'malignancy of thought energy', and so I propose a new one - the cacoprotean network (in other words, the bad Protean network), which, as it's such a mouthful, could perhaps be abbreviated to 'the cacoprot'. Note that the term can be only in the singular, for there can be no more than one of them at any time, and it would always be uncapitalized (capitalization would implicitly signify that it had some sort of authenticity - as a conscious being or an institution - that it actually doesn't have, and thus give it power). Derived alternative expressions that I can imagine people using, though I'd probably not use them myself, include the cacoproteus and the primal cack.

In coining the term 'cacoprotean network' and its abbreviation 'cacoprot', I wanted to avoid using any term that would be liable to cause problematical confusions - which is why I'm not using any term that has previously been associated with 'the dark side'.

The point and purpose of the cacoprotean network

I've already mentioned how the garbage appears to be really just virus-like thought form complexes that interact with people in order to control those people into behaving in ways that reinforce and replicate those thought forms, so ensuring their continued survival. However, it turns out that that was only a partial view of the real situation.

As far as I can ascertain, the integration of the cacoprotean network with the astral thought form complexes is an advanced and much more powerful way of achieving this interference with people to cause them to maintain and reinforce those astral thought forms. Instead of astral thought forms just relying on interactions with each human mind on an individual basis, those thought forms, which are 'empty' in themselves, are both harnessing and controlled by the combined mind power of a huge number of people (though NOT their full awareness / intelligence), so that the thought forms can collectively operate as though they have a limited sort of human-like intelligence and indeed a very limited sort of awareness. By the network presenting itself to people in the pose of the various 'front' organisations, it recruits new active members who are aware of their supposed membership (i.e., of their respective 'front' organisations), as well as passive, 'robot' members who aren't aware at all that they belong to any such organisation or network. The active members carry out various 'lightwork' or 'Earth energy' tasks under the direction of their particular 'organisation', most likely none of these people having an inkling that their particular organisation is just one of the many 'fronts' of the cacoprotean network, and that they're effectively working for, and indeed in a functional sense, are actually part of, the garbage.

Those tasks carried out by active members are all really aimed at increasing the hold of the cacoprotean network over the human race, though almost always the people carrying out these tasks are given to believe that what they're doing is for the furtherance of something that's allegedly extremely positive, such as facilitation of a mass human 'ascension' or attainment of 'full consciousness'. However, at least certain of those workers sometimes may get directions to destroy (i.e., wreck or outright murder) a particular person by means of particular psychic attack strategies.

'Front' organisations of the cacoprotean network

These are numerous and are far too many for me to list here. Almost any religious, mystical or particularly esoteric organisation could be a 'front'. ALL organisations or 'councils' that include purported non-physical or extra-terrestrial beings would fairly definitely be 'fronts' of the network. Any sort of 'Divine Support Team' that works with or guides a person would most likely be another 'front', though it would be bogus anyway. DZ, one of the highly problematical 'lightworkers' who had dealings with me, is a case in point here, and there were plenty of signs that his 'Divine Support Team' was something very different from the 100% pure and beneficial advising and assisting presence that he believed they were. Indeed there were distinct pointers to his having been controlled into attempting in two particular ways to make me myself a member of the cacoprotean network - or at least to get me loaded with some sort of controlling spirit attachment or partial walk-in that would be a prerequisite for my becoming a member of the network.

One apparent 'front' organisation that I particularly want to draw attention to is the Church of Scientology. Many of its members could well be unwitting captive members of the cacoprotean network and thus effectively part of the garbage, and indeed my own energy testing has provisionally identified certain leading 'lights' in that hotbed of iniquity as being members of the network. There are also many other remarkably similar organisations, such as Erhard Seminar Training (EST), Forum, Landmark Training, and so on, which all claim to be providing participants with a fast-track self-realization or 'spiritual opening up' of some sort or other, but always at a significant financial price, and requiring submission to some sort of control regime and indoctrination, together with methods that get their awareness more ungrounded so that they become more gullible and of course open to the garbage.

Other likely 'front' organisations of which I'm aware include the already mentioned Galactic Brotherhood of Light, the Brotherhood of Light, the Crimson Circle of Masters, the Star Brotherhood, and the Council of Nine. Purported global energy networks are all part of it, and include the Network of Light and the River of Light Consciousness Stream. Also involved is ANY group or organisation in which the late Indian 'spiritual teacher' (apparently actually black magic practitioner) Sai Baba has had any leadership or administrative or executive function. I single him out by naming him only because he gave himself such a high profile and various of his 'dark' behaviours are already quite widely publicized.

Vortex Healing is one of the supposedly high-grade healing systems that appears to be effectively working as a 'front' organisation for the network. The 'training' of students includes putting energy implants in their 'energy system', supposedly to enable them to channel various frequencies of 'divine' energies. Those implants wouldn't be having the claimed effects anyway, because the channelling of supposedly 'higher' energies is all garbage stuff and doesn't relate to genuine healing and self-actualization, which comes from within the person, not outside - and my own 'reading' using inner inquiry points to those 'implants' being means by which the VH students are themselves being opened up to being hooked into the cacoprotean network.

Although I have no specific relevant information on the Freemasons, it's a safe assumption that they're also one of the 'front' organisations. As I say, I can't possibly go listing all these here, so it's safest to assume that ALL secret / esoteric organisations are at least to some degree 'front' organisations of the cacoprotean network - that is, of course, assuming that the latter really does exist.

If you came under the influence of a certain 'lightworker' / guru calling himself Shabdan and supposedly connected yourself to the River of Light Consciousness Stream or SoNa energy or any other large-scale scheme for 'spiritual opening up' or 'preparation for ascension' that he's been promoting, what you may well have done then was to open yourself to the garbage in a way (particularly through ungrounding of your awareness) that potentially allowed the cacoprotean network itself to make you yet another of its unwitting 'robot' members, as 'Shabdan' himself appears to me to be (this hypothesis clearly supported by my energy testing). His channelled 'healing' system that he calls Ascension Reiki and passes on to other people (at a price, of course!) is another means by which vulnerable people are being opened up and prepared for getting incorporated into the cacoprotean network. Interestingly, I heard or read read various reports from people who had paid up for the instruction manual for that and started using Ascension Reiki, and the norm was for them to have very soon given it up because of major problems that it was causing them.

Any groups or indeed individuals who give or have been giving "DNA activations" are very likely 'fronts' of the cacoprotean network. Anyone who's received such an 'activation' could well have become a network member as a result, or at least would have become much more likely to have that happen to them in the future.

It also looks as though a potent means of recruiting members may be through total immersion baptisms and other similar religious initiation rituals. So, various evangelic Christian or at least bible wielding cults and organisations could actually be front organisations of the cacoprotean network. However, no matter whether or not that's true, their 'miracle' healings are not at all the proof of God's existence and love / mercy that the cult members believe, but are effects produced by the garbage and indeed very likely the cacoprotean network itself (if indeed it exists), using the non-physical aspects of the supposed healer, for the purpose of impressing people and thus gaining more members. Those healings are all physical or, sometimes, are the stage managed sudden cessation of a particular garbage interference / attack, and have nothing to do with self-actualization, which is the genuine, all inclusive healing and clearance of garbage interferences that would get one actually free.

