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Self Realization and Clear-Mindedness
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Neither 'dark', nor 'Light', nor 'left', nor 'right', nor 'spirituality', but CLARITY!

Putting Humanity to rights the most fundamental way - through deeper consciousness itself

right arrowOriginal writings that are challenging and clarifying. Read about enlightenment and the nature of reality, and the nature of our primary obstacles, and how you can do something about the latter;

right arrowEmpower yourself for self-actualization / self-realization and self-healing, and to clear yourself of negative influences and resolve emotional and 'mental health' issues and troubles with addictions, habits, compulsions, fixations, attachments, 'voices' and troublesome 'entity' manifestations...

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The main items

By way of Introduction

Introduction to and brief explanation of this site's prime focus.

A clear-minded 'sideways' look at what it means to be 'normal'.

-- an important explanation about this site...

There is a fundamental and overridingly important reason why I have dispensed with the whole concept of 'spirituality' and am talking of clear-mindedness instead - and it does not in the slightest mean that I have turned materialist! When you have read what I have to say on this subject you may well feel a bit shocked and/or disbelieving / dismissive, but nonetheless you will find yourself facing a serious challenge to ditch 'spirituality' yourself in favour of the REAL way forward. On the other hand, if you are anything like a 'normal' person - i.e., a 'sheep', who is incapable of thinking properly for him/herself, and lives his/her life on the basis of belief and 'received wisdom', then indeed you may be thinking "WTF?!" (or maybe indeed "BAAAAA!") in response to what I am on about...

Drop religion, spirituality, the whole sordid and actually sinister New Age pantomime, and indeed all 'isms', and at last tune into your real way forward, free of all that would seek to have control over you!

...And drawing your attention to...

Mental Health and Healing

A section of my Original Writings of especial relevance for doctors, nurses and mental healthcare workers, and indeed all who want to understand and address mental health issues. If you have problems with 'entities' or troublesome psychic or paranormal phenomena, this is a great section of my original writings to help you gain understanding and actually to start resolving the problem. ...And because people keep writing in to me asking for advice about such issues, and indeed for help in 'entity removal', I highlight here a great 'starting point' page for them - with the caveat that they would need to follow the various links given on that page:

'Dark Force' and Entity Troubles
- The Real Way to Clear Them

...and because many people who come writing to me are feeling desperate with some particular crisis, I give the following page as a great starting point for them, so that they then have no cause at all to write in to me asking for 'help':

For People in Crisis
- an Emergency Primer

-- However, actually the above page is strongly recommended for everyone to read carefully, and makes an excellent starting point for newcomers here, even though originally it was intended just as an 'emergency primer' for people who are feeling desperate with troublesome psychic or paranormal manifestations including psychic attack or attacks from supposed 'entities', 'dark forces' or extra-terrestrials. The point is that for anyone at all this is a highly educational page, which would assist the reader towards a more focused and awarely thought-out healing / self-actualization strategy and process.


This is more than just a glossary, actually being a little encyclopaedia covering not only relevant routine definitions, but also my clarifying redefinitions and often challenging, belief-busting understandings relating to the terms covered. It makes an extremely valuable and educational read in its own right.

Have you or anyone you know experienced any sort of remarkable positive change(s) any time from late December 2015 onwards?
- Please report it to me, with date(s)!

This is NOTHING to do with religious or New Age prophecies and predictions, but instead relates to a current pioneering experimental project of mine, whose outcome, if it really did work out, would be some extremely long-awaited corrections of configuration errors in deeper consciousness itself, which in turn could be expected to result in desperately needed positive changes in 'the human condition', on an unprecedented scale that in genuine down-to-earth terms would far outdo any of the prophecies in the sheer physical scale of its effects.
Please read
'The Astral' About to be Closed Down?, heeding its various cautions and caveats, before reporting anything (using my Contact page), as that should give you a better idea of what is likely to be significant to report for this purpose. Exeter, Devon, UK - Safe and grounding healing and self-actualization / self-realization methods for you to learn to use on yourself...

What you always wanted to know about this 'teacher' but didn't dare to ask...
  True self-actualization / self-realization not only doesn't require ongoing guidance by a guru but actually requires ongoing 'guidance' by yourself with no guru. Also, contrary to widespread belief, it does NOT require formal meditation and works better without it. I show the easy way you can start today and get moving fast towards optimal self-actualization - turning your life around as you most likely never thought possible.
Put paid to back and neck trouble, make walking much easier and less stressful on the knees (great for hiking), and reap all manner of other benefits...
And more...
Audio CDs of a range of my own music works - symphonies and other orchestral, choral and instrumental works.

