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How spirituality ALWAYS brings its practitioners serious problems whether or not they're aware of them - and how you can REALLY live instead, based on rationality and grounded perceptions in place of belief and 'received wisdoms'

by Philip Goddard

Beware of the Buddha! -- sorry to have cause to say.

The Author found out the hard way that what people call 'spirituality' isn't what nearly everyone believes it is, and it is nothing to do with, and points one away from, the enlightenment and genuine, comprehensive and balanced self-realization / self-actualization to which we really need to be pointing ourselves.

Here we can find out about the proper, proactive mindfulness that is what the Author calls clear-mindedness, which is far beyond the meditation-based and meditation-limited state that is popularly referred to as 'mindfulness'.

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Attention, please!

On this page, as on many others on this site, I'm putting forward understandings that are based on my own personal observations and inner inquiry process, and which I've put together into a working model or hypothesis that, at least from my perspective, effectively and helpfully explains all manner of details of the life experience that I found to be left unexplained or sort-of 'fudged over' by previously extant hypotheses and all the plethora of beliefs on the subject.

It's important to understand that I'm not putting any of this forward as categorical fact or 'truth' (i.e., apart from actual historical details), but simply as a particular set of observation-based understandings that has been of immense help to me, and indeed which was necessary for me to adopt for my very own survival - i.e., as part of my getting myself clear of the major attempts by the garbage (aka 'dark force', 'forces of darkness', 'forces of evil') to wreck or destroy me. It has thus passed a supremely important test of its validity (i.e., as a working model), in that, when applied to my troublesome life situation, it actually enabled me to progressively resolve that situation, whereas trying to apply other theories and beliefs previously had actually been compounding the problems.

For this reason it's quite inappropriate for people to seek to 'discuss' my purported 'views' with me or indeed to go telling me that I'm 'wrong' (i.e., about anything at all in the working model and methodology that are presented on this site). I explain further about that in Why won't you discuss your views with anyone?Anyone who does seek to get into such discussion with me or go telling me I'm wrong will either get no response or will be sent packing with a flea in the ear.

Actually you can never absolutely know what's true. You can, however, observe, experiment and deduce to find out what's the most helpful working hypothesis for you! That's what I'm on about.

If you understand, things are as they are.

If you don't understand, things are as they are.

If you believe that things are, or should be, one way or another,
you have not yet understood.


Why I stopped in my tracks

Holding up to rational scrutiny what one's 'spirituality' is actually doing to one always highlights a pressing need for a completely different direction...

Until early October 2007 this site's title was Self-Realization & Spirituality. Nothing wrong about 'Spirituality', you might well think. Evidently I'd been thinking so too - otherwise I'd not have used that title in the first place!

However, Have you ever paused to get asking the core of your own consciousness - your own deepest aspects - questions about the nature of what everyone is calling 'spirituality', and why, if 'spirituality' is so widespread, it's still the case that vanishingly few people actually become genuinely enlightened, let alone anything like optimally self-realized / self-actualized? -- And also, why it is that in EVERY spiritual tradition, if you look with real clarity you see that power hierarchies and control agendas on the one hand and beliefs / illusory realities on the other are always involved, even if they're relatively subtle?

Even if you have got questioning yourself so, unless you were very exceptionally advanced in your self-actualization process - and well beyond just crossing the enlightenment threshold - it wouldn't be your own deepest aspects whose answers you'd hear, for any answers from that source wouldn't be 'heard' directly but would be relayed to you in adulterated form by what I'd for quite some time been calling the 'dark force' (complete with the single quotes) - referred to by people at large as 'the forces of darkness' or 'Satan' / 'the devil' and often thought of as astral or 'dark' entities or indeed even demons, but actually also presenting itself as guides, ascended masters, angels and any other type of supposed 'higher being'. Nowadays, for good reason, I generally prefer to call it the garbage. The garbage has a seriously harmful agenda for all humans, and it's unrelentingly seeking to lure and divert people away from simple, direct self-actualization and to prevent them from 'going home' ('recombining with Source')* when they die, for a very troublesome reason that I explain on various of my pages of original writings but particularly in The True Nature of 'The Forces of Darkness' and its Interference and Attacks.

* These are commonly used expressions, but it is necessary for me to emphasize that I myself am using those expressions here only for popular familiarity's sake, and only in a figurative sense, for actually when a person dies healthily, 'as Nature intended', without garbage interference, the consciousness does NOT go anywhere at all, because it has no physical location in the first place. Rather, its experience of Earthly or physical life simply dissolves, and it reverts to its more or less non-dual state as a micro-aspect of fundamental consciousness (also known as universal consciousness). My preferred expression for what happens in a fully healthy death is that the person reverts to fundamental consciousness.

The major point here is that I myself have been asking myself these questions - and at a time when circumstances have directed me to be clearing out all my old interferences and influences from the garbage in a way and to an extent that few people indeed are doing. This has resulted in all manner of new insights coming to me, at last clear of the almost universal confusions that the garbage has brought to people through the garbage- (yes, 'dark force'!)- sourced concept of 'spirituality'.

Indeed, at the beginning of 1997, when I'd gained what I'm calling fundamental clarity (i.e., I'd "crossed the threshold of enlightenment" in more normal but also less appropriate terminology) and subsequently started getting into healing activities, at once I found myself continually being slightly bugged by an apparent schism or discrepancy between the following viewpoints that I'd been holding onto:

Now, because I'm getting my awareness so much more grounded, I can see clearly what that schism represented, and in 2007 I cut right through my fairly long-standing confusion over that, to arrive at unequivocal clear-mindedness, having jettisoned so-called 'spirituality' altogether without in any way having become more materialistic. Now I see, more clearly than ever before, why it was that I gained my fundamental clarity ('became enlightened') so easily and naturally. It was not "in spite of" my not having been on a spiritual 'path', as I'd been half-believing, but, in good part, because I hadn't been on one!

Now I shall explain...

Why 'self-realization' / 'self-actualization' is important

Genuine self-actualization is based in a RATIONAL - not meditation- nor belief-based - mindset

Much is made of spirituality in a plethora of varieties and 'paths' in cultures and traditions throughout the world - but one thing all those versions and paths of so-called spirituality are universally not directly focused upon is simple and direct self-actualization or self-realization*. Indeed, most spiritual traditions actively take your focus away from it and, if they acknowledge such a need at all, they hold it away from you and put a lengthy and usually convoluted 'path' in front of you to supposedly 'get there' (but somehow hardly anyone does 'get there'). It's treated as some sort of 'Holy Grail' that, if you follow your 'path' with sufficient diligence (and, I'd be inclined to add, long-sufferingness), you might actually attain sometime in the future.