A curiously different example is the self-styled 'Ice Man', Wim Hof, whose supposedly super-duper life-enhancement regime, imaginatively called the Wim Hof Method, involving regular cold showers and hyperventilation exercises (and, by the look of it, a liberal dash of 'hero worship'), also appears to be a front of the cacoprotean network. Indeed, when I visited that site in September 2018 and watched a couple of short videos there and experimentally did a quick stab at his hyperventilation practice, that combination immediately had rather disruptive untoward effects for me, with a whole lot of new vulnerability to garbage attack - apparently because I myself had immediately picked up a tenuous connection to the network - though my inner inquiry was indicating that this was an evolutionary 'fork' of the network, which in turn implies that there could be different 'species' of the network, just as with evolvable biological organisms.

Yes, if my interpretation of those effects on me was correct, I myself at that point had very tenuously become part of the garbage! No cause for significant concern for me, though, for I took immediate measures to dissolve that intrusion into my system and clear the distortions that it caused.

And, as a bonus, my urgent internal non-physical 'immune response' freed up some blocked self-healing processes and released some further very useful creativity, so the net result of that, after some initial disruption (especially several disrupted nights' sleep), was very positive indeed! That's not a recommendation to anyone (even myself) to engage in any way with the Wim Hof method or visit the relevant site - unless they want to try to become part of the cacoprotean network or an evolutionary fork thereof!

Unsurprisingly in this context, on a hitch-hike in 2013 I encountered a spiritualist minister operating somewhere in the Bristol area who showed all the signs of being a member of the network, and my energy testing unequivocally supported the hypothesis that he was indeed a member. They really do pop up all over the place, so this isn't just an exotic issue that affects the odd prominent people who you'd never encounter in your life. Particularly if you are or have been into any sort of spirituality / spiritual healing / psychic pursuits, almost certainly you'd have encountered or indeed dealt with one or more network members, without necessarily recognising that there was anything wrong about them - though generally they'd seem to have some sort of charisma about them, which a sufficiently deeply aware person would sense was 'not quite right' or 'too much of a (supposedly) good thing'.

Theoretically, anyone who is worried that they may be a cacoprotean network member could use the 'mental testing' mode of energy testing to establish this for themselves - though if they have that level of garbage interference they'd be unlikely to be able to get reliable energy testing results themselves and thus may need to ask somebody else who uses energy testing rigorously in exactly the way that I describe it on this site in order to find out what their true situation is. However, really that is, as I say, just a theoretical possibility, because generally network members would be sufficiently captive to the garbage that they'd have no motivation whatsoever to scrutinize themselves in that way, and would tend to be indignant that anyone is casting aspersions on, for example, the Church of Scientology or the Wim Hof Method.

Thus people who are wondering if they're members of that network are very unlikely to be so, even though it would be wise for ANYONE to be open to the possibility of their being a member (without getting paranoid about it), for that sort of open-mindedness would assist their self-actualization process and clearance of whatever garbage interferences they do have.

In 2011 my inner inquiry process added a pointer to a further detail in the scenario that I've been describing above. As I have no way of verifying this, at least at the moment, this needs to be seen as speculative, but the suggestion is that the partial walk-in is a major element of the mechanism of the cacoprotean network's control over its (unwitting) 'members'. In other words, if a person has no partial walk-in, (s)he couldn't have more than a very partially effective cacoprotean network connection at that time.

This is all too scary! Please, please, let there be a way out!

At face value, this looks to be about as sinister a scenario as anyone could trawl up. But please, before you go and jump over a cliff or roast yourself in an industrial microwave oven or feed yourself to your favourite Rottweiler , please stop and consider the following pregnant little thought: Where there's a will, there's usually a way - provided that there's clear thought to go with it.

It looks as though, so far, there has been the will but not the clear thought. For millennia people have been trying to battle in all sorts of ways against the 'dark forces', and, by the look of things, all of that has come to nought - and I can see clearly why they've all failed. It's like looking at a big cliff that you want to get to the top of, and keeping on trying to climb it 'full frontal' instead of actually examining it carefully to see where there might be an easy scrambling or even straightforward walking route up it.

All those well-intentioned people who've vainly fought against the 'dark forces' had allowed themselves to be deceived by the garbage as to its true nature, and thus duped by it into using measures that effectively reinforced it - particularly to judge its illusory manifestations as an evil force and evil beings, and try to fight against them. Who in human history (before I did it myself) has actually applied clarity of thought in order to examine extensive personal experience of the garbage to enable him/her to get a clear understanding of what the garbage really is?

Until you do that you can never have the sort of will that leads to the way...

So, what I want to make clear here is that my 'discovery' of the postulated cacoprotean network is NOT bad nor even frightening news. It's GOOD news! - Why? -- Because it's so disempowering to the whole setup when people get understanding what's really going on, and that there are apparently no real conscious beings involved - and also because such a network of human minds connected with astral thought forms poses tantalizing possibilities of, just maybe at some point, appropriate people finding a way to use the network itself to bring about its own dissolution - or, alternatively, in some way weakening the astral thought form complexes to the point that they no longer support the cacoprotean network (though intuitively it appears to me that the most effective approach would concentrate on the network, if one could but find a way to do so).

So maybe that sorcerer has returned to put a stop to it all...?

I mentioned the amusing parallel with the story in Dukas' L'Apprenti Sorcier, and the return of the sorcerer and his putting a stop to the escalating mayhem.

Clearing up the mayhem of the whole of garbage may look to be an impossibly huge and monumental task, but that's not necessarily so. For a start, what we so readily forget is the implications of our underlying true nature as fundamental consciousness and the true nature of the astral non-reality as something that is, unlike the physical 'reality', very much shaped by human 'minds'.

Also, the astral non-reality, unlike the physical 'reality', isn't spatially defined or limited, and thus has no size. So, although its manifestations to all human-type beings throughout all 'Existence' might seem to imply that it's huge beyond all imaginings and thus completely, overwhelmingly, impossible for individual humans to do anything about, when you understand its true nature you suddenly realize that size actually doesn't come into it at all - and also, what's being addressed on Earth is actually being addressed throughout all of 'Existence'. Powerful, hey!

If any of us start using methods or practices for dissolving thought forms, we can use those methods upon the astral non-reality itself and possibly start weakening its currently virulent contents. In a very small way I'd started doing that myself, and I'm unlikely to be the only one who was doing something like that. We could do with more people waking up to this underlying and overridingly important part of their life purpose and adding in their own work to dissolve the confusion in the astral non-reality.

To do this you do NOT in any way put your awareness into the astral non-reality, nor go confronting 'dark beings' or 'demons', so we're NOT talking here about astral projection or astral travel (extremely harmful and dangerous pursuits). Part of the process is in getting ourselves still more firmly and comprehensively grounded and completely free from beliefs of any kind (beliefs all further pollute the astral non-reality, and are relentlessly exploited by the garbage to maintain control over us and attack us according to its agenda), while the rest of it is in using thought-form-dissolving procedures to clear the broad components of what's in the astral non-reality. This can be done without getting involved with individual 'entities', or with 'story' about what's in there; indeed it's essential to work in this way, because involvement with any of the garbage-created illusions would straightaway be reinforcing, not dissolving, the mass of distortions, illusion and delusion that the astral non-reality currently contains, and would open one to all manner of further problems.

Additionally, my understanding is that anybody at all who undertakes a true self-actualization process involving clearing out their own 'entities' and garbage interferences is inherently having a weakening effect on the problems in the astral non-reality - indeed, much more so if they take on the everyday perception that non-physical beings of any apparent type that present themselves to us aren't true beings at all but just illusions caused by masses of rogue programming, and help to cultivate that perception in other people.