...a large resource of uplifting and life-enhancing photos and CD quality sound recordings of nature and wild scenery subjects, with an e-store where you can buy CDs of those recordings. Great for enhancing your living space - whether it be as computer desktop wallpaper or as Feng Shui enhancements in your living space, or simply invigorating and health-enhancing natural soundscapes playing on your hi-fi as a much healthier alternative to incessant music...

Natural soundscapes CD store


Why 'self-realization' / 'self-actualization'?

If you understand, things are as they are.

If you do not understand, things are as they are.

If you believe that things are, or should be, one way or another,
you have not yet understood.

Self-realization* is the primary and most fundamental subject of this website, but, unusually and for a most important reason, here it is fully linked to grounded clear-mindedness instead of airy-fairy notions of 'higher realities' or freaky 'higher' perceptions. Self-realization is indeed THE most fundamental life task** of EVERYBODY, and everybody has a potential and natural desire and motivation for it, though this is almost always to varying extents covered up or occluded and distorted. It is not imposed upon us by any external agent (such as 'God') but is implicit and intrinsic in the fact of our coming into incarnated (physical) life. As I have explained in Exit 'Spirituality' - Enter Clear-Mindedness, not only religions but ALL spiritual and metaphysical traditions and so-called spiritual paths have in their different ways, and in some cases very subtly, diverted people away from this true life task of theirs of self-realization (which is in addition to more individual-specific life tasks of theirs).

* I have belatedly chosen to refer to this generally as self-actualization. I hope that my use of this less confusing alternative term will help put across the message that my approach to 'self-realization' is a down-to-earth and practical one - not one based in some far-out 'spiritual' dogma.

I do actually feel that the term 'self-actualization' feels a bit clunky, but at least it has a more grounding feel about it than 'self-realization', so it does have a particular relevant advantage - especially in the 'mental health' field, where maximization of one's groundedness is a particularly high priority need. Its one disadvantage is that for some people it will be associated in their minds with various psychology disciplines, whose understanding of 'self-actualization' is actually (sic) not fully 'there', and tends to be associated with a lot of psychological 'intellectualization-speak' that is really nothing more than verbal flatus that seeks to impress people.

** This needs qualifying. I am distinguishing here between a life purpose and a life task. My best understanding so far is that the most fundamental life purpose of everybody is simply, to experience - and to do so in as much variety and abundance as is reasonably workable to do so, but without recourse to persistent and major pain, suffering or negativity of the sort that the garbage (aka 'dark force', 'forces of darkness') is causing for us.

This site's additional focus, then, is on clearing ourselves of the interferences of the garbage - and indeed on actually looking to find means to seriously weaken or dissolve the garbage itself. It follows on naturally from the focus on self-actualization - so that we live lives that are not only abundant in experience but are also more consistently happy and positive than they can be at the present time.

Indeed, once the garbage has been fully dissolved, as it could at least conceivably be at some stage, in new civilizations without leftover problems from the garbage the whole concept of 'self-realization' or 'self-actualization' in the high-powered sense that I mean here would no longer be particularly meaningful. People would have some degree of birth trauma and probably the odd other relatively minor traumas or stresses to clear early in their lives, but they would naturally become enlightened early in their lives, and what I am calling self-actualization methods would be used only by some people, in a more relaxed way, for some degree of enhancement of the life experience, but without any cause to go striving for phenomenally high levels of self-actualization (i.e., far beyond mere enlightenment), which are actually counter-productive for maximum vividness and abundance of experience (our fundamental life purpose - remember?).

It is because of this lack, and indeed avoidance, of genuine self-actualization, resulting from interference from the garbage, that we have hugely overpopulated this planet and look to be on the verge of reaping unthinkable consequences of this (see The Future of Humanity).

So, what, then, is self-actualization / self-realization? Is it doing a bit of Yoga or Tai Chi and perhaps some manifestation practices (e.g. to get rich quickly or to get an 'ideal' partner or your dream mobile phone) to make your life supposedly better? Or is it going off to meditate in a cave or monastery for the rest of your years?