* As I explain in various locations on this site, I'd been using these two terms interchangeably. They both have their respective different unfortunate connotations because of the way they're used in particular traditions or disciplines, but they both fundamentally mean the same thing. However, nowadays I've a strong preference for 'self-actualization' because so many people have an extremely unhelpful confusion with regard to the meaning of 'self-realization', believing that their own gaining of various insights about themselves or their life experience, means they've gained 'self-realization', which they definitely have not - at least, in any usefully meaningful way.

Self-actualization is simply the uncovering and unobscuring of your true, deepest nature, which is a 'part' (or, more correctly, a micro-aspect) of the all-pervading consciousness of which we're all manifestations (what I call fundamental consciousness, so as to be as unambiguous as possible), so that you then function in a full and undistorted way as a manifestation of that all-pervading fundamental consciousness ('the Ultimate'), and live a life of vibrant awareness, happiness, love, positivity, free choice and a resulting great flexibility.

Like that you're in a state of total clear-mindedness, and there's no concept of 'spirituality', for you perceive that things are simply as they are and you yourself are simply as you are. When you're functioning in that sort of way, when you die your earthly experience ceases, but you persist as a unique micro-aspect of the all-pervading fundamental consciousness, and are in a state of harmony and awareness, with further, non-sequential, non-karmic, incarnations (what I call no-soul incarnations) being possible.

Self-actualization incorporates (but is more than) what is widely known as enlightenment - the recognition, through direct perception, of your deepest, non-dual, levels of consciousness as being your true nature and identity. Self-actualization is a simple process that requires no ritual and no beliefs (and indeed would be obstructed or completely stopped by them), but does require consistent clearance of the issues that prevent you from functioning as a full and undistorted manifestation of your true, deepest nature, which, as I've indicated, is effectively 'the Ultimate'.

Quite widely nowadays much is made of the value of 'mindfulness' to improve one's functioning and life experience. Yet at least normally the nature and extent of that 'mindfulness' is seriously limited because it is typically achieved through regular formal meditation - something I warn against in many places on this site. That foundation of meditation ensures that the resulting 'mindfulness' would be only partial and unbalanced, with an emphasis on passivity and non-engagement with many of the challenges that everyday life experience presents to one. People value being like that, yes, because they become more at peace with themselves, but what is quietly lost is much or indeed most of their intrinsic vibrancy and will / ability for being a positive and creative force for the people around them. They have become to at least some extent become cocooned in a more or less unchallenging comfort zone, and so, while probably not going around doing obviously antisocial things, have lost (or failed to find) the plot with regard to their underlying life purpose and life task, which would undoubtedly be very much about proactively being a positive force in some way or other.

In contrast, the proper, proactive mindfulness - complete mindfulness -, which is what clear-mindedness is, is a vibrant state of dynamic balance of peaceful acceptance on the one hand and active engagement on the other, including being prepared, in a fully rational manner, to be a whistle-blower or take other actions as make genuine best sense towards righting things that are amiss around one. That, together with an active, creative, approach to engagement with all situations (where it makes genuine good sense to do so), makes for a vivid and fulfilling life experience, and potentially for a lot of catalytic effect on others towards their taking steps themselves towards their clear-mindedness - i.e., a genuine self-actualization process.

On this site I'm in the process of showing just how direct and simple that process is - especially when you keep your focus on clear-mindedness and don't get lured and sidetracked by the 'spirituality' phenomenon.

The problem with 'spirituality'

The very notion of 'spirituality' or 'spirit' implies movement - spatial movement. Implicit in spatial movement is separateness. The troublesome influence that brings us delusion, power / control agendas, fear and negativity - i.e., the garbage - brought in the concepts of 'spirituality' and 'spirit' as a potent device to ensnare and sidetrack everyone who has aspirations for self-actualization, so as to bring the people progressively more under its control and domination.

The garbage interferes with us ALL, usually covertly, using all manner of deceits, ploys and lures, to get us perceiving our life experience in terms of separation - specifically, separation from fundamental consciousness, which latter is actually our own deepest aspect and true nature. And so the garbage has covertly manipulated or controlled people into setting up countless religions and 'spiritual' paths in which people's true deepest aspect is misinterpreted as something separate from oneself. In many cases it's deified in a gross and really quite materialistic way as 'God' or equivalent, as in many religions, while in others various much more subtle and 'sneaky' deceptions are used. In the more mystical traditions it is normal to regard us all as being 'Spirit' (or some equivalent name, which in some cases is 'God', so nicely confusing people).

The all-pervading fundamental consciousness has thus been (mis)interpreted as Spirit (or God), which implies something that can move about and indeed think and speak to you. In fact, whatever that 'Spirit' or 'God' is (if indeed it existed), it would be something less than 'the Ultimate', which fundamental consciousness is (i.e., as far as anyone can tell), because the latter is all-pervading and so there's no sense of movement and the implied separation. It's thus not 'spirit' nor 'Spirit' nor 'God', in any actually used sense of the word.

Once you've lost or distorted the perception of yourself as being actually fundamental consciousness itself, and have at least an implicit sense of separateness from it, you've lost your direction for true self-actualization, and then you find yourself following one of the myriad variations of 'spiritual path' that the garbage has put into people's minds to follow. Along with a sense of separation comes power and control agendas. In religions these agendas are usually very obvious, but in the more mystical or apparently purer spiritual traditions and 'paths' the control agendas tend to manifest more subtly, such as in the use of rituals, initiations / attunements, mantra chanting, use of esoteric symbols, treating particular objects, people or locations as sacred, prescribing particular ways of going about your life or indeed of following your 'spiritual path'. Indeed, The very concept of a 'spiritual path' or 'spiritual journey' incorporates a sense of separation and obfuscates the simple fact that self-actualization is right here, in the 'now'.

On other pages on this site I expand on this scenario, but the important point I'm making here is that the garbage has been covertly manipulating everyone who has at least underlying self-actualization aspirations into 'spirituality' in its countless forms, for the purpose of taking them away from their true self-actualization - away from true clear-mindedness, and away from what we really need to happen when we die. So, in a nutshell, The whole concept of spirituality is actually given to us by the garbage to divert us from the self-actualization and clear-mindedness that is our true natural, and thus 'right', way to be living.

In The True Nature of 'The Forces of Darkness' and its Interference and Attacks I describe how the garbage is interfering with us and how we can get clear of its interference and influence, and in Affirmations & Declarations of Intent for Healing & Self-Actualization and the related pages linked to therein I point readers towards a direct and indeed clear-minded strategy and methodology for self-actualization. As will become clear (sic) if you read the relevant pages, my insights relating to these matters aren't a matter of belief, but stem from hard personal experience. It isn't just from the hardships that the garbage inflicted upon me, but more particularly from my experiences of progressively clearing out its influence that I've been able to gain such deep and challenging insights.