A further look at the origin of the 'dark side'
How the garbage possibly came into existence

Now that I've come to understand that almost certainly the postulated cacoprotean network, if it really does exist, actually is effectively the garbage, or at least its primary aspect, it becomes possible to speculate a little further as to the origin of the garbage. I've already suggested that the problem may have arisen through some of the early human-type beings (long before Earth and quite possibly even in some prior universe) using 'special powers', which operate through the astral non-reality, but that was really as far as anyone could speculate until one had become aware of the cacoprotean network and its almost certain true nature as being effectively the primary aspect of the 'dark side' itself.

Thus, having now taken on board the basic understanding about that network, I further speculate (this supported by my inner inquiry), that the uniquely grave catastrophe that was the formation of the garbage (i.e., the cacoprotean network) occurred in the following context.

The situation was actually a good part of the origin of the actually very problematical* Atlantis legend, which my inner inquiry points actually to having been based on events on more than one planet, long before Earth existed, and, as I say, quite likely even in one or more prior universes. The early human-type beings, with no extant 'dark side', were, compared with most Earth people, in a quite highly self-actualized state, but they were naturally so, as we would be if there were no 'dark side', so they'd have had little or no concept of 'self-actualization'. As part of their natural creativity and playful inquisitiveness they got into using the astral non-reality to create astral realms for the purpose of carrying out all sorts of experiments and going through all sorts of experiences that would be either physically impossible on their planet or that would have caused particular problems if they'd tried such things in the physical reality.

* The widely believed Atlantis legend, although having very many variants, broadly relates an alleged 'Golden Age' of humans on Earth, long before recorded human history, on a purported island-continent, for which, actually we have no geological evidence (at least, that I'm aware of). Without going into all the details here, the purported Atlanteans carried out more and more bizarre and horrific experiments on themselves and others (including all sorts of grotesque genetic experiments) - all supposedly actually here on the physical Earth - to a point that many were becoming severely traumatized by their awareness of what was going on, and a particular experiment that 'went wrong' looked like bringing to an end all meaningful life on Earth - upon which 'higher powers' who were supposedly managing the whole 'show' of humans on Earth (i.e., for that, read 'the garbage'!), purportedly caused a phenomenal 'natural' disaster to completely obliterate the Atlantis continent and sink it into the ocean bed.

To anyone with reasonably grounded awareness and understanding of geological processes, the purported nature of that disaster makes the whole event look extremely unlikely (to put it politely!), and I've never been aware of any even half-convincing evidence of the huge and very blatant anomaly in / on the ocean bed that would have had to have been left by such an almighty catastrophe. Also, the very nature of the 'experiments' that are claimed to have been occurring all point to astral realm experiences rather than true physical ones.

Many of those experiments became extremely bizarre, and to us 'from outside', a good proportion of those would have appeared outright horrific. This was not because the people were meaning harm to each other, but because they were simply uninhibited in their explorations and experimentation, and were in something of a state of anarchy, having no previous experience or intimations from 'fundamental memory' (the databank of fundamental consciousness) of the likely consequences of what they were doing, and that following certain lines of experimentation would be likely to lead to trouble.

It was in this context that a particular group of these 'humans' discovered that, through a particular use of the astral non-reality, they could create a network between each others' minds for the purpose of group telepathy. Most likely, once they'd created that network they found that they didn't know how to disconnect themselves from it. In any case, what looks likely to have happened is that others got to know of this network and tried doing the same thing, not realizing that you can't create a 'local area network' by that means - only a universal one! Indeed, anyone else who tried to do the same thing, even if they were in a different universe, would have become members of the same network. Ouch!

Then, as though that was not bad enough, some fools who had been carrying out crazy experiments in the astral non-reality, most likely with no true malice intended at all but just an immature over-exuberant playfulness without regard for consequences, chose to play a little experimental prank on the network as though they were a group of naughty schoolboys (perhaps indeed they were just that!). So, what they did was to create a whole set of thought forms (programming in 'thought energy') that would plug into that network and make it into the equivalent of a biological symbiosis, with the thought forms converting the combination of network and those thought forms into a self perpetuating 'organism'.* Their little prank-experiment worked a treat - and so brought about the most monumental disaster in all of 'Existence', in the formation of the garbage, which was not at all what deeper consciousness was 'intending'!

* It would hardly have been 'rocket science' to include in the programming of the involved thought forms a 'module' that ensured that the 'organism' interfered with people in the most efficient ways possible to ensure that (a) the network was always recruiting more members and (b) people generally were caused to behave in ways that reinforced the astral thought forms.

That, then, would have been all along the real, fundamental agenda of the garbage - nothing to do with evil, negativity or 'darkness', but everything to do with controlling people for its own self perpetuation, for the network couldn't survive without ever engulfing more people (to allow for people having that inconsiderate way of dying after quite a small number of decades - indeed, presumably rather fewer decades if they're members of the network!), and the thought forms would be constantly dissolving and thus needing to be renewed / reinforced by particular distorted behaviours of people being controlled or at least manipulated by the garbage.

Question and Comment Time!

This is where I pull the stuffing out of a small selection of people's obtuse (to put it politely) responses to the content of this and related pages on this site - hopefully to pre-empt further time-wasting come-back from and misrepresentation by soul-programmed 'sheep' who are just too full of their own preconceptions!

"But I've had none of these problems you talk about, and have gentle, loving guides who work with me..."

Yes, and here lies a BIG problem for a huge number of people. It's extremely difficult for virtually anyone to get seeing the garbage-sourced deceptions for what they are unless they themselves get clear of their own (normally covert) garbage interferences and control, OR the garbage for some reason gives them a rough time so that they can't escape recognition of the fact that something untoward is going on for them.

There are very many people out there who regard themselves, and are regarded by others, as highly 'spiritual' and believe that all the right things are happening for them through their 'spiritual' or 'healing' direction and activities, and who've had nothing happen in their lives that would make them question their own sense of 'reality' more deeply. Generally they look with disbelief and dismissal upon my writings on this and other pages on this site, and tend to back up their own outlook by reference to various supposedly great teachers or 'Masters', and convenient side-stepping by use of prejudicial sayings like "Each of us creates his own reality" (implying that for some arcane reason the likes of me have invented our particular garbage problems and indeed even the problems in the astral non-reality altogether, and such problems are just a sign that there's something fundamentally flawed about the likes of me) or "Philip Goddard is a very disturbed man". But their doing that simply shows me all the more how much they've got sidetracked by power / control influences away from straightforward self-actualization, for which no external guide nor 'Master' is appropriate because your own genuine guide and teacher is yourself, via your own deepest aspects.

As I've already indicated, I fully recognise that I don't and can't know anything, and that's just as true for everyone else, so I cannot say categorically that those people are mistaken or are being extensively deceived and misguided by the garbage - only that they appear to be so on the basis of the experiences and insights that I myself have gained through my own process of clearing myself of garbage interferences.

To be blunt about it, there's nothing that I can do for or usefully say to those people, for they simply don't see what I see, and, generally speaking, discussion or dialogue with them is pointless, just as it is with, for example, Jehovah's Witnesses. It's a waste of resources for me even to hold a belief that they're wrong or mistaken, for they're simply as they are and do as they do, and they're in a different world of experience from my own.