No, it is none of those, and is much more fundamental and all-including - but it does make your life MUCH better, including almost always in all sorts of ways you had never considered as possibilities for yourself. True and full self-actualization is based on the understanding that our underlying and true nature and identity is none other than the all-pervading fundamental consciousness (or universal consciousness) itself - which is 'the Ultimate' as far as anyone can tell. It transcends all concepts of 'God', 'Spirit', supposed higher beings or supposed higher levels of reality, and so is the 'highest' reality that we can ever know of. It is not something separate from yourself that you can worship, because it is you and everything. The moment you are into even the slightest trace of worshipping, you are way off-course for self-actualization.

When you become 'enlightened' (I would prefer to say, when you gain fundamental clarity) you perceive directly this fundamental consciousness as being your true nature and identity*. However, that is only a particular, albeit fundamental and crucial, stage in your self-actualization process. Self-actualization is the process of making fully manifest in physical form your true nature as fundamental consciousness itself - so that you become a full, undistorted** manifestation of your true nature, whose basis is vibrant awareness, love, fully responsible free choice, positivity, creativity, and the tremendous egoless individual power that naturally flows from these.

* That is, in contrast with simply 'knowing' intellectually (and indeed believing) that your true nature is fundamental consciousness. A fair number of people have that sort of 'knowing' (which is not really knowing at all), but only a minute proportion of people actually have fundamental clarity and perceive their true nature directly (really the only means of 'knowing' - that is, as far as anyone can really know anything!).

** Strictly speaking, as physical incarnations we are inherently distorted manifestations of fundamental consciousness - but those inherent distortions are much more subtle than what we actually notice in the 'real world'. So, by describing an optimally self-actualized person as being an undistorted manifestation of fundamental consciousness, I am really talking in a relative sense, in which the distortions inherent in the very fact of incarnation are not classed as distortions. - Clear as mud? -- Then let us continue...

Through the self-actualization / self-realization process you do NOT lose your identity. Rather, you lose all your limiting false identities, all your 'masks' and pretences, and discover your true identity as a micro-aspect or micro-facet of fundamental consciousness itself. You thus open up what is really, and has always been, your natural state. By this means you become truly FREE. Few people know what real freedom is, because it cannot be described meaningfully - but you come to experience more and more of it as you continue your self-actualization process.

You do not find the ultimate happiness by seeking happiness, and certainly not through seeking pleasure. Instead you discover it through your self-actualization process, in which life progressively becomes its own joyful 'pleasure'.

This site, therefore, is about the true means to come into enduring and deeply meaningful happiness and freedom, which remains unsullied regardless of what life may appear to be throwing at you. In order to achieve that it is necessary to clear out all obstructions and 'negative' influences that you are carrying - including ALL beliefs and held opinions, no matter whether apparently 'positive' or 'negative', and never mind how deeply seated or ingrained.

As hard personal experience has shown me, the overriding proportion of such obstructions and 'negative' influences is a result of direct and indirect interference from the garbage, which cultivates unawareness / delusion, ego power, control, fear and negativity.

For this reason, on this site I give much information about how the garbage is interfering with ALL people, and I include accounts of my own often severe personal experiences with it (manifesting for me as 'ascended masters', 'angels', 'guides' and what people often call astral or dark entities), and how we can securely, safely and indeed joyfully clear ourselves of its interferences and become truly free and self-actualized, living abundant and vibrantly happy lives.

To this end, on this site I introduce and describe or at least point to methods to clear out old emotional issues and traumas, rigid patterns of outlook, and all manner of habitual physical distortions and other misuses of the body. You can find out effective ways of letting go of addictions and of actually resolving or healing so-called mental illness and 'personality disorders' - particularly as I show clearly from my own insights based on experiences of my own, what the real causes of these are and the ways in which the medical and mental healthcare services fail us almost completely over such issues (see, for example, My Little Brush With Psychiatry and Night Terrors and Hells - Understanding and Clearing Them).

I also show how religion and 'spirituality' as normally understood cannot properly resolve the latter issues and indeed tend to compound them, and how self-actualization / self-realization is the one overall way forward.

See also:
Do you want to be 'appropriate'? - Or authentic?
-- Actually on the homepage of my Personal website as an introduction to all my sites, that article gives a particularly important practical angle on why self-actualization is so important, and why failure to go for genuine self-actualization is to let yourself down, while letting everyone else down into the bargain.

"Are you an atheist or an agnostic, then?"