The teddy bear asks "W-w-who am I?" and "W-w-what have I done?"
The great hoo-hah in Sudan in November 2007 all because somebody perfectly innocently called a teddy bear Muhammad - the same name that many Muslims very happily bestow upon their male offspring - is symptomatic of the agenda of the garbage, in throwing all love, all reason, out of the window, and controlling humans into the most debased and inhuman outlooks and behaviours in which power, control, confused thinking and living on the basis of rigid rules is everything and love is distorted out of all recognition.

According to the logic of those strict Muslims, we might as well all have the person who called that teddy bear Muhammad sent to some delectable form of death because the very concept of the teddy bear has been insulted by calling one of them by the name of a messenger of the garbage, which Muhammad was, just like ALL other so-called prophets - as evidenced by the brazen rantings of power / control agenda that fill the primary scripture of the religion that followed on from him (yes, I've read it - a stomach-churning, horrifying experience!).

Cutting 'God' down to size - God the almighty absurdity!

A huge number of people firmly believe in the existence of 'God' or some equivalent creator being / presence because they have a block to their intelligence that prevents them from understanding scientific descriptions of the formation and evolution of the Universe and indeed life on Earth, and so they jump to fill the gap with a completely unfounded theistic 'explanation' of the physical universe and our existence. Sure, the findings of scientists don't present the full picture, but that simply means that certain important questions remain unanswered, and indeed would appear to be largely unanswerable. You don't find truth by filling in the gaps in our knowledge / understanding with belief! That way, you simply ensure that genuine knowledge and understanding will never prevail.

Let's look for a moment at the pervasive assertion that life and the world and the Universe is just too complex - too wonderful and indeed awesome - to have come into existence without a Creator God.

For a start, that assertion doesn't prove anything, nor point to even a shred of evidence to support it. What it actually tells us is the shortcomings of the particular people's thinking ability - yes, their intelligence - that prevent them from being able ever to gain a proper understanding of the way things really are.

Also, that assertion immediately begs a question, potentially in an infinite loop, perpetually kicking the can further down the road and round the block, for if what we observe of life, the world and the Universe is too complex and wonderful to have formed without being created by a supreme creator being, then the same assertion must inevitably also apply to the presence of that supposedly supreme creator being. Yes, that supreme creator, then, must have itself had a creator!! - And that creator too must have had a creator! ... And so on, ad infinitum! In practical terms, that's an absurdity (indeed, you could say, quite loopy!) - but it's the logical conclusion of believing in a supreme creator being.

I've vainly raised this very point with the odd rather evangelistic Christians who were trying to 'convert' me and were using the above spurious reasoning. The standard response was to the effect of "Ahhh, there we have the great mystery of God, who is beyond the understanding of ordinary humans...". Now, where is the sense in that? - Belief sure is a wondrous thing!

For the rational approach, for a change, to understanding the 'reality' that we experience, please see On the Nature of Reality and Truth.

The red herring of 'no-self'

One of the particularly sneaky and troublesome distortions of the actual situation, which comes to us particularly from the various Eastern religions and 'spiritual' traditions, is the notion that in order for you to become enlightened and especially fully self-realized / self-actualized, you need to relinquish all sense of 'self' in your life experience. According to that sort of outlook, you're supposed to be striving towards a rarefied and much sought after (or indeed feared!) state of 'no-self'.

Yes, it's true that almost everyone has a deluded sense of 'self' that they do need to let go of (or, more realistically, progressively dissolve), but it's the delusions and attachment that need clearing - NOT the sense of 'self' in itself (i.e., the sense of one's having an intrinsic uniqueness). In other words your sense of your own uniqueness and your own abundance and variety of experiences in your own unique combination, and experienced from your own unique viewpoint, is very much at the core of your whole raison d'être / purpose of incarnation in the first place. To seek to minimize that is actually to point right away from genuine self-actualization and into subtle illusory realities and indeed astral realms in which people believe that they've achieved 'no-self' (assumed by them to reflect a sort of terminal self-realization), actually through a process of self denial, and are actually thus covertly ensnared by the garbage - and also are failing miserably with regard to their underlying primary life purpose.

The delusions of 'self' include everything that makes up one's self image - except for actual physical observations of genuinely positive aspects of one's functioning. A cherished or cultivated self image is necessarily a false image, so that one poses to everyone with a false ID. It's thus intrinsically a deception, a dishonesty. The only thing you can (sort of) know about yourself is that you are what you are - whatever that is. But the catch is that there's no means by which you can ever genuinely know 'what that is' - i.e., actually what you are! You can only know what you appear to be, or what's helpful for you to assume that you are (i.e., for practical purposes), neither of which are at all the same as what you actually are. The nearest that I've been able to get towards knowing what I am or anyone is, is described in On the Nature of Reality and Truth - but even that view is still conceptual and thus within 'relative truth', and so is still about how things appear to be, rather than how they actually are (which latter we have no means of knowing - i.e., as far as I can tell! ).

It's thus genuinely a crucial part of our self-actualization process, to let go of all attachment to or cherishing of a self image, but it's actually equally important to cultivate our genuine underlying sense of 'self' - i.e., our awareness of our own uniqueness and abundance - but without actually getting attached to anything. It's a matter of observing clearly and being completely open-minded and clear-thinking about yourself and how you interact with your (apparent) surroundings.

Some would claim that the latter approach requires a very great humility, but I'd take issue on that. Yes, in one sense it could be seen as involving humility, in the eschewing of 'ego' - the attachment to some sort of self image - BUT it also involves uncompromising self honesty, and that involves standing one's full height and being prepared to speak out at times with uncomfortable or at least challenging 'truths', which paradoxically then get one accused of being arrogant and having an enormous ego. That is, indeed, what's been tending to happen for me. Basically, if we're serious about our own self-actualization process we need to let go of such concepts as humility, pride, modesty and 'ego', and simply be open-minded, clear-thinking, well-focused observers of all that we experience, and to dissolve attachments as we come to notice them - and always to stand our full height, in every meaning of that expression. (er, well, perhaps not actually physically if you're on top of a mountain in a thunderstorm! )

The confusions around 'no-self' appear to arise because fundamental consciousness itself, being apparently fully non-dual and free from concepts, apparently doesn't distinguish between 'I' and 'other'. Yes, so you could say that your underlying true nature is 'no-self'. But the whole point of incarnating is to have dualistic life experience in which we are apparently discrete, separate individuals, each with a unique set of identifying features. If you seek to suppress your dualistic experience in everyday life in order to achieve a fully no-self state, what you're seeking to do is to progressively de-incarnate yourself - in other words, progressively to unground yourself to the point of altogether leaving your current incarnation, or in other words to die prematurely and without having paid proper attention to your actual life purpose / life task with which you incarnated.