I'm well aware that many people have experienced 'guides' that seem to be consistently gentle, loving and non-intrusive, and I can't say categorically that none of these at all are genuine - only that all the observations and insights that I myself have gained during my clearance of garbage interferences from myself point to ALL guides as not being benign at all, despite any superficial appearances, and being illusory and more in the nature of lures or 'sirens', which have been given to people to keep them distracted and diverted from true self-actualization and opening to their own deepest aspects as their genuine and bona fide guidance.

Indeed, the very concept of any sort of external guides is implicitly of the 'dark side' - not in the sense of immediate negativity or darkness, but in the sense of diverting us away from opening up our own power and our own deepest aspects. So, on that basis it's actually meaningless to talk of at least some guides as being 'genuine' or 'of the Light'. And again, as I've already pointed out, the very concept of a non-physical light or Light is another of the garbage-sourced lures that beset us to divert us away from tuning into the true 'higher' reality, which is nothing to do with light nor Light but is everything to do with naked awareness and clarity - something that very few 'spiritual' people recognise.

Similarly, some people fervently believe that they or certain people they know are incarnated angels, and they take some degree of umbrage at what I have to say about that issue. They insist that they (or the particular people they know) have actual 'etheric' angel wings and thus their angel nature is demonstrated for real. Yet apparently none of them have even begun to ask themselves the rather obvious question - as to why a non-physical being would have wings in the first place! As I know from my own hard experience with the garbage from 2003 to 2007, when a certain part of your awareness becomes poorly grounded you become most extraordinarily gullible towards the garbage deceptions that are given you, and readily accept all manner of stories as fact, particularly if they seem to have some sort of appeal about them - and I've seen for myself something of the awesome and convoluted abundance and profusion of stories and deceptions that the garbage brings to us in order to keep us focused into and attached to the astral non-reality of illusion and delusion.

Yet it's pointless my directly drawing these things to such people's attention, because they're so habituated to their way of interpreting what they experience, and I can't prove to them that things are other than how they perceive them. They either see or they don't see. This site isn't aimed at them, for the whole concept of trying to 'convert' people to a viewpoint is 'of the dark side' (i.e., it's about power and control). This site is primarily aimed at those who do see or who are able, with a little prompting, to begin to see.

Despite my various disclaimers on this site (including on this page), people still quite regularly accuse me of trying to impose my opinions or beliefs upon others - the clear implication being that I have no business to make public at all my challenging observations and insights gained through my process of getting clear of garbage interferences. What's really happening in those cases is that people are reacting against a viewpoint that they find too challenging, by trying to foist their own garbage-sourced control agenda upon me to try to suppress what I have to say.

The real answer to all this - again which I guess the majority of people won't want to countenance because it's liable to give answers that contradict their own beliefs and life patterns - is for people to take up energy testing. Then, instead of remaining attached to the "This is true, and that's untrue" approach to life experience, they can start to find out what particular assumptions or working models are most beneficial for them personally to use in their life at the present time. Such results from inner inquiry using energy testing are always specific to the person who is energy testing, and thus wouldn't necessarily come out the same for different people. This very neatly gets us right away from any perceived need to hold beliefs and opinions about what's supposedly right for us all, and we can each establish what are the best and healthiest choices for each of us to make in every aspect of our own lives.

If you're using energy testing, you can, for example, find out NOT whether any apparent guides are real or not real but whether or not it would be strengthening (truly beneficial) or weakening for you to be communicating, working or interacting with them in any way, or indeed for you to be acting at all as though they were real. However, as explained in my account of energy testing, energy-testing of hypotheses is generally a specific type of energy testing that I call 'mental testing', and it has its own reliability issues that can easily lead to your getting wrong or at least misleading answers if you don't fully understand the limitations and quirks of energy testing in that mode. Indeed, only certain people, with a particularly deep and 'open' awareness, can properly use it; others would almost certainly simply fall into channelling, with all the problems that that brings - still believing that they're using proper energy testing.

However, notwithstanding all the above, there's one very simple point about supposed guides that any genuinely clear-minded person would recognise as identifying them as something seriously unwholesome and for having no truck with, regardless of whether they're 'real' or illusory.

Just consider what 'guides' are supposed to be - the currently non-incarnated consciousnesses of people who've lived here on Earth or on some other planet. These can't have really significantly greater awareness or knowledge than incarnated people could have. Now, what could be the purpose of them supposedly being guides for us, other than control (albeit often very subtly executed)? This tends not to be obvious to ordinary, soul-programmed people, because they unquestioningly accept their unawareness and assume that anything non-physical would have much greater knowledge and awareness and could lead them towards betterment of their lives. Even that is harmful, because it's actually keeping the 'guided' individuals in their disempowered state and pointed firmly away from the self-empowerment of genuine self-actualization, which comes from within, not from any 'guide' or 'teacher'.

But in my case, having already become enlightened before I got supposed guides communicating with me, I could see that NONE of those guides, nor indeed any 'angels', 'ascended masters' nor other purported higher beings actually had the degree of awareness and genuine understanding that I myself had from my own enlightened viewpoint, so there was clearly no cause whatsoever for any non-physical beings at all to be communicating with me, except for the purpose of control and other harmful interferences.

Most people are fooled by those apparent 'guides' and 'higher beings' because, being just garbage-sourced manifestations, they come out with all manner of convolutions of convincing 'story', and the gullible and generally programmed people lap up all that 'story' as supposed 'higher knowledge', and thus are pointed firmly away from the genuine 'inner knowledge' that's within themselves and is of a very different and generally more subtle nature, and which can be accessed only through becoming reasonably advanced in a genuine self-actualization process.

"Why should I believe what this Philip Goddard guy is saying? Nobody else is coming out with the same views."

Oh my goodness, what a confounded 'sheep'!

For a start, yet again I gently point out that the whole concept of 'should' is spurious, and I'm not telling anyone what they 'should' or 'should not' think or believe. As soon as anyone says "you should..." they're struggling against the reality that people are as they are and they do as they do, and by doing so they're causing stress and disharmony for themselves and others. Also, any such person is playing 'little dictator', acting out a personal control agenda that doesn't respect other people's free choice. That's very unhealthy and aligns the person with the garbage.

In this and other writings of mine I point NOT to any "should" or "shouldn't" but to simple cause and effect. I do so simply on the basis of my own observations and insights, and NONE of my writings is meant for anyone to believe. ALL of my writings are intended to be prompts and cues for people to look more deeply into themselves and their own life experience and see to what extent I've put them in touch with new insights and outlooks of their own, which are more helpful for them than what they'd been accepting previously.

Now, let's look at that quote again, for there's something else screwy about it.

"Why should I believe what this Philip Goddard guy is saying? Nobody else is coming out with the same views."

Is it really true, that a person's views are worthless unless other people have already been publicly expressing the same or very similar views too? Please explain! -- Isn't it possible for a person's views to have worth and even overriding importance in their own right, regardless of what anyone else has said or written on the particular subject(s)? Here we clearly have the 'sheep' mentality of significantly soul-programmed people, who just robotically 'follow the crowds'!

The only situation in which you might have genuine cause to look for other people having written similar things to what I present on this and other pages on this site is if you were trying to establish whether to believe things that I say, and thus were putting weight on belief rather than true verification (and you thought that a story was in some way more believable through being repeated by others). But as I've already pointed out, my writings aren't for people to believe at all, but are for prompting and challenging people to STOP and scrutinize themselves and their outlooks more deeply and awarely than hitherto - truly thinking for themselves instead of swallowing beliefs given to them by other people.