Yes! -- But also, just to confuse you, no!

Oh, how people want to categorize, to label each other - especially to try to label awkward old cusses like this one, who have clearly broken away from the ways of the 'sheep' majority!

The reality is that I am simply as I am and I think as I think and don't think as I don't think - and fundamentally base my life outlook and deeds upon what makes the best sense on an awarely and rationally loving and caring basis.

As I have indicated further above, on the basis of my own observations and awareness and reasoning ability I have rejected all views of the nature of 'reality' and our life experience that are based upon belief - and that includes all that are based upon 'received wisdoms' / 'teachings', because all that is simply more belief, and belief informs us genuinely of precisely nothing apart from particular serious problems of mental functioning displayed by the believers. You cannot be a fully positive force in your own life and the world at large if you are holding belief.

That means, for one thing, that I hold no belief in any sort of 'god' or 'divine presence'. However, I do not hold a disbelief in them, for that would be just another belief, albeit a negative one. Instead I live my life on the basis of an open-mindedly applied empirically based working model of reality and our life experience, which does exclude the existence of any conscious beings or presences of any sort external to or 'beyond' the physical 'reality'. So, for me their nonexistence is a working assumption, not a categorical belief, but it has nonetheless proved to be a crucial aspect of the working model and associated strategy and set of methods that enabled me to clear myself of some very troublesome non-physical interferences that went disturbingly near to killing me or making me an intractable 'psychiatric case' some years ago.

A really fundamental truth (if anything at all could be called 'truth') is that about anything non-physical or metaphysical, including the nature of 'reality' and our life experience, we cannot know anything. Thus even the first vestiges of belief inevitably obscure whatever is really true - what I refer to as 'What Is', whatever that is! image

I do not accept the labels 'atheist' or 'agnostic', even though actually aware use of either of those terms would at least to some extent include my own outlook - especially 'agnostic'. The problem with the labels is that for the vast majority of people those labels are rigid categorizations, which imply particular belief systems and stereotyped notions - and indeed, many who regard themselves as agnostic or, especially, atheists, are locked into their own respective belief systems and so are really doing little better than those who have overtly religious or 'spiritual' belief. 'Atheist' would be sort-of applicable to me only if its definition included people who open-mindedly assume that there is no god, whether or not also including those who believe that there is no god.

"Aren't your beliefs similar to those of... [tradition, 'teacher' or writer]?"

For my response to that common question / comment, please see the relevant section in FAQ Corner, Part 2.

"What a lot of rubbish you've written!..."

Sure! Just have a look at this example and living proof of what rubbish I write.

This site saves lives. - Many of them! Not just figuratively but actually.

'The proof of the pudding is in the eating', as they say. What could be more rubbish than that?!!

"It's really cool to be normal..."

Portrait of a normal person

Why are you banging your head against that wall?

Sorry, I don't have time to stop and think about such things. I'm too busy banging my head against this wall. -- Oh, please do me a favour and pass the Paracetamol... -- And while you're about it, please bring the television round here so that I can watch it while I'm banging my head on this wall. You do need some entertainment to make life bearable, you know...
(later) ...So, you're still banging your head against that wall, then!
Do you really mean that I shouldn't do what I enjoy? People should be free to do what they enjoy! That's what we're here for - to enjoy ourselves!

Portrait of a self-actualized, healthily functioning person

Why aren't you banging your head against that wall?

Oh, that! I tried it a long time ago, and it hurt and was most incredibly boring. Just look at my freedom and clarity and ease of being and all the happiness and abundance in my life now because I don't keep doing that silly thing and getting stuck in pointless ruts!

Well, in that case, at least you should take some Haloperidol to help cure you of your condition.

- Er, you're telling me that H- (expletive censored) is a self-actualization aid and brings happiness and abundance and positivity to one's life?

...And also you should use your television more, to help cure you...

What television? Where? My life is so full of wonderful things, why would I need one of those? ...Okay, if I ever have cause to get a big hole made in my head I'll consider getting a television at the same time...

(later) ...I see you're still not banging your head against that wall! Don't you ever let your hair down and enjoy yourself? You really should, you know. It's unnatural and not normal if you don't just let go and enjoy yourself a bit. ...You're nuts!

Then best not to eat me if you're sensitive to them!

Are you really so sure you want to be 'normal'?

Self-actualization beats Psychiatry - hands down!

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