The red herring of choosing a 'right hand path' or 'path of the Light'

Let's replace 'no-self' with 'no-path', and thus solve all sorts of problems!

It may bring some people up with a bit of a wrench for me to say it, but I myself am NOT following a figurative 'right hand path' or 'path of the Light' at all! However, before you throw up your hands in horror, let me make it clear that neither am I following a 'left hand path' or 'path of the Dark (or of Satan)' at all. These polarities of non-physical or metaphysical left / right and dark / light all come to us from the garbage for the purpose of keeping us diverted well away from simply tuning into our own deeper aspects and living as manifestations of fundamental consciousness. You don't need, and are far better off without, a 'path' for that - for the very notion of being on a 'path' or 'journey' helps keep you from the 'simply being' of genuine self-actualization, and leads you by one means or another into the clutches of the garbage.

It appears that Satanists typically dismiss those who are on what they call a 'right hand path' as living impoverished lives*, just because the latter people aren't indulging in the massive convolutions of awfulness and (often) depravity and suffering that the Satanists' or other 'magic' practitioners' own lifestyles bring about. However, even those who are on so-called 'right hand paths' or 'paths of the Light' (i.e., what most people would call 'spiritual paths') are themselves in a captivity of the garbage, albeit a much more covert and maybe subtle captivity - believing that they're heading for some sort of self-actualization, when actually they're keeping themselves firmly away from the real thing.

* This is strongly reminiscent of the drug addict who seeks to convince himself and others that people without that addiction and all the problems it causes in one's life are themselves living impoverished lives, and he's the real wise one who is living a full life.

When I myself cut caffeine out of my life, it was amazing what other people (all caffeine addicts, though few would ever admit to their addiction) came out with when I refused offers of a cup of tea or coffee. "What on earth will you drink, then?", was the most common amazed and mystified protesting response, as though anything without caffeine, including plain water, was poisonous. I even had the odd individual protest that "You can't drink water, because it's got lots of fluoride in it!" - a real 'own goal', because tea itself actually contains some fluoride and so adds to any that may be in the drinking water from which the tea is made.

What all these silly people were unable to recognise, because of their addiction, was that once you cut out your addiction you open the doorway to all sorts of much more healthy and enjoyable things that the addiction was keeping you away from. Thus in my case, once I stopped abusing myself by taking caffeine-containing beverages I could then enjoy drinking a wide range and variety of other beverages such as the so-called herbal teas (i.e., non-tea infusions, not different varieties of actual tea), but also no longer felt the need to keep drinking excessively just in order to keep having a 'fix' from my regular 'pick-me-up' beverage.

And just look through all five of my websites to get some idea of the abundance and freedom of my own life and lifestyle, and then ask yourself how much of all that abundance and variety I'd have had if I had the almost universal addiction to watching television. Indeed, not having a TV at all in my flat means that I've a great deal of time to get on with properly living my own life, and I've that extra bit of space in my flat for other, healthier, uses - so my lack of a TV actually represents in meaningful terms a big gain rather than a lack as compared with almost everyone else.

Similarly, I've no mobile phone*, and have no plans to obtain one, and I look with horror at the life-degrading mobile phone addictions being widely displayed and completely accepted by people at large, keeping them out of touch with their surroundings and more worthwhile life experience.

* Okay, it looks as though I shall have to get a basic one at some point, just because banks and other financial institutions increasingly require one to have one in order to get security codes and receive important security alerts and so forth - but it would be limited to really minimal use, because I've better things to do with my life than keep fiddling with an 'electronic willie' as I see so many people doing.

Thus an important aspect of coming out of any addiction, fixation or attachment is to recognise that when you let go of it you're not just 'giving it up' and thereafter living an impoverished life without something you were enjoying, but rather, you need to see the addiction as something of a ball-and-chain that you've managed to get free from, so that you have more freedom and can live a more varied and abundant life.

So, the real choice is not between 'left' and 'right', nor between 'dark' and 'light' but between (a) following a 'path' (whether 'dark' or 'light'), which necessarily incorporates the following of rules and taking on board illusory realities, and cultivates the occlusion of one's deepest awareness, and one's at least ultimate captivity at the hands of the garbage, and (b) opening to the simplicity of your own deepest aspects, the core of which is fundamental consciousness or 'What Is' itself, and gaining the freedom and happiness of having the deepest and broadest possible awareness, and becoming immune to all attempts by the garbage to bring you under its control.

Clear-mindedness - the (simple) way forward

Rationality and grounded perceptions instead of story, belief and 'received wisdoms'

The whole concept of clear-mindedness ties up in all manner of ways with straightforward manifestation of yourself as fundamental consciousness incarnate. You don't have to wait till you're optimally self-actualized in order to start using and experiencing at least a basic level of clear-mindedness - you can start right now. If you go to The Complete Guide to Self-Actualization, and follow that through also to Healing and Self-Actualization - The Safest and Quickest Way and other relevant pages that they link to, you have a succinct and potent set of pointers for speedy and direct self-actualization, all based on clear-mindedness.

When you cultivate and open up your awareness in a well-grounded manner, without beliefs, preconceptions and garbage-sourced preoccupations or influences, then you're operating at least in some degree in clear minded mode. Paradoxically, on the one hand, through cultivating and increasing your grounding (i.e., your connectedness with the physical level of reality or consciousness) you progressively increase your manifestation of your true nature - 'the Ultimate', while on the other hand, if you seek to cultivate what people typically think of as 'higher' awareness you progressively further open yourself to the astral non-reality and all its problems, while actually obstructing any opening to your deepest aspects and 'core essence'. So, if you try to point 'high', you get 'low' (which usually pretends to be 'high' or even 'divine'), and if you get connecting really well with the physical level with an open and clear mind, you get 'the Ultimate', which actually transcends the concepts of 'high' and 'low'.

In clear-minded mode you live without 'story' about yourself outside this lifetime, for you can never truly know any of that, and any such 'information' you do pick up is almost certain to be garbage-sourced and distorted if not wholly fiction in order to try to divert you from self-actualization. Similarly you live your life without 'story' about supposed higher realities. I'm not saying there aren't any higher realities (whatever 'higher' would really mean!) - rather, simply that we can never know about any because, as far as I can ascertain, anything of the sort that actually appears to us is illusions presented to us by the garbage.