There's actually a very good reason why my own outlook on the 'human situation' could be expected to differ markedly from that of the vast majority - and that's the concerted and at least to some extent co-ordinated efforts of the garbage to keep everyone in various states of delusion in order to gain more control over them and to turn them away from true self-actualization. It can hardly be just coincidence that this guy who comes out with such radically challenging insights happens to be one who's been clearing himself of garbage interference and influence to an extent that's extremely rare and indeed, for all I know, might be unique. So, there are actually grounds for at least suspecting that I've come out with important information that has been hidden from others by the garbage, even through the whole of human history!

By the same token, supposing I was simply coming out with a relatively minor variant of a viewpoint that many other people had also expressed in their writings - what then? Would it not then be much more of a possibility that my writings had no real value because I was just repeating a belief that I'd picked up from others? -- You see what a flawed notion that is, to assume that particular views on reality and 'the human condition' are somehow more valid if they've already been expressed by others! Why not simply evaluate any person's views in that subject area on the basis of whether they actually 'hold water' and explain your own life experience better or more helpfully than any other such writings of which you're aware? That would make sense, and would take you forward.

Indeed, you could go distinctly further and take up energy testing. Then you could use energy testing (provided you were doing it carefully in the manner that I indicate, and heeding my various caveats) to establish clearly to what extent, if any, what I've written on this page and other pages on this site would be genuinely helpful to you. It can't tell you, though, whether anything I write is actually true - but then there's no way you could find that out about anything, at least beyond the physical. You can only find out what are (or are likely to be) the most helpful or beneficial ideas for you to currently accept and use as a 'working model' for your own life improvement.

In any case, it really isn't true that I'm completely on my own in putting forward this page's scenario of the garbage and the entrapment of human consciousnesses. There have actually been the odd people who've previously been describing what appears to be something towards the same scenario, albeit with many differences of detail. Indeed, I was prompted into gaining my own insights along those lines by the actually quite problematical writings of Steve Gamble, who, however, had failed to make a clean break from 'spirituality' and was simply presenting his own version of it instead, full of his own garbage-sourced distortions of the real situation.

And then, although I haven't researched this myself, it appears that there have been the odd individuals or groups at various times during recorded human history who've to some extent likewise been warning about the 'archons' and their agenda. Steve Gamble even came up with a purported quote from Jesus, naturally in one of the non-Biblical gospels or other ancient documents relating to him, in which he was warning about the 'archons' and left it pretty clear that he was referring to what I'm calling the garbage - though I haven't yet seen any sign that any of those people had the clarity to be able to present an account of the underlying situation as free from belief and distortion as you get in this account of mine (though in the case of Jesus, we simply don't know what he was really saying, because all accounts of what he said are bound to have distortions brought in by the garbage-influenced agendas involved in people's writing of the particular documents). However, in no way does the presence or absence of precedents affect the validity or otherwise of what I myself have been writing on the subject.

"All this stuff about a 'dark force' is just a junky Star Wars type of scenario..."

I hear variants of that sort of accusation from time to time, from various individuals who've encountered my accounts of the apparent true nature of the garbage ('dark force') and how it interferes with people. And I saw in a forum post the statement, referring to my writings, "I think his description of the "dark force" is crude and has the nature of a simple-minded comic book story of good vs. evil."

With regard to the latter quote, I'm left wondering if the person has got my account of the garbage confused with somebody else's, because that's exactly what it looks like! Does that quote really aptly describe the account that I give on this site? -- Perhaps it's just that I'm out of touch with, and ignorant of, what goes into 'simple-minded comic book stories'!

Also, the intended 'smear' tactic of calling my working model "a ... Star Wars type of scenario" has a certain 'own goal' aspect about it - for actually Star Wars can actually quite helpfully be seen as "just yet another junky dark-forces-centric scenario", put across to people via their TVs in order to keep them hooked on the garbage's degradation of people's outlook and life experience, and to see such degraded behaviours and outlooks as being something desirable and 'exciting', so keeping them firmly pointed away from any self-actualization direction.

In other words, the fact of there being a small element of resemblance between the actual garbage, with all its perfectly observable manifestations, and the fictional parody of it in Star Wars, actually doesn't in any way genuinely discount the notion of their being the actual garbage. Indeed, it's hardly 'rocket science' to recognise the Star Wars notion of an opposing and troublesome 'force' as being simply a distorted and somewhat denatured 'artistic' reflection of the actual garbage in our 'real world' experience.

It's truly amazing how people can distort what they read or hear in order to maintain their own beliefs and ignorance. As I've had cause to repeat ad nauseam on this site, my account of what, purely for convenience, I'd been calling the 'dark force', is based NOT on any belief system of my own, nor in any wish to present a paranoid sort of story, but simply on a whole mass of troublesome and completely unsought-for experiences that came to me, and which were really outside the view of 'reality' that I'd gained up to late 2003 when the troubles began for me (and indeed were not satisfactorily and fully explained by anyone else), and then also on my observations on other people who were experiencing elements of the same sort of thing. Indeed, my troubles were so severe and protracted partly because I was for a long time so reluctant to recognise the scenario that I eventually progressively put together and now describe on this page, and which proved to be such a key to my getting myself clear of all that interference*.

* By this I do NOT mean to imply that I'm now totally clear of all garbage interference. Nobody on the planet could be completely and honestly sure of their being fully clear of it. But I do have a level of awareness that enables me to be constantly clearing out more of the interference and (diminishing) attacks that still come, and to recognise interference when I get it. I've yet to encounter anyone else who is doing this, at least in such a comprehensive and consistent way - except nowadays, of course, certain individuals who are using the working model and methodology presented on this site. As I've explained in various parts of this site, clearance of garbage interference is NOT like sending off an entity - sort of, 'here one moment and gone the next'. It's an ongoing process of strengthening your whole system and progressively fading out the interferences, and in the meantime consistently recognising and filtering out / immunizing oneself against what interferences one does get.

As already, repeatedly, noted, I don't present my working hypothesis as 'truth' or 'fact', but simply as an explanation of actual, observable phenomena (i.e., as I say, it's a working hypothesis or working model), which has enabled me to get clear of the severe and indeed downright life-threatening troubles that I was having. I don't ask myself "Is it true?", because the answer to that is something that neither I nor anyone could ever know. What I do ask myself is, "Is this helpful? Does it help me in clearing out troublesome influences in my life and making it an altogether more positive experience?". I use it if it does help in that way. And when I find something still more helpful, I use that. My working model is valid (as distinct from being a pronouncement of 'fact' or 'truth') to the extent that it's helpful and methods based on it resolve pressing issues that couldn't be resolved otherwise. Life is so simple and positive like that.

People who rubbish my account, I note, have absolutely nothing positive, let alone still more helpful, to replace it with. That tells me that they have no superior knowledge nor understanding, and are just reacting out of their own beliefs and opinions and personal control agenda. Beliefs and opinions tell us nothing worthwhile except about particular problems of the individuals carrying them. Those beliefs and opinions also hold their bearers captive and greatly degrade their whole life experience.

Since this particular section was originally written I switched from calling the troublesome unseen influence the 'dark force' to calling it the much more appropriate and helpful term 'the garbage', one of the positive effects of which would be that my writings would be pushing less 'silly' buttons for various opinionated individuals.

There's no way that you can truly understand how the garbage goes interfering with people until and unless you consistently and comprehensively clear yourself of its interferences and influences - just as your antivirus software usually couldn't recognise and eliminate an active virus on your computer unless you reboot it into 'safe' mode, in which the virus wouldn't be resident in memory and thus wouldn't be able to interfere with attempts at detection / removal.

And how are you going to do that if you're unwilling even to recognise that it's at least very likely interfering with you and degrading your life experience, so that you're motivated to take genuinely effective methods to clear yourself of those interferences? Inevitably the only people who are really so motivated are those who've been at the receiving end of the garbage's wrecking tactics, while virtually all others are programmed to remain in at least some degree of denial about what's really going on, and to assume that there's something a bit wrong about the former people.

"This can all be safely dismissed because it's just anecdotal and not based on scientific evidence."

In Western 'science' (i.e., science that's based on the materialist-reductionist belief system and thus is really only a partial science), almost universally 'anecdotal' is a sort-of dirty word - one that's thrown like mud pies at the findings and insights of people who in various ways look beyond the tunnel vision of materialistic reductionism.

Actually Western scientific method generally works very well - but ONLY when applied to observations of purely physical objects and phenomena, and when applied with flexibility and with awareness as to the limitations of reductionist 'scientific' methodology. That's the catch. When you're examining the machinery of consciousness and experience itself, you're looking beyond the physical aspect of our experience, and there's no way that you can carry out meaningful controlled experiments and carry out physical analyses to gain an understanding of what you're examining. For this reason, ALL attempts to gain an understanding of non-physical aspects of our life experience, and any descriptions of those attempts, can't help but be experience-based, and not amenable to the sorts of analysis and controlled experiments that generally work well for purely physical situations. Indeed, because we can never absolutely know anything, and indeed have no means to understand the nature of consciousness (which latter is inherently unable to understand its own true nature), the best that any of us can come out with is figurative or schematic working models that fit our observations and are maximally helpful to us in improving our lives - which just happens to be what I'm doing on this and other pages on this site.

Actually, that's true for all 'physical' science too, even when used appropriately, i.e., on physical issues / scenarios only - though generally its practitioners lack the awareness and deep clarity of mind that enables them to understand that.

What we can't come up with is what scientists would completely incorrectly call 'scientific fact' (meaning complete or absolute truth). The scientists don't understand that consciousness itself is the basis and true nature of all that we observe and experience, and for that reason the most that can really be said of those scientists' 'facts' is that they appear to be true - NOT that they are true. In other words, "Hypothesis X is true because it's been scientifically proved / verified" is intrinsically an incorrect and indeed absurd statement. To make it reasonably correct, it would have to be amended to something like "So far hypothesis X has appeared to be true, because our experimental evidence to date appears to have fully supported it and we haven't yet become aware of any evidence that contradicts it." - but with the clear understanding that nothing can be 100% proved, and we can never know for sure that there's not some as yet undiscovered evidence that either discounts it or requires its modification. Indeed, the very concept of 'proof', as distinct from 'convincing / overwhelming evidence for...' is a mistaken, bogus one that we all need to drop from our vocabulary like a hot brick.

So, the very concept of 'scientific fact' is bogus, a red herring - a smokescreen or fig leaf that people put upon certain notions that they want to convince themselves and others are categorically and unequivocally true (usually when, deep within their own awareness they know that that's bullshit and there are various uncertainties over the particular issues). That concept is thus part of a state of belief, and has no part to play in genuine scientific method.

When we come to understand that our scientists and science-oriented people are actually posturing and not being honest with themselves nor anyone else when they believe that science proves or can prove things as 'fact', any dismissals of the material on this and other pages on this site on the basis of their being "just anecdotal" come as more than a bit rich, from people who are being so consistently dishonest with themselves over what materialist-reductionist 'science' can tell us, and over its supposed applicability to all of our life experience (hence our having the abomination that is psychiatry).

Unlike those people, I repeatedly emphasize on this site that the working hypotheses and working models that I present are just that and are NOT statements of categorical fact, and are NOT intended to be taken on as articles of belief or 'faith'. They're simply for using as assumptions when that looks like being helpful, and not using when they look like not being helpful - and are for trying out if you're not yet sure about their usefulness for you (nothing ventured, nothing gained!).

In any case, once you set aside the bullshit that has been loaded onto the word 'anecdotal' by the 'Science Rules!' brigade, you find that actually one of the great strengths of writings such as I present on this site is that often they are anecdotal. In other words, they're based on real experiences (that were crying out for an explanation), honestly reported. But unlike so many other writers in similar fields, I've additionally applied aware clear-mindedness to carefully examine and interpret those experiences in ways that led me to arrive at extremely helpful working models of what's been going on.

I guess that my nearest equivalent (in my writings on this site) to what people generally call 'scientific evidence' (as though there were two kinds of evidence: scientific and non-scientific - which is completely untrue!), would be the practical usefulness of the hypotheses and working models that I've come up with. If they enable people to resolve various problems that otherwise remain more or less insoluble, then that's clear evidence that they're worth using. It doesn't tell us, however, that they're actual statements of truth, because we can never know any sort of conceptual absolute truth - because of the very nature of consciousness itself, and the fact (sic) of consciousness actually being the underlying nature of all of 'reality' (i.e., everything that we experience).

Of course any old fool can poke around on this and other pages on this site and dismiss it all as being 'just anecdotal' - but who out of all those people has come forward with alternative working models that explain better and more usefully the various problematical phenomena and human malfunctions than do the working models that I've come up with? I developed the latter precisely because nobody else's interpretations of what was going on for me or people generally was helping me get clear of the massive garbage interferences and attacks - full-blown wrecking tactics - that I myself was getting. I had to do so on my own, for my own survival!

By applying those working models, I've achieved spectacularly well what no psychiatrists, psychologists nor 'healers' (that I know of) could have even touched in any genuinely helpful way, and THAT is why I present my working models for others to use. Without my particular working models, MASSES of human malfunction and problematical experiences (e.g., drug dependencies, religions, religious fundamentalism / radicalism, beliefs of any kind, occultism, 'schizophrenia', 'voices', and hells / 'night terrors', and indeed all people's troublesome behaviour throughout the world) would simply remain unexplained in any manner that would enable those issues to be actually resolved. Is that really what those who dismiss my work as "just anecdotal" really want?

"You can safely ignore this scenario because we each create [/ come into this life with] our own truth, and so this is just one man's view."

Oh yes? - And where do you think that belief quoted above has come from, but from the garbage? That belief is widely held in various 'spiritual', including paganistic, traditions. It's based upon how things superficially appear to be, but doesn't correctly represent the actual situation - being a serious, and, one could say, mischievous, distortion of how a genuinely enlightened and self-actualized person would describe it. The garbage has quite a way of taking up 'enlightened' views on things and twisting them around to suit its own troublesome purposes.

From the 'enlightened viewpoint' (i.e., the viewpoint of fundamental clarity), all experiences / phenomena arise within consciousness / awareness, and on that basis you could say that consciousness 'creates' all that it experiences. Actually nobody can know for sure that even that's the case, but at least it sort-of appears that way. The mischief already begins then when people claim that all that we experience is illusion, or, is illusory. It's not that that's exactly wrong (though of course its accuracy does depend on exactly how 'illusion' and 'illusory' are defined), but it promptly leads the vast majority of people into immediate misunderstanding.