You are NOT 'Light'! You are consciousness / awareness! Thus self-actualization and clear-mindedness are not about light nor Light as so many healers and mystics claim, but are about vivid clarity of awareness and perception. It's the garbage that has led us into the fiction that we or indeed our so-called source (which term itself implies separateness) are 'Light' and we will 'go to the Light' when we die. By equating consciousness or awareness with light, the garbage has lured countless people away from true self-actualization - the manifestation of their clear-minded natural state.

Similarly, you're NOT, and indeed there's no such thing as, a 'being of Light'. You're a being of clarity, of vibrant awareness - not of Light. 'Light', and indeed the whole light / dark polarity (apart from actual physical light) is solely of the astral illusion given to us by the garbage.

In a nutshell, then...

This site is about how you can be truly you - fully you - natural you - as a being of vibrant awareness and clarity, living a free and flexibly and creatively happy life, with the great personal stature and power that manifests naturally once all the garbage influences (including attachment to personal status and control agendas) have been cleared out or dissipated.

One thing that this site is NOT about is meditation, which all manner of traditions have seriously mistakenly associated with self-actualization, so severely unbalancing and distorting the notions of self-actualization that they embrace and promote. I do, however, show on this site what people can most usefully take up instead of standard meditation, to bring them forward into genuine, balanced and grounded self-actualization. (Try Self-Power Walking, for example!)

...And one important thing that self-actualization and the resultant clear-mindedness is, is the ultimate mental health.

Laying to rest some old chestnuts

"Self-actualization is about being who you really want to be"

-- Oh, no it isn't!

The very many people who believe such a thing haven't yet understood what self-actualization really is. From an enlightened or self-actualization viewpoint, the very notion of being who you really want to be is meaningless. You are simply who- or whatever you ARE (who- or whatever that is)! And, what's more, nobody in the whole of 'Existence' can actually know what that is - because consciousness inherently can't genuinely understand its true nature or modus operandi!

So, if you're wanting to be a particular person or to have some particular perceived identity or be some particular way or other, then you're in big trouble, like almost all people. You're out of touch with the reality of 'What Is' and are captive to the garbage and its noxious agenda through your attachment to illusory realities and in particular to some false identity that you're seeking to present to yourself and all other people.

Self-actualization is about dissolving all false identities and opening out and manifesting as fully as possible your own true nature, and thus your own TRUE identity, whatever that is. If you're trying to prejudge as to 'who' or 'what' you are, you're virtually completely keeping yourself closed to enlightenment or any genuine self-actualization.

It's true that self-actualization is assisted by your having a good idea of the 'positive' qualities of your own true nature, and pointing yourself towards uncovering those. However, the serious error that people generally make in the whole 'spirituality' mindset is to try to fit themselves into the mould of a perceived 'spiritual' / 'enlightened' / 'self-realized' person (i.e., a stereotype), and at best they therefore become simply rigid parodies of the real thing (i.e., their genuine true nature). What they're doing is end-gaining rather than attending properly to the means by which they could become genuinely self-actualized and free.

"I've been reading this site for over a month now, and it's making things worse for me - please help!"

Many people who come to this site do so because they're looking for solutions to their own problems of gross interferences and attacks from the garbage. At least theoretically, they've come to just the right place, for not only do I present a potentially extremely helpful explanation of what they're experiencing, but I actually present a whole set of methods that, if they're properly and awarely applied in a balanced and grounded manner, would enable them to be progressively resolving ALL of those problems - and easily and joyfully! Believe it or not, there's nothing scary or intimidating about the real means to clear out all one's garbage interferences! Indeed, the whole mindset of these methods actually un-scares and un-intimidates whoever uses them.

However, there's a complicating factor. You do need to ensure that you're operating in the right mindset when you get using the methods. The garbage can often usurp a person's very discovery of ways to rectify their situation, and interfere with that person in a way that turns the 'solution' effectively into part of the garbage's arsenal of tools to bring about disruptive and potentially wrecking attack situations for that person. The person then is still sort-of using the methods, but inadvertently within a mindset that is counter to the real purpose of those methods! That then serves the garbage and not the person. I know about this deeply from my own personal experience, so let me mention a few examples.

Some other people inevitably will get similar troublesome experiences precipitated by their reading things on this site or/and using certain of my methods that are supposed to be enabling them to progressively clear out their garbage interferences.

In Anatomy of a 'Forces of Darkness' ('Astral Beings') Attack Crisis I describe how I worked out for myself the primary mechanisms of a garbage attack, and how the feedback loop at the centre of an attack is created and built up. I suggest you read that now if you haven't already done so, and then, below, let's see what we can do to advise the hapless person who's been reading this site for over a month and is getting increasing attacks and seemingly alarming effects that appear to be associated with my writings 'feeding' his fears and anxieties.

"I've been reading this site for over a month now, and it's making things worse for me - please help!"

Now let's examine that pleading question and get some idea of what's really going on there. Actually that 'quote' is a rough paraphrase from one actual email communication in response to this website, but I'm sure the fellow concerned was effectively speaking for a fair number of people and so I extracted a 'generic' version of a précis of his message.

What is the person actually telling us? He says he's been reading through this site for over a month - but actually nowhere in his email does he say that he's been using the methods that I present on this site, so we can reasonably assume that he isn't using any of them, at least to any material extent; indeed it looks as though he's hardly or not at all even considering using any of them. Now, in that situation, what purpose could be served by all that reading through this site over such a long period? I'm not saying it's wrong, but we do need to look and see what's really going on.

It's clear from the body of his email that he's operating in 'victim' mode. He perceives nasty thing upon nasty thing as happening to him, but he appears not to be actively doing anything to resolve his situation, so of course the garbage automatically exploits his lack of aware positive action and plies him with further successive 'nasty' impressions of what's allegedly happening to him - all the time feeding in further pseudo-thoughts to the effect that he's a victim of nasty goings-on and needs help. Indeed, it looks as though, in a feedback loop of 'victim mindset'-related distorted perceptions, he's compulsively, albeit unawarely, using his reading of my writings as a red-hot iron rod with which to beat himself.

That's precisely what, I'm sure, a significant proportion of people coming to this site would be doing. They're all good people who don't in the slightest mean to be doing anything crazy or less than the best for themselves, but I've seen for myself 'from the inside' how the garbage can get one into such feedback loops of distorted perceptions that make one feel that one has been taken over and is powerless to do anything about it, and 'needs help'. One's response to the situation is then inevitably dysfunctional and, frankly, crazy!

The 'I need help' bit is sheer poison, which the garbage insinuates into people's mindspace (usually covertly) with merry abandon. That's one of the most self-disempowering thoughts and indeed illusory realities that you could entertain or be carrying. With regard to ALL garbage interference issues, you're LOST as long as you don't cut straight through that powerless 'I need help' mindset and start being your own genuine helper - or, much better expressed, at last recognising yourself as the captain of your ship, and getting on with your new self-command - by awarely using effective methods to clear yourself of that garbage.

Here are a few simple basic starting suggestions for anyone to get cutting through that 'powerless' crap with which the garbage goes 'feeding' people.

I hope, therefore, that people who feel disturbed or intimidated by my writings or some adverse manifestation apparently triggered by them will understand that what's really happening in such cases is that the garbage is actually unwittingly pointing out to them whatever vulnerability of theirs that it's exploiting, so that they can actually then use the above methods to heal that vulnerability and thus immunize themselves against any further interferences / attacks using that particular vulnerability. Isn't that handy!

"What this Philip Goddard guy is going on about is far too heavy, with his dwelling on problems and the 'dark' stuff. All you need to do for self-realization is to focus on what is sweet and positive in the world, and you create your own better reality."

(Avoid this Philip Goddard guy like the plague - he's against self-deception!)

Various people who are into 'spirituality' come out with that sort of distorted thinking. In my experience this has been particularly people who are into psychic and to a certain extent Paganistic pursuits, though I've had this sort of rubbish also from individuals who regard themselves as Buddhists or at least Buddhism-aligned. In any event, what such people reveal is a degraded, relatively superficial awareness and an augmented level of self-deception through denial of what they don't want to countenance. It's the end gaining attitude of supposedly thinking and doing all the 'right' things to be a 'spiritual' person (i.e., a cherished stereotype of one), without being at all willing to do the necessary clearance work that would enable a genuine self-actualization process to occur.

One of the great problems about 'spirituality' is the way that it gets people into a seriously unbalanced and ungrounded outlook in which they're trying to create for themselves some sort of 'ideal' reality (i.e., actually an illusory reality) rather than actually look clearly at the current situation and recognise what needs to be changed in order to uncover and open out the 'ultimate' reality of their own deepest aspects. So, a highly distorted notion of self-realization / self-actualization has been cultivated in 'spirituality' circles, so that people believe that they can achieve 'self-realization' through 'being positive' all the time without doing the essential groundwork. So, instead of using appropriate methods to get themselves clear of the untoward influences that are distorting their life experience and covering up their own deepest and 'truest' nature, they seek to deny the existence of any such untoward influences by creating their own illusion of everything being sweet in their own rose garden, actually within their garbage-administered prison, whose existence they don't want to know about, thank you very much.

Do you say, "I won't bother about all that stuff about computer hackers and viruses and supposed need for various layers of security on my computer, because that's all being too negative and heavy, and all you need to do is to focus on what's sweet and positive!"? If so, to be frank, you bloody fool - you're the sort of sucker that the computer hackers and phishers and all the rest of the cyber-criminals are after!

- But that's just the mentality of a very large proportion of people who are into whole 'regions' of 'spirituality' - and very much the whole 'New Age' movement. Yes, they usually do acknowledge the existence of some sort of 'dark' presence or 'forces', but then just shrug their shoulders about it and look the other way - or, indeed, in some cases, wilfully play about with it, refusing to acknowledge that it's anything significantly harmful or injurious.

Surely, in real terms, the most positive outlook on your computer security must be to be as aware as reasonably possible of potential threats to the security of your system and to take all reasonable precautions to ensure that your system doesn't get hacked / infected. By the same token, actually the most negative outlook would be the one that just didn't want to think about such issues. It's one thing to compulsively dwell on problems just for the sake of dwelling on them (which would be harmful and thus 'negative' in effect), but quite another to be really practical and go identifying and addressing those problems, so that life gets better and better as a result! Isn't the latter the really positive outlook?

So, to all the aforementioned detractors of my own outlook and indeed person, who reckon that I'm being 'negative' and 'heavy', I ask where is the material difference between my own actually identifying and addressing (or at least pointing people to means to address) very serious problems that do exist in people's life experience, and the extremely sensible and 'positive' matter of having proper security set up on your computer?

The problem here is one thing above all that those people don't want to know about. Hacked computers will usually seek to hide the fact of their being hacked, and similarly, the people who speak out against my being so 'negative' and 'heavy' are themselves hacked people who are compulsively not thinking straight because of the garbage-sourced interference that's distorting their whole life experience. Naturally they'd 'disagree' with anyone who has greater freedom and clarity than they do, and who can see the mess that they're really in, and they'd seek to put pressure on others to similarly turn a blind eye to anything that might actually start getting people free from their captivity at the 'hands' of the garbage.

I'd point out, too, that inevitably my writings on this site can't give a balanced depiction of what my own life experience is like. Inevitably I write much here about the garbage and its interfering with everyone. Why? Because I'm constantly dwelling on problems and the garbage? -- No, not at all! I'm doing so because otherwise everyone would go on in just the same old way, allowing themselves to be increasingly distorted and captive, with no notion that there really are simple and straightforward means to get clear of all that garbage (sic). It is other people's ignorance and confusions that necessitate my writing so much about the garbage on this site, to start putting the record straight and enable at least some people to start moving in the real self-actualization and freedom direction. If you want to see some other aspects of my life experience that are in contrast with my writings about how to get clear of garbage interferences, you could, for example, explore my music compositions or the photos and natural soundscape recordings I get during my adventurous hiking outings. If I were not such a vibrant, buoyant and, yes, 'positive' individual with a really positive life experience, and indeed with a great sense of humour ('keeping it light', and all that!), there would be no way that I could have been effective in 'cutting the garbage down to size' in the way that I've actually managed to do. "Heavy", my haemorrhoidal arse!

"Your site's message is one of fear. Please remove it."

Really? -- Goodness me, yes, I'll remove it at once!

-- Er, but hang on a moment. Just why, then, do various people write in to tell me how, by providing a proper working understanding of the troublesome experiences they've been having, my writings here have actually been powerful in dispelling fears that the respective people had been carrying?

-- No, on second thoughts just possibly I might not remove this site after all, even though I'd of course incur various people's wrath by keeping it. For some reason I've particularly little inclination to discard this site on the basis of a particularly, chronically, frightened person's ill-founded requests for me to do so. What such a person needs to do is to use methods that I give on this site to enable him himself to dissolve the fears that he's carrying, which motivate him to send such an absurd request to me (and yes, that request really was sent to me; I didn't make that one up!).

One only has to read through my writings awarely and without preconceptions, to see that by providing proper explanations / understandings, and simple and safe methods to use for people to progressively dissolve their troublesome issues and get genuinely clear of them, this site's message is one of grounded, clear-minded love and positivity, and the antithesis of fear. The headline quote above is from a person who is simply afraid of looking at what's actually there - and thus who is afraid of ever addressing his own issues. It's HIS message, therefore, that's one of fear, and thus for ignoring.