On that basis then, the garbage gets people who aren't enlightened themselves taking on notions that our experiences are supposedly 'illusory' and apparently being created by consciousness (i.e., implicitly fundamental consciousness), yes, but seriously distorting their meaning so that the distorted versions can then be used to cultivate non-enlightened viewpoints that keep people pointing well away from genuine self-actualization and away from recognising the all-pervasive problem of the garbage for what it is (and thus away from being able to do effective things to weaken or indeed eliminate it).

So, confusion is cultivated between the 'fundamental illusion' of 'What Is' (i.e., the 'reality' that fundamental consciousness itself 'means' as a backdrop for all of us, who are its manifestations) and the various, often grossly, distorted versions of that which individual people create under hijack control from the garbage. We're then told that we all each create our own individual 'reality' and therefore none of those 'realities' is more real than or preferable to any other, and also it's generally implied if not openly stated that if somebody has a hard time of it (whether it be a car crash, a traumatic bereavement or a major attack campaign from the garbage), that's all okay because that's what the particular person has chosen to experience, as it's part of the reality that the person has created for him/herself. Yes, implicitly the person is blamed for his / her difficult experiences, and it's even implied if not actually stated that the person should not be taking effective measures to significantly improve his / her life!

I've periodically had people dumping that sort of garbage upon me in some very confused bid to try to dismiss pretty well everything of my carefully constructed experience-based working model of the garbage's pervasive part in everyone's life experience that doesn't fit comfortably with their own particular 'spiritual' beliefs.

You see, if you claim that "we all create our own realities", what you're describing is actually what the garbage is getting everyone (well, at least almost everyone) doing, which is actually concealing the underlying 'reality' that our own deepest aspects (based in fundamental consciousness) have all along been choosing for us all, by superimposing our own individual seriously distorted versions of that. Without interference from the garbage (and people's soul programming, which is also garbage interference but not in 'real time'), individual people would experience only relatively minor and generally harmonious distortions of the underlying 'What Is' reality, and the main individual differences would be much like the differences of viewpoint when a number of people look at a house or a mountain or indeed a cloud formation from different locations.

Naturally the garbage cultivates the 'each creates his own reality / truth' mindset, because that mindset - itself a potent illusory reality - is a pernicious prison, because its distorted logic is circular and is very difficult for a person carrying it to step outside of and see that there really could be something wrong and troublesome about it.

If you seriously want to get properly in touch with your own truth / reality, there's only one way you can achieve that, and that's through a process of genuine self-actualization, in which you progressively strip out and dissolve everything that obscures that underlying truth / reality of yours. That means particularly clearing out all emotional issues and all beliefs and illusory realities that you're carrying. Although the reality of 'What Is' is also illusory in a sense, it's fundamental to us all, and you can't dissolve it by using the methods that dissolve all of what I myself call illusory realities. There's thus a fundamental difference between the two types of 'reality' (or 'illusion', if you like!), and the illusory realities obscure the underlying 'real' reality. Or, if you like, we could say that the illusory illusions obscure the genuine or 'fundamentally meant' illusion. 

You can do that progressive uncovering of 'What Is' by ongoing regular use of such methods as The Work and Grounding Point to dissolve beliefs and illusory realities. As already noted, they wouldn't be able to dissolve 'What Is' itself, never mind how fervently you believe that all 'realities' are equally subjective and illusory (a belief of course that itself would need dissolving!).

Indeed you can use those methods to go through the motions of dissolving what appears to you to be 'What Is'. What you'd actually achieve, if anything, would be not to dissolve 'What Is' itself but to dissolve illusory realities that are 'impersonating' 'What Is'. That would actually be an extremely beneficial result, because people can be carrying illusory replicas of 'What Is', which superficially appear to be virtually undistorted but have the propensity to develop serious and troublesome distortions in response to some 'trigger' event, aided and abetted by the garbage of course.

Coming back to the specifics of my own situation - I myself am doing what's possible to 'rewrite' my own reality in order to 'write out' those aspects of my life experience that have been and could still be seriously troublesome. While illusory realities can be dissolved, there is something that I or anyone can do about 'What Is' in those respects in which it has become polluted by the machinations of the garbage and all its repercussions - I can play my own part in changing it for the better. Any such changes would be for everyone, because 'What Is' isn't a subjective individual thing in the way that personally carried illusory realities are. Although on one level some such changes would be political or sociological, more fundamentally, the underlying change that could lead to all the other necessary changes would be the weakening and indeed dissolution of the garbage*. Then all people's troublesome (if sometimes alluring) illusory realities could get spontaneously dissolving in earnest and 'What Is' would more truly reflect our true nature as manifestations of fundamental consciousness.

* Actually, as noted much further above, much more recently I've come to recognise that the most fundamental need is for the rendering of the astral non-reality inaccessible to people's 'ordinary minds', for then the astral, as we know it would simply no longer exist, and all its troublesome aspects, including the garbage, would also effectively no longer exist, with no possibility of re-creation. - See 'The Astral' About to be Closed Down?.

So, we all create our own 'reality' / 'truth', do we? Go tell that to somebody scarred from the intense electric shocks given to his testicles and amalgam fillings in his teeth in his daily torture sessions! Go tell it to somebody still heavily traumatized from being in the vicinity of the WTC on 11th September 2001, when 'it' happened! Go tell it to somebody nicely smashed up by a drunken driver coming the other way at the 'wrong' time! Go tell it to a baby of three who is undergoing the most unspeakable night hell experiences! Even better, how about starting to dissolve your own illusory realities, including the one in which people all (apparently) create their own realities!

"This whole hypothesis is in violation of Occam's razor and so is invalid."

To be fair on people, I haven't yet seen quite this being said of the information on this page (nor indeed this site)*, BUT over the years I've seen similar claims being made by people who regard themselves as 'scientific', relating to other hypotheses and postulations that don't happen to sit fully comfortably with their materialist-reductionist belief system - so, my note here is intended to be something of a forestalling influence upon those who would wish to raise the 'Occam's razor' bogey in an attempt to discredit what I've written on this and related pages.

* Famous last words! In 2015 I did actually get it in a rambling criticising email from somebody responding to this site, though at least I've still not seen it in anything posted on a site or forum anywhere.

Occam's razor is 100% nothing to do with shaving (!) and is a very simple, down-to-earth, practical guiding principle that's best known for its application in the process of forming hypotheses, and is very much a guiding principle in every bit of my own reasoning and production of hypotheses - though I have no cause to go thinking "Now I'll use Occam's razor on this", because it's simply a bit of plain good sense and really doesn't need any label. Labels, and labelled methods and principles all too often tend to get in the way and be misused by people who don't have a great deal of flexibility in their thinking.

Occam's razor is NOT a law, but simply a guiding principle, which, when awarely and flexibly used, goes towards ensuring quality and viability of any hypothesis that you may come out with. It simply determines that the best hypothesis about something doesn't have any unnecessary details, 'frills' or complexities. It does NOT determine actually that a hypothesis must not have complexities or challenges to people's belief systems! On this basis, it makes sense to choose the simplest of any alternative hypotheses that fits all the available observations / data on the particular subject. The principle does NOT make any claim that that simplest hypothesis is actually 'correct' or represents 'truth'. That simplest hypothesis is simply the one apparently most likely to be most helpful until / unless further data becomes available that points to a different or amended hypothesis better fitting the bill.