"If a belief system or tradition is long-established or 'ancient', its tenets are true, and anyone who holds them up to scrutiny and dismisses them is wrong"

Once in a while somebody or other - evidently very much a 'sheep' - ignores the notes on this site's Contact page and writes in to me with actually baseless comments, usually in the form of rhetorical questions (and thus reminding anyone with 'eyes to see' that indeed they have no rational basis for their communication), which are really just different versions of the headline assertion here, and either directly or implicitly berating me for my having the effrontery to cut straight through the fog of belief and obfuscation that constitutes 'spirituality' and all its branches and ramifications, such as belief in the human 'aura' system, with its 'energy bodies', 'chakras', 'meridians' and so forth, and believe that, say, the ongoing use of meditation or sacred geometry is beneficial or indeed 'important'.

Nobody has yet explained to me on what rational basis it could be, that the older a belief or tradition is, the more 'true' or 'correct' it is - and indeed I have to admit that I myself have signally failed to work out how such a thing could be. Clearly I must be a little 'lacking upstairs', then, not being able to work that out, and if that assertion really is true I'd better take down this life-changing and life-saving site now and abandon my weirdo ideas and follow one of those harmful traditions. After all, myriads of other fools have done so over the centuries or indeed millennia, so I might as well join them!

I hereby pronounce, then, that the Earth is flat, and that it's the centre of the Firmament and is ruled by a wrathful and vengeful God who is too busy for anything worthwhile because He is constantly weighing people in the balance and finding them wanting, then breathing WRATHFUL fire as He throws them into the great burning pit of Hell! I'll have no further truck with all those new-fangled modern beliefs and heresies that claim you can live - let alone live better! - by thinking for yourself instead of following time-honoured beliefs and traditions! You divert from the latter, and you're rebelling against the Almighty, and so it's the fires of Hell for you, meboy [or girl]!

Okay, back to sanity now. I'll not waste my time / energy by engaging with such people, and as soon as I see the gist of their time-wasting emails I stop reading, and delete them. This site is for people who have the mental capacity and motivation to think beyond any beliefs and tunnel vision that they may have. Any other people would do well not to waste their time on this site, and to go off and wallow in their illusory realities somewhere else far removed!

This site's 'scalpel cutting' motif is there for a reason.

Cutting straight through belief and obfuscation - To see what's actually there - Not what people believe is there

Need I really say more?

"I can't understand how you analysed and came to good conclusions and indeed this entire level of understanding within your lifetime..."

The above is an actual quote from an email I received in November 2014 (edited for clarity). Yes, quite a proportion of people who come to this site and recognise its importance would undoubtedly feel that way. But actually that apparent conundrum is straightforwardly resolved by a thorough and aware reading of the accounts I give on this site of my own personal experiences.

For one thing, as already mentioned, from 1997 I had fundamental clarity (aka 'enlightenment'), which took me on a quantum leap of mental clarity, so making it much easier and simpler to get to the bottom of issues and see things as they really are, so progressively cutting through all manner of previously normal confusions.

Then, not only did severe interference and attacks from the sweet little garbage force me, for my own survival, to hold up my life experience and all my ongoing observations to ruthless scrutiny, but also my whole life situation kept me clear of the time-wasting distractions that the garbage gets almost everyone into, such as close 'relationships', socializing, and pursuing all manner of other fixations and emotional if not physical addictions.

Also, once I'd taken up and refined energy testing as a means to tap the information / understandings resource of my own deepest aspects, bypassing the normal mediation or at least interference from the garbage, I tended to be able to cut through the standard confusions of the life experience as with a scalpel cutting straight to the core. That doesn't represent something unique and awesome about me, but simply something that any sufficiently aware person can do, now that I've made the method and all the necessary cautions and caveats available on this site. If used really awarely, it can make a person appear to 'ordinary', less aware people to have superhuman powers of deep knowledge and insight. The reality, however, is that the 'ordinary' people, until / unless they get clearing their own garbage-sourced programming and interferences, are themselves functioning as sub-humans.

When you have real clarity, the sort of task that I've achieved doesn't appear so Herculean, because so much of it is a matter of cutting through all the garbage-sourced complexities and 'story' and arriving at the MUCH simpler actual situation. -- Well, okay, I mean a really effective working model of the actual situation, because we can never know what's absolutely true, particularly with regard to what I categorize for simplicity as 'everything non-physical'. The important thing is that my dire situation with the garbage attempting to destroy me ensured that my working model was built up on the basis of what actually worked when I applied it, rather than on what seemed to be a nice or attractive theory.

That's one very good reason why I completely disregard people's attempts to argue or 'discuss' with me my purported 'views'. All they're seeking to do is beat me into submission with their beliefs and opinions. If they genuinely wanted to get closer to any sort of genuine 'truth' they'd simply get on with putting my working model and methods into practice and see for themselves to what extent those bring them benefits beyond whatever they may imagine they were gaining from their own particular belief systems.

Steve Gamble's supposed influence upon me - an important clarification

In various places on this site I refer to the dramatic and crucially positive and life-changing effect of my being introduced to Steve Gamble's Shopping for Spirit series of writings. That has led some people to conclude that I or my writings are thus somewhat 'lesser' through supposedly being 'influenced' by his writings. Belatedly, in 2017, I decided it would be helpful to add this note here to give a more focused clarification as to the nature of that effect, and the continuing major and fundamental difference between his outlook and mine.

In April 2007, when I was still struggling with my own garbage shenanigans, somebody emailed me out of the blue, saying he respected the writings of both myself and of this guy Steve Gamble, who I hadn't heard of before, and he was wondering what I'd make of his Shopping for Spirit writings, because he thought there were things in common between his writings and mine at that time (which latter were then all firmly based in 'spirituality', for whatever good that was doing anyone!). I read a few of those articles, feeling a very disturbing paranoid atmosphere in his writing and so not liking it at all, but at least he was emphasizing the importance of getting clear of any sort of engagement with what he was calling 'the astral', in which everything was illusory. Importantly, he was claiming that what we perceived as supposed higher dimensions and higher beings as well as 'low' or 'dark' non-physical beings were all illusions within 'the astral' - something that immediately clicked with me, as did his pointing out the harmfulness of supposedly sacred symbols.

However, I also sensed that there was much that was hair-raisingly 'not right' in both a multitude of details and his overall outlook presented in those writings, and indeed in his outlook as manifested in his whole site. I took my prompts from him to hold my own outlook up to a new scrutiny and change my outlook accordingly*, and dropped his writings, and any notions of engagement with them or him, like a hot brick, because I saw that he was still in deep and serious trouble and was leading others into such trouble. What it really came down to was that he was pointing to serious problems in 'spirituality' as fairly generally practised / understood, yes, but then was NOT dropping spirituality but simply putting forward his own version of 'spirituality' - actually much as I myself had been trying to do while being pixie-led by the garbage. Instead of the obviously absurd and very harmful 'My God is better than your God', it was now 'My spirituality is better than their spirituality'. Big deal!