The catch for many of the less aware and less flexible believers in materialistic reductionism, if they regard themselves as at all 'scientifically' disposed, is that they tend to misuse such commonsense principles that are used in forming hypotheses, in order to discount any hypothesis that they don't want to countenance because it would in some way challenge their ingrained beliefs, which they actually quite mistakenly regard as 'scientific'. (NO belief has any place in genuine science.)

I saw Occam's razor being invoked in that way on a number of occasions over the years in comment and correspondence columns, and, if I remember correctly, even in the odd editorial, in the New Scientist magazine*.

* I was a regular reader of that (in most ways) excellent magazine for many years. Its one really major failing was its reflecting and helping to perpetuate the 'scientific' community's espousal of materialistic reductionism.

Let us take a 'nonsense' example of the sort of spurious invocation of Occam's razor that I'm talking about...

A highly educated herring gull, which has gained a quite broad view of the world, tells a mackerel, which regards itself too as being highly educated, about the astonishingly wide range of types of food eaten by mammals.

The mackerel looks at the gull for a moment with 'that look' (i.e., as if to say, "Yes, but I think your cracker's just slipped out of your beak"), and after a moment's learned contemplation of the story that the gull has come out with, proclaims triumphantly, "What you're saying is a lot of old cod's soft roes! That's in violation of Occam's razor! Your hypothesis is that mammals eat such things as grass, birds, grain, cheese, each other, and so on, as well as fish and plankton, but my hypothesis is so much simpler - they eat just plankton and fish! Indeed, they aren't constructed to be able to eat anything else! All the other stuff you're going on about is just fantasy that you've added to your hypothesis (WTF is cheese, for example?!). Occam's razor rules - Occam's razor is King! The simplest hypothesis wins! You're talking just a lot of old sea cucumbers' effluvia!"

Okay, that may look facetious, but it's an exact example of the sort of logic that I witnessed the odd individuals using in the New Scientist magazine to try to discount hypotheses that drew upon observations and insights that were outside the particular individuals' rigidly held beliefs. Because I've seen it done there on various occasions, it's a reasonable expectation that various individuals will from time to time use a similar faulty 'reasoning' to discount the working hypotheses that I present on this and related pages.

Actually one spurious and extremely dishonest argument that I have seen periodically used in forum posts, against such writings of mine, is that I'm spouting out my own beliefs and opinions and declaring them to be fact. Absolutely amazing, that people claim to have read these pages, yet brazenly accuse me of doing what I'm so very clearly NOT doing in these writings!

The problem for the mackerel in the above spoof is that it fails to accept the possibility that mammals include anything more than whales / dolphins / seals, and that actually there might be all sorts of completely different mammals on land, of which it has no knowledge and simply doesn't want to know about, thank you very much, because the sea is the only Reality, and anything else is just imagination or even downright delusion.

So, because it refuses to accept the possibility that the gull has actually new observations that make essential an expanded hypothesis about the types of food that mammals eat, the mackerel accepts only the data within its own 'sea is all there is to Reality' belief system as defining a valid hypothesis, and thus spuriously invokes Occam's razor to try to convince itself (and presumably the gull) that the new information that defines the gull's actually fully correct hypothesis about mammal diets is just a lot of cod's ejaculate (and of course the gull must thus be mentally ill into the bargain...).

Herring gull - portrait
The one with the broader view
always has the advantage
in formulating the best hypothesis...

So, I simply point out gently here that anyone who seeks to invoke Occam's razor to discount the working hypotheses (none of them being a categorical statement of 'fact') on this and related pages on this site will be proving nothing but his/her own plain stupidity, through emulating my 'educated' mackerel. Thus, if you're one of those individuals, my special message for you is, "Hi there, Mackerel Face!"*

* Indeed, if you're one of those delectable individuals I give absolutely no guarantee that I shan't actually quote and name you here, making a mini-feature here of a public naming-and-shaming gallery of 'mackerel faces' like you!

"You say that all channeling is suspect if not the work of the 'dark force'. I wonder if you include Jane Roberts' "Seth" and Jean Hicks' "Abraham?" I've gotten much from Seth and some from Abraham too. Have you read them?"

This sort of query frustrates and wearies me, because time and time again people sort-of read my own experience-based and clear-mindedly formulated working model and viewpoint on the nature of reality and the distortions in it created by the garbage, and they're so full of their emotional attachments and preconceptions that they simply don't properly read nor understand what I'm saying, and then come to me with queries like the above, which are actually all fully answered on this very page - and others on this site too. When I state that, as far as I can make out, ALL non-physical beings (no matter whether 'high', 'middling' or 'low') are bogus, and are simply illusions created by our minds under hijack-control by the garbage, I do mean ALL of them. Otherwise, surely, I'd have stated otherwise! Please see further above...

Now for this thing of giving particular credence to writings of the garbage-duped and deluded people who do the channelling, just because those writings are in books, while my own writings are too challenging and also too 'alive' (i.e., being constantly updated with clearer and more helpful insights) to be the sort of thing that commercial publishers would want to touch. The blunt truth about ALL reliance on books to supposedly gain 'wisdom' is that they're ALL diverting you away from tapping the one totally pure and beneficial source of insights, 'hidden' data, love and healing - and that's your own deepest aspects, which are based in fundamental consciousness ('universal consciousness') itself. If you settle for less than that you're already well astray!

So, the answer to ALL people who ask me whether I've read the books / writings of this or that channel / guru / teacher etc., etc. is, no, I haven't - and neither will I. - That is, except for my having read The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying and a number of other books by Tibetan Buddhist so-called 'masters' in 1997 at and briefly following the time of my becoming enlightened, and even then, with no understanding then about the garbage's involvement in all of that, I came to my senses quite quickly and recognised that hanging on the words of others - never mind how 'wise' and loving they may seem - can only lead one widely and seriously astray.

An actual forum exchange

Anyone have views on this Philip Goddard guy? He sounds like he knows his stuff, and now I'm confused and don't know what to think!

I've looked at his site and really I think you can get carried away much too readily by people like him. Just look at all the books he's selling on his site! And his energy is, well, sort-of heavy. No, I'm sure you can safely ignore him! Just use your intuition and don't let yourself be swayed by the likes of him in the future!

Er, books? That's funny - I didn't see any books on sale there... ...But, okay, I suppose you're right - I'll just let that drop and ignore people like him in future.

...As for what that Philip Goddard guy has to say about the above - no, it's perfectly printable! For some reason it's simply "BAAAAAAA!" with a groan and pained laugh. I'm sure I don't know what he means by that!

However, he does also point out that if anyone can find those books-for-sale on his site (if they succeeded they'd be doing better than him, because he's never been able to), it would be greatly helpful if they'd actually buy copies - indeed, lots of them, so he has a little income to support the continued existence of the site. Or, if by any chance they too have difficulty in finding those books, they might consider giving donations instead (preferably biggies, and lots of them!) or indeed buy some of his natural soundscape CDs and paperbacks of his literary works (neither of which existed at the time of the above forum posts), to support his evidently most dubious site because, he says, it saves lives.

-- But then again - Oh my! Just look at the colour of his underpants! No, you can safely ignore him and just follow your own intuition or at least your favourite guru!

(The forum thread, quoted above in the speech bubbles from a slightly hazy memory, appeared in about 2007-2008.)


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