One factor in Gamble's attachment to his stance was, and still is, his business interest, in selling a range of products that are supposed to benefit one in line with his still belief-distorted understandings of the nature of reality - nowadays including a range of purported 'Earthing' products, which for most people would be nothing more than the figurative 'snake oil' (use energy testing to see if you really need any such 'earthing' products). That appears to be relating to grounding static electricity charges and thus to be unrelated to the real and major need for cultivating groundedness in the more general sense. His products that I looked at on his site were for the most part either ineffective in real terms, or in some degree harmful, quite apart from the harmfulness of the overall deception involved. He himself may believe the products to be beneficial, but his claims for them are deceptive, whether or not intentionally so, because involvement with any of them is taking one's attention away from where it needs to be for the really important general grounding or indeed any genuine healing / self-actualization.

I noted a whole implicit paranoid mindset in the choice of products to sell and the way he was promoting them - something I've seen on many other at least as harmful sites. The basis of many of the claims for various of the products is pseudoscience-speak, and the whole mindset is one of urging people to spend masses of money for products to protect themselves from a range of adverse environmental stress factors that do actually exist but don't have a significant effect upon most people in normal circumstances. The rational, non-paranoid approach would be for susceptible people to get healing their weaknesses that make them vulnerable to those environmental stress factors. But of course such a rational and grounded mindset wouldn't earn Gamble any of his living, so he has no incentive to point people where they really need to be pointed!

Note that I myself was never claiming that the polished stone spheres used in my own (previous) methodology, including the now-'legacy' Clarity-Sphere, either ground or heal you, nor indeed that they'd do anything much for you without your actually using them in very specific ways. That was not an oversight of mine, but a consequence of my recognition that you have to use your own 'grey matter' well, to get grounding yourself or to have a worthwhile self-actualization process running, and there's no way round that requirement. As must be very apparent from careful reading on this site, I don't make a big issue about 'protecting' oneself from environmental stresses (a defensive mindset that's at least on the verge of paranoia), because if you use energy testing you can find out for yourself if there are particular ESs affecting you that you need to address, and what you'd need to do about them.

* By that, I do not mean changing my outlook to step into line with him in any way at all, but instead, doing so through testing each element or detail that made possible sense to me in little impromptu 'thought experiments'. That way I could sense which actually 'added up' with my understandings and observations so far then, and which actually gave me an immediate impression of weakening the 'astral beings' pressure on me. Those then made sense to take on board, not as beliefs of course, but as working assumptions that would then be getting proper testing in everyday life. I still think I did a bloody good job of that back then, so beginning my life upturn in earnest!

Anyway, my own response back then in 2007 to the contents of his 'Shopping for Spirit' writings was to recognise spirituality itself, in any form, as being the real problem, so I simply dropped it - the whole lot -, and then set-to on building up a practical working model instead, outside all belief, and based on my own observations and practical experiences, laced with oodles of rational scrutiny and practical testing of hypotheses. -- SO much simpler and less stressful!

Gamble was relying heavily on his own psychic perceptions in his outlook and writings, so of course was just getting his own custom-made version of 'spirituality' dished out to him by the garbage. He claimed that there was a real, supposedly non-astral 'spirit world' that one would or at least could enter upon death - something completely unverifiable. No doubt he'd 'seen' that supposed spirit world and therefore was taking it to be real, really just because the garbage would have made it seem a bit different from his regular astral illusions to convince him that it was non-astral and thus 'real'! I myself am all too familiar with such tricks, so I empathize with Gamble, but his persistent fatal error had been not to hold himself and his view of 'reality' up to a full and honest scrutiny, because he's too attached to it and also afraid of publicly eating humble pie as I myself kept doing each time I found that I'd been 'pixie-led'.

One of the fundamental pointers to Gamble's continuing entrenchment in 'spirituality' rather than a genuine self-actualization process is his perception of each of us having, and being intrinsically separate from, a supposed 'Source'. That's implicit and indeed often explicit in many parts of his writings. Indeed, at least in his own set of 'affirmations', when I read them, it was so brazenly expressed as to make those affirmations quite nonsensical and inherently of poor effectiveness (to put it politely). When you're enlightened, and at least have consolidated your enlightened view of 'reality' over a period of time, you'd understand that the very concept of 'Source' is meaningless.

Each of us is simply a continuum of consciousness or awareness from full duality (conscious mind) to the non-duality of what I call for convenience 'fundamental consciousness'. Consciousness has no means to know of any source of it - it simply is as it is, and isn't as it isn't! It's not that there's necessarily no 'Source', but simply that we could never actually know of such a thing, and the concept can never make sense anyway because it implies a circular absurdity, for any source itself would presumably have a source, which itself would have a source, and so on, ad infinitum. Hence of course people's compulsion to throw belief into the arena, to try to hide the gap in their knowledge / understanding. -- Fear and deception, deception, deception, all along the way!

So, although Gamble's writings did give me a very constructive kick up the backside to let go of certain harmful notions that had been major factors in my garbage shenanigans of 2003 to early 2007, if I had actually allowed his writings to be any sort of ongoing influence on me, I'd presumably still be in deep trouble even now, if indeed the garbage hadn't by this time brought about my demise, whether directly or indirectly. Instead, once I got that kick up the arse I quickly saw what the real problem was, and recognised the need to ditch the whole of 'spirituality' - not to come up with either a Gamble or Goddard version of it - and to build up a whole new practical working model of 'reality', based on the masses of actual observational data that I'd amassed, instead of taking on any more beliefs or following any more gurus / 'teachers' (all themselves being pixie-led by the garbage just as I'd been).

The bottom line, therefore, is that if you want to choose between Gamble's writings and mine as being some sort of 'life guide' for you, if you're definitely after spirituality it's Gamble's ones that you'd want - though I'd also respectfully point out that wants have a funny way of not being the same as actual needs!

One in the eye for all those who dismiss my work and methods

A few genuine testimonials -
A word in edgeways from people who really do know this site saves lives!

It makes sense for me to include here quotes from a selection of people whose lives were turned around, and in some cases actually saved, by taking on the methodology presented on this site. For clarity I've made the odd small edits, but have sought to keep that to an absolute minimum.

Still scared or disapproving of my work and methods?

If so, it's YOU who are genuinely in seriously deep trouble, through your continuing attachment to your fears, beliefs and general unawareness!

Beware of the God
Intelligence Stops Here
Beware of the Jesus